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  1. I found this remarkable even gen! I'm still so delighted I managed to grab it. Thank you, angelicdragonpuppy! Less recently I've gotten this striped beauty, who I will try to breed a mate for sometime soon. I've wanted to try doing striped dragons with alternating colors in each generation, so this will be a good start. I also got this dragon and this dragon, and I hope to have good enough luck in the caves to breed some handsome mates for them.
  2. BSA Request! bearsister - PM Notes: I know this is absolutely absurd to ask but if anyone has a spare male pink they'd be willing to chuck my way, I'd be so grateful. I found this bugger last night and if it genders wrong I might actually have a stroke. Information: [url=http://dragcave.net/user/bearsister]bearsister[/url] - [url=https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=4&MID=218761]PM[/url] Requesting: Pink, Magi Keyword: 7