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  1. I calculated that I'll be able to get one more batch of old Halloweens after my current eggs hatch, but the last batch won't hatch until mid-morning Halloween, which means I can't pounce on the New Breed the second it comes out like I usually would.

    My exact position also! I've been very carefully combing through the dates in my diary to make sure I definitely have time to catch the new ones, but hoard as many old ones as possible!! laugh.gif


  2. Whenever I pick up Splatoon, I do a boss rush just to get my aiming and reflexes back on track. Octavio is like my training ground. laugh.gif


    It was a long time coming but I'm finally brave enough to have tried out Ranked Battling and oh my gOOOSHH. Rainmaker is an absolute blast, I'm pretty sure I forget to blink in the heat of the moment. Yet to catch the other two modes on rotation, but I'm pretty eager.


    How's everyone doing with the new maps (I'm kinda gesturing towards Flounder Heights and Hammerhead Bridge) right now? I don't think I love them as much as the previous two releases but I'm sure as I get used to their layout and all the hidey holes, I'll grow to love 'em. tongue.gif

  3. I'm glad they're actually changing colour, I thought I was going crazy! I was showing my friend the hatchies earlier and was like.... 'I swear these things were glowing.'


    Stuck myself at 4 for now, and I think when I've hatched everything I'll go on an AP rampage. All these delicious lowtime eggs that crazy people like me dumped just to grab the new ones. laugh.gif

  4. I like the game Dust: an elysian tail


    How ironic I'd find this the second I'd sat down for my second playthrough.




    As for what I'm playing right now, it's a little game called Auralux. It's a super basic RTS game where you attack each other's planets with sparkles and take over the universe. It's very soothing when you're bored on the train, or you can pump up the speed to Hyper Mode and have the best 3-minute panic attack of your life.

  5. Go team eating! laugh.gif


    It seems pretty unbalanced and buggy here too. I've barely had a full game since about 4 hours ago. Ran a few games against one poor Team Sleep player, too...


    Also, finally grabbed the amiibos! The power armour is the silliest looking thing, I freaking love it..

  6. I'm actually in the EU, so we were fighting for the glory of Pop Vs Rock music! laugh.gif


    Since I'm a huge fan of both, it was really tough picking a team! Rock won in the end though, both on popularity and battles. I have to say, it was a total blast, though I honestly don't know how the squid sisters manages to dance and sing for 24 hours solid. Could've done with energy like that in the great war with the octarians. blink.gif


    I've actually been converted to the inkbrush myself. I pride myself on sticking my sprinkler into sneaky little areas to cover as much turf as possible. Also, Inkstrike never stops being fun. Never!


    I'll add my own questions;


    What's your favourite map/s?

    Personally, I love Kelp Dome. Big open places to fill up, woohoo!


    Favourite gear?

    I LOVE the hero headset. It looks like little cat ear headphones! Also I'm a big fan of any really ridiculous oversized and colourful trainers/sneakers.


    Are you a squid or a-- I.. I mean a boy or a girl Inkling?

    I'm a guy but I love the girl's 'hair' way more. It seems to be the same for a lot of my other friends too. Gotta love watching those things flap around in battle.

  7. It reached 36'C/96'F where I was today. It's the hottest I've experienced in like... 8 years and it's not fun. I mean, here in my village, we're all pretty much made out of snow. sad.gif


    There's a really nice lightning storm coming over us now, though!

  8. I sense a desperate need to hoard these things relentlessly. Honestly, they're all so beautifully made, what a release! laugh.gif


    Have to say, I might end up hoarding the Chronos. They're my favourite colour after all...


    A wholehearted applause is in order, I honestly believe! *clap clap clap clap!*

  9. I actually tend to veer towards picture-filled books. I've really gotta concentrate when I read books to remember characters and plot, so just some concept art annuals or simple comic books keep me satiated. I guess I feel better when I can put my mind at rest and the pictures are all there for me. tongue.gif

  10. I don't RP here but I must have been doing it nightly with a few people since well back into 2006-ish. We tend to stick to facebook roleplays and MSPARP occasionally. It's kind of a nice thing to pace yourself with when you've got drab assignments to get through. laugh.gif

    I'm most skilled in the 1-2 paragraph range, but there's nothing like a couple of scripts/2-3 liners to keep a quick pace going. Unfortunately my attention dwindles if it gets anything over 5-6 paragraphs... I'm far too easily distracted!


    As for LARPing, only a few times. Good fun, but I struggle to take things seriously in real life, so I just end up laughing too much or breaking character. blink.gif