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  1. "What the heck happened? Who's there?" He just barely finished his statement before being struck from an unseen fist. He was then lifted to his feet and he heard another voice. "My gosh! Who hit me!" Every now and then his coughing interrupted his speaking, but he was finally able to open his eyes. The sight that greeted him was quite unexpected. The two men from The Graveyard were the ones that were attacking him. "What are you two doing here?" Cynder secretly knew that they were here for their blades, but he didn't plan to tell them that the swords were at the bottom of a river. "We want our blades back! Where are they?!?" "I don't have your blades!! Anymore." The two men appeared to be much more hostile as they heard the wizard speak. Of course they did not even know of the wizards affiliation with magic, or that he was even a wizard. "Where are our blades? Tell us now!" ((This will continue another time.))
  2. ((Sorry about lack of posts, minimal inspiration lately. ))
  3. Cynder had almost completed the long walk too his home. After about 3 hours of walking he had almost made it. "Hmm, I guess I'll have to make another trip back sooner than I though, but I think it was worth it." He only just notice the light footsteps behind him before being struck on the forehead by a rock! His vision faded to black as the overwhelming feeling of unconsciousness finally took him down. The last thing he saw before him was a single boot infront of his face. "Aauuugh! What happened." He was standing in the middle of a road. Buildings on each side, except... They were on fire and a lot of the windows along the buildings were shattered. Many people were running beside him, screaming. "What is going on?!? I feel like I've seen this place before..." A massive roar eminated from behind Cynder and the running people. He hadn't even noticed the attacking dragons until he heard the roar! "What is this!!!" Cynder suddenly realized that this was a memory! "How the heck am I here? This happened just after the spell, this was years ago!!" A dragon started breathing fire all around itself, it caught some humans in the blast along with Cynder. The fire however phased right through him. "Oh my gosh! How was I not burned! I... I guess I'm just watching the memory?" His theory was proven right when he watched himself attempt to stop the dragons' attack. "Please stop this! This murder is needless!!!!" As the memory of himself was attempting to calm the dragons more fire was launched at him from behind. The real Cynder watched as his memory counterpart spawned spectral dragon wings and used them to gain extra height over the flames. "I totally forgot I could do that." The memory Cynder then shouted. "I said stop!" The attacker started to slash at him, missing every attack. "I've had enough of this! Cynder cast fire from his wrists and burned the dragon in hopes of detering any other attacks, "End this! Now!!" He finally started feeling like he was waking up. "Hello, is anyone there?" Cynder's tone was quite groggy after the blow to his head. "Ah, you've finally awaken." ((This is part one of my post, it would be a much longer post if I wrote the whole thing out in one go. ))
  4. ((Do you mean me draco? If so, thanks. I don't know what I'll do in the future just yet. If you aren't talking to me, then ignore this ))
  5. ((The use of brackets here is to denote someones thoughts, it doesn't matter who. ) As he walked along the trail, Cynder laughed hardily while twirling the captured blades in his hands. "Hahahaha! That worked perfectly!" It wasn't until he inspected the blades that he stopped laughing. The blades appeared to be soaked in dragons blood, Cynder tossed the blades aside into a river near the trail. "Curse those blades! I hope they are never wielded again!!!" Atlarius was resting in a little cave deep within her territory. Which is when she caught the scent of the venison the Cynder carried. "Whats that smell, It smells like Venison!!!" Her takeoff was quite powerful as she wanted the venison very greatly. "I smell human too.... I wonder if its that boy that went through my territory. Cynder was only a mile away from The Graveyard before Atlarius, again landed in front of him. "Well hello there." The conversational tone returned to his voice at the sight of the dragon. "Greeting, Cynder." She sounded friendly this time, Cynder could tell she wanted something. "Did you just stop by to say hello, Unnamed dragon, or do you want something?" Atlarius thought [Perhaps I could ask for the venison, maybe he wouldn't mind?] Just before Atlarius spoke of her desire for the Venison, Cynder heard her thoughts. "If you want some venison you can have it." He tossed a single piece of the venison in his bag infront of Atlarius out of kindness. "Enjoy, just know that I need the rest to survive." Atlarius ate the venison ravenously and thanked the human for his kindness. "Thank you Cynder, this was very generous of you..." Just before she took off she said, "The names Atlarius, by the way." With those final parting words she took off, back to her cave. ((I believe this will be the ending of my intro story, did you enjoy? ))
  6. Cynder had walked for about an hour before reaching the settlement, a place called The Graveyard. The all too familiar smell of blood met Cynders' nose again and in response he pondered the option of turning back to his home. He spoke to himself silently with the tone of disgust and rage. "I hate this place. But I can't go back, not yet." He cursed under his breath as he completed the short walk and he met the man who sold him his usual fill of food that always held some fruit, vegetables and venison. "Greetings Cynder, I believe this is yours." The man always spoke quietly, as if he was hiding something, It didn't matter to Cynder though. His stay's were too short for him to care about the strange people there. Nearby, a captured dragon was locked on a large wooden structure, along with two men that held swords that were preparing to kill the dragon for its meat. Once Cynder caught sight of this he chose to save the creature before its death. "I think not you two." The swords flew from the men's hands, into Cynders and he hid them from sight in his cloak. Both men spoke to each other with confusion in their minds "Where are our blades?" "I have no idea." The words coming from the men made Cynder quietly laugh under his breath. He decided lying to the men so he could save the dragon before they got another blade to slaughter it with, would be well worth the trouble. "I think I saw your blades over there! Go get them quick!" Both men ran after hearing Cynder's shout and he laughed under his breath again at the sight of their random search for their swords. Cynder also cast a spell that weakened the metal straps which held the dragon down, and he spoke to the dragon through his mind. "Go quickly, and do not attack. If you do they will overwhelm and kill you! " The dragon nodded hesitantly in agreement and flew off. The man didn't really care what Cynder did there nor whether a dragon died or not. "Now if you don't mind. I'll be going now. Thanks for the food." He spoke in a voice that entoned how relived he was to leave The Graveyard. "Goodbye." ((This is part three of my intro story, I presume there will be two more parts after this or maybe this will be the last one, I'll post more tomorrow. )
