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  1. I tried to scroll past but I couldn't get over Robonarples.
  3. Ahhhh I'm egglocked at 5. Can't wait till they hatch and I can grab one from Alpine. These eggs are GORGEOUS.
  4. Y'know I don't think this has a name, but I have this completely irrational fear of ripped, torn or frayed fabric. I've been trying to look up names for it for years! It's not trypophobia ('holes' was the closest i could find..), because patterned holes or gaps in walls/floors don't make me that uncomfortable at all. Just... ugh! But honestly... If there's a hole in my sock, I will go sockless. I've had to swap shirts with a friend before because I noticed a fray on the hem and flipped out.I sit on the floor at my friend's house because his sofa is so old and worn. I cannot even grasp the concept of ripped jeans! It's such a dumb phobia, I try to giggle about it, but gosh, sometimes it really does wear me thin!
  5. Millomoi


    Sometimes I do quietly consider the fact that if the inklings are actually ink theeen.... technically they are just spreading their liquefied bodies all over the floor. Then swimming through them. Absorbing the ink of their comrades. Just to shoot it out again. The more I think about it, the more terrifying this game actually gets. I should stop thinking and get back to inking. I've gotta admit, making a huge mess is a LOT more fun than brutal murder, any day. Nintendo are just preying on our childish desire to look at shiny, clean surfaces and RUIN THEM!
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    I accidentally won an Ebay bid on a really cheap Wii U. £99. HHHHHHHH. So good news is I can stop mooching off my friend! I'll be buying Splatoon tomorrow and then for the next few weeks, my family will never see me again. I had a go on Bluefin and I gotta admit, I wasn't that great at it either. Waaaaay too much water to fall into. @_@ Why can't these blasted squids swim! *shakes fist at sky*
  7. Millomoi


    Ahhh, most definitely! It's a lot of wasted fabric right now... I keep completely overshooting how big/small I make those tentacles. Might have to buy a few hats and inspect the magical prowess of other people more talented than I. I hear there's a new map coming up soon, which is nice... feel like I've already bled all the current maps dry. Right now I'm googling some nice cheap Wii U's because my obsession with owning it for myself is borderlining psychotic. Also the gifs in your siggie are amazing. I keep seeing you around the forum and just pausing to watch them.
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    I'll give this thread some gosh darn attention, I got into it 5 days and all I do is eat, sleep and breathe Splatoon, oh my LORD. I don't have it myself but my friend has kindly welcomed me into her home just to waste my life shooting paint in people's faces. I may already have a silly splatoon hat with tentacles in the works... Issues of being a cosplayer. What's everyone's arsenal of choice, then? Admittedly I'm still a big roller fan...
  9. True! TPBM is wearing a headset right now.
  10. -view spam removed, please use lineage links - /view/bwumm[/url] It thinks it's a car. -view spam removed, please use lineage links - /view/BuTtb[/url] And also, butt mint. :3
  11. http://dragcave.net/lineage/9PMEn Oh my god, this absolutely made my night. It's like 4am and I'm finding everything way too funny, so this creased me up.
  12. My friend bought me Sonic 06 recently because he's a terrible person. I've just got to that level and I actually want to cry. I don't know how my child self managed to beat '06. Perhaps you genuinely have to be terrible at that game to get anywhere. Skill alone clearly plays no part.
  14. False, I've been very careful! Or lucky. One of the two. TPBM can drive.
  15. I just got " Cheeky Nando's " for my guardian of nature. I almost wept. So begins my hoard of internet memes.
  16. "Ima firin mah cool lineage" gaaah, I gotta go rewatch those video now man.
  17. It's gorgeously warm today! *opens window slightly and goes back to playing video games*
  18. True! I just started! TPBM is wearing earrings right now.
  19. I'm so jealous that you nabbed "The Crazed Buttstabber", oh my gosh. But shout out to "STOP CHANGING MY NAME WOMAN" and literally anything else in angry caps.
  20. My hype to see these adults knows no bounds! New dragons are always super exciting!
  21. *frantically gathers up armfuls of new eggies* Ohhh gosh happy birthday DC! What a way to celebrate - hundreds of little new babies!
  22. Finally picked up Tales From The Borderlands. It's consumed my soul and I'm utter Borderlands trash right now... Forgot how much I loved the series. Whilst I'm waiting for episode 3, back to the pre sequel for me!
  23. I, Millomoi, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  24. Currently I'm in my filthy Ratchet & Clank rediscovery stage. Hail video games!