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  1. Finished my first lineage project, after being on/off with it for some time. I also caught my first Almandine! Which is a Fun and Exciting thing, I think. (edit//CB Almandine, I should specify)
  2. The original comment was about how the dragons are called Christmas dragons so they should represent Christmas exclusively, not other holidays. Names, evidently, do mean something. I'm not trying to start a fight or anything, I just think it's funny when people try to play off things associated with Xmas as neutral.
  3. As much as I get what you're saying with the solstices, mistletoes aren't exactly traditional Hanukkah decor, at least not at my synagogue I dunno what they do in your neck of the woods
  4. Personally, I'd love to see a dragon that references Hanukkah. A blue and silver dragon with a candle theme sounds lovely. I'm also really fond of pygmies so even though I know it'd be really unpopular, I can't help but love the idea of a tiny pygmy based around chocolate coins and dreidels. That said, I'm a huge fan of almost all of the Christmas dragons and I'm excited to see what the spriters came up with this year
  5. I found this super cool Pyro today o: I'd love to do a lineage with weird xenowyrm offspring but I have no ideas, so finding them in the AP is always a delight!
  6. I don't mean to be rude but silvers weren't the most masculine of breeds to begin with. Plus I don't think big magic lizards care too much about gender edit// I'm a big fan of the new silvers and I'd really love to see them be a bit bigger in lineage view -- the soft colors get a bit washed out without a strong outline. I don't know if adding an outline is the best solution but certainly zooming in a bit on their lineage view would help.
  7. Nyka, that Marrow x Thalassa pairing is awesome! I've been having trouble finding nice looking Marrow mates (maybe I'm just too picky), but that is lovely. Great find I found a neat shimmerscale (no idea how to describe that lineage, lol) and 2nd gen Desipis from Gold but I'm not sure how I'll ever find mates for them, haha. I also picked up some nice third gens from the AP more recently, like this Grave x Magma, this Marrow x Rosebud, and this Shadow Walker x Hellfire Wyvern.
  8. Ahh gosh, this was my first Halloween on DC so I was really nervous about finding the dragons I wanted, but I found so many cool eggs!! I got three beautiful 2nd gen Shadow Walker x Holiday eggs (1, 2, 3), each of which I hope to continue for at least one more generation. I already managed to find a mate for the Shadow Walker x Cavern Lurker! I'm particularly impressed with how nice the Shadow Walker x Winter Magi looks, it's just a remarkable combination. I also found a 2nd gen spriter's alt offspring (x) which I'm still freaking out about, and another beautiful Xenowyrm x Desipis offspring (mageia are my favorite xenos!). Along with those I managed to grab a pair of PB Cavern Lurkers and a 2nd gen PB Pumpkin, as well as a Grave x Spirit Ward that actually made me start liking Spirit Ward dragons a lot more, haha. And I know I probably should have spent time looking for another nice 2nd gen of something but this Dark Myst x Pumpkin checker was too cute to pass up. I'm not usually this wordy with my posts in this thread but I'm so happy with what I found! I can only hope my next holiday go this well
  9. This is my first halloween so I'm not breeding anything, but I'm hoping to find a mate for this Almandine x Cavern Lurker checker. That said, my priority is to get one of each Halloween dragon from the AP first, hopefully 2nd or 3rd gen. I don't know how easy it'll be but I love AP hunting so I'm really looking forward to it!
  10. I just caught a cb alt ridgewing! I'm delighted
  11. I got my gold trophy last night! I was really nervous I wouldn't get there before Halloween.
  12. Why not the pygmies? They may be small but they're still predators.
  13. I didn't want to mention the name because I didn't want to cause any fights but yeah, that was it.
  14. I'm surprised how many people avoid silly names o: Makes me think twice about some of my dragon names, haha. It makes me curious, is it considered bad form to give an offspring a silly name? Do people consider that a "blemish" or something? I only remember abandoning one egg because of its name, but it was named after a really awful youtube personality that I can't stand.
  15. I picked up this rainbow copper cutie. Absolutely my favorite color of copper (yet the one I have the least of ): ) Thank you, breeder!
  16. I can't believe I got "Good Noodle," personally
  17. *0* I love how silvers and trihorns look together and I was lucky enough to catch this beautiful checker! The other two silver x trihorn checkers i managed to catch had female silvers, and I love all of them, but the male silvers look so excellent next to the female trihorns. Thank you so much, mystery breeder!
  18. I found this beautiful water dragon, an absolutely gorgeous combination. Thank you, sfts!
  19. I'm absolutely in love withthis Luminea x Gold checker! Less recently I've also caught a 4G PB black and a Red x Holiday checker, as well as an Ice x Gold checker. Thank you to all breeders, they're absolutely lovely!
  20. Thank you so much! I almost thought I'd have to raise and breed my own scaleless Lumina
  21. I found this pink with frilled/bright pink parents, absolutely stunning Thank you, Smurf! This Avatar x Silver checker is also really pretty. I forgot to influence it but I think that's fine because I don't think I'll ever be able to breed a mate for him! And also I recently found this PB tan ridgewing from tan parents. Thank you, perzephone, I was so lucky to grab it!
  22. I successfully summoned a GoN egg on my first try!
  23. caught my first cheese this morning~