  7. ((Thanks Red, I'll PM my forms to you as soon as I can. Just a head up, I plan to edit out some of the You're-s in my last post. I think I used them out of context and too many times.) Cynders' voice changed from a conversational tone to an annoyed one quite quickly. "I can understand your disbelief. However I spoke the truth, what must I do to prove my story to you?"Atlarius stopped growling after she heard the offer for the human to prove his story. "Do you carry any weapons on you? "If so, I want you to throw them out of reach." Cynder complied and sent the small knife he always carried airborne into the dirt on the side of the trail. "I find you somewhat more trustworthy now... Who are you?" For the first time since they met, Atlarius' voice seemed calm. "My name is Cynder, and you are?" "My name is un-important, I just want you out of my territory." The dragon again bared her teeth, this time she did it to force Cynder to turn back. "I cannot turn back, if I don't get food I will starve. The dragons have taken all the animals as food for themselves. My only choice for hunting is to attack dragons. But I would never attempt to kill one, or attack one unprovoked." Cynders' words surprised Atlarius quite greatly. "Hmm, Very well Cynder. I will let you pass through my territory to your destination and back." Cynder stopped preparing the spell and calmed himself. "Thank you." ((This is part two of my intro story. I'll write more later. ))
  8. ((Hello everybody, before you yell at me for posting without apparent approval just know that Sai accepted me and I presume he will be adding me to the accepted profiles area.)) The air was crisp as Cynder was walking down the narrow winding trail. He was going to a nearby human settlement, a journey he didn't like making considering what happens to dragons there. At the same time, Atlarius was flying around the place she called home, a large area in the forest next to the trail Cynder was on, and nearby the human settlement. "I can smell a human nearby, the trail next too my territory..." She chose too fly there, confront the human and chase him away from her territory. "I hate going to this settlement but its my only reliable source of food." He spoke in a tone that held great disgust and a hint of rage. "Just two more miles..." As soon as he finished talking to no one in particular, Atlarius landed in from of him. She seemed to be two stories tall from the ground-up. "Well hello there." His voice held a tone that was conversational. As if it was usual for him to be confronted by dragons. "Explain your reason to be here human, or do you have a death wish." Her voice sounded threatening to say the least. "I'm on my way to the human settlement nearby, I presume I'm near your territory." His voice still held the conversational tone. "Is that so?" She growled her disbelief. "Yes, now if you don't mind moving out of my way so I can continue. I will leave your territory as soon as possible." A spell caught Cynders' attention and he prepared to use it just in case he had too. "I don't think so, I don't believe your story at all." She growled again in an attempt to scare the truth out of him. ((This is part one of my intro story, I hope you enjoy it. ))
  9. I'm absolutley terrified of skeletons. Show me a picture, I start screaming. If I were to see one in real life, it probably would end badly. This may be irrational, but the other ones on this post were kind of irrational too. I'm terrified of death. Don't ask why, I just am. I also had a bad encounter with Sleep Paralysis. It only happened once, and for the record auda, I would love to have lucid dreams more often.
  10. Hunter rubbed the smooth shell of the egg, and watched the dancing flames with interest. "I wonder what kind of dragon is inside this egg?" and as he said those words the egg started to shake violently in his hands. The egg suddenly shattered, leaving fragments and egg gel all over his body and hands. "Ew, that's just brilliant." Hunter looked down and saw the young dragon in his hands. The little one looked up at Hunter with large eyes filled with interest. "Ok, now that's just adorable..." The little dragon started crawling all over Hunter, "Aaah, come on. That hurts." Hunter forgot the dragon couldn't understand him, but he continued talking. "I wonder what I'll name you, how about Cynder." Cynder looked up at her new owner with happiness on her face. {Hello young one, it's quite nice to meet you.} Unfortunatley, the newborn dragon didn't know how to speak dragontounge just yet. "I wonder what kind of dragon you are.. I'll have to wait and find out. Better start walking home, it sure will take a while."
  11. I was accepted, he just PM'd me about it.
  12. Hunter slowly walked up to the cave in awe of its size and the decorations imprinted all along the cave, "Wow, this place is cool.". Hunter then looked directly forward and saw the maze of dragon eggs still within the cave. "I wonder how so many are left." He began navigating the maze of eggs searching for one that caught his eye, his eyes finally fell on a dark gray egg with blue flames dancing upon the shell. "I wonder how I'm supposed to hold this egg, there are flames on it." Hunter decided to touch the flames, he didn't feel heat coming off of them. "Woah, these flames are cold." He finally picked up his egg and began navigating the maze again. However during his walk through the maze, he began to hear strange whispers. He understood the unknown language that was being whispered to him, but he had never heard it before. "Hello, who's there?", {"I am the Guardian of Nature. You human, have been given the gift of dragon tounge."}, "Whats dragon tounge?". {"It is the launguage of all dragons. Do not practice it here, for you do not wish to wake all the hatchlings at once."} "Very well, thank you. Guardian of Nature." Hunter finally stepped outside of the cave and said, "This is gonna be a long walk."