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  1. I, FireHeart271, agree that if it has a face, it has a name. ((I Named all cept my non-genders))
  2. hmm i dont know are you from france and tasty if the sky falls on us does that mean that we have a upstairs?
  3. well if they kissed me first i might think about it haha
  4. mabye they found something like a bug or a squirrel oustside and went ape lol what is the ultimate question?
  5. I actually like the way you put that. I have a small concept of not understanding most things. But the way you put that really made me feel better and thanks for that I cant wait to go out tonight. Singing karaoke and getting blitz with friends hopefully
  6. Name: 8/10 very nicely done Avatar: 7/10 not sure what is with the tree and dragon but still i like the picture nonetheless Sig: 8/10 as i love the candle in the center of the sig
  7. I really hate it when my friends i have always say they always have my back and then when i turn it i get stabbed. Why cant they always speak the truth infront of me instead of always making things up just to make me feel better. I hate when they sugarcoat there words
  8. not really this one looks to upset to fight that i would rather give a hug instead
  9. True True and True TPBM love DMC (Devil May Cry)
  10. shut up cant you see i am trying to think here sheesh
  11. um only if it doesnt want to eat me first
  12. maybe because you have to be in school to get it what should i eat right now?
  13. I cant help feeling unwanted and unworthy to some. But what did i do to make myself end up this way
  14. hello i am FireHeart and seeking a mentor for learning all i can about hatching and raising the dragon eggs i gotten i am Eastern Time Zone and would like a english speaking one but if not thats ok just i only speak english and not anything else Thanks