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  1. Wow that is terrible! I only just caught my full six myself. I think I'll hide my scroll now. I can't believe someone would do that...
  2. My lord people are quick tonight. I barely get a chance to see any people are clicking so fast... or maybe my net is just being slow today
  3. I'm happy with all the gold Lunar's I've picked up. I keep seeing people mentioning picking up Xenowyrms, I still haven't even seen a Xenowyrm since they were released, never mind had a chance to catch one. I'm hoping the Lunars are rare enough I can make trades for some Xenos later on.
  4. missed clicked on a purple:P I also keep getting distracted and missing the drops. oopsie
  5. I'm still enjoying this release >w> while waiting for golds to re-release i've done a few little projects in between time, picked up a few extra bronze and indigo eggs. it's slowed down my playing and made me think a little more instead of just blindly collecting.
  6. Sounds about right. I plan on grabbing a few golds if I can, when they start dropping again. Work is going to get in the way though
  7. All this talk of view bombing is actually making me nervous about chatting in the forum. I like being able to chat and give people a chance to view my scroll, maybe request things, but I'm always worried about view bombing now. I can't be online frequently due to work, study, and health reasons. I guess of I end up view bombed I'll have to start hiding things till they hit the 4 day mark.
  8. Man my internet has been going so slow today. I thought waiting 8 seconds for a page to load was bad. Now i can end up waiting 15 seconds. So glad silvers aren't dropping yet. So so glad.
  9. I just went through and renamed all my frozen white hatchies. I use them to help break up the dragon breeds on my scroll and later on, to break up certain lineages. So they all have their name, and then the breed they are a "messenger" for. L7XoT - Xlott -Xenowyrm Messenger uNw88 - Nuwaite- Black Dragon Messenger uZ1px - Zupix- Nebula Messenger wIvkl - Wivikil- Lunar Herald Messenger JHOKi - Jhoki- Horse Dragon Messenger (he just had such a good code. perfect for horse dragons. Jhoki the Jockey) LniBh - Linbih- Black Tea Messenger oRh2u - Rhotoo- Hellfire Messenger ZuHfx - Zufix- Spirit Ward Messenger K4cZQ - Kazico- Sunrise-Sunset Messenger qeQgl - Queqgal- Duotone Messender 9bcKj - Jbeck- Anagallis Messenger yffcu - Yuffu- Vampire Messenger HDRQK - Hadroq- Purple Messenger h7h70- TwoH Two7 O- Magi Messenger (personally, my favorite lol)
  10. I'm glad the whites/silvers haven't started dropping yet. gives my pinks and reds a chance to come off cooldown.
  11. I grabbed this little ridgewing who coloured wrong. Since everyone is so focused on grabbing new eggies, there's some great low time lines floating around untouched in the AP
  12. I think they drop the same, but the alpine seems to almost always have more people there trying to grab eggies.
  13. adding to my list, some of these I missed, some are new Magi: a1i52 - Aluring Ali Reds: casVh - Cash Forge OJAls - O'Jals Glaucus: R6nKK - CB Ryken Pink: 2MmTX - Tometex
  14. oof, people are fast this time. And my connection is being real bad this time around. Might have to wait till much later and have another shot EDIT: wohoo. Got one
  15. have we only had Golds and Bronze so far?
  16. they're gorgeous! just picked up a few of the new ones :3
  17. i've goofed quite a few times, never bothered asking for them back. Partly because all my lineage projects are small and simple still. partly because i can breed another, may as well let the luck catcher keep their prize. however if i picked up an egg and saw the parents name changed, i'd offer it back and try be a good sport. people make mistakes. This is only if the owners were polite though. I don't take well to rudeness and threats
  18. I occasionally review descriptions and sign off with KF. Though in many cases i'm terrible with grammar. so my grammar advice should be checked against other advice. I've got a few dragons awaiting approval. though the one I want approved most is my "CB Mini Minty" as I said above, I'm terrible with grammar and i feel like the grammar needs work... but I'm stuck on where.
  19. We can already influence the gender of an egg, I don't see how changing the gender of an un-bred dragon is a problem. I also don't see the need to be a paid feature. I've got this male pink who I forgot to influence female. I've bred him now, but if a gender swap option was available I would have used it. touching on the implementation of paid features; it is fully possible to run a game where paid features don't give unreasonable benefit to paying members. I play a few games with premium accounts and buyable currency, and in none of them have I ever spent a penny. On Howrse I actually ended up very rich and very well off simply through buying in cheap, raising to better quality and reselling, as well as taking part in the raffles to win yummy prizes. Paid features don't have to end in non paying players getting left behind. and in some cases it benefits the non paying players. again, using howrse as an example; some of the most generous people on howrse were paying players who would simply offer away gifts to people who were needing them. If you were smart about when you bought horses, and smart about when you put them up for auction, the premium members often paid just that little bit more for a horse. paid features will change the way we play, but it doesn't have to be in a negative way. There's a massive amount of fear on paid features, but in my experience it's unwarranted. I can't afford to pay for perks, but if the system was put in place I wouldn't be upset. TJ seems to be very mindful of keeping the game fair and balanced. I might still be new, but I don't see any reason to distrust TJ's ability to implement paid features in a fair manner.
  20. I'm also using Firefox and i don't get any of these issues at all. but then I do also have an abnormally large screen and a very powerful computer. Can you show us what you're getting on the biome pages for hunting with a screen cap. I'm just having trouble visualizing what you're describing. it sounds similar to what i get when i'm using my mobile phone. and i will admit that is massively annoying when trying to hunt very specific eggs. I've only hunted once on my phone, and that was for this latest release. Hated it.
  21. I love lineages. Adore them and have a few planned for the future and have two in the works now with my xenowyrms and hellfires. I don't understand the hype of having to catch all the sprites. I also don't understand the hype behind prize dragons. Personally, they do nothing for me. If you don't like breeding nice lineages and want a rare of some sort, maybe see if another member will help you out. Maybe by helping you get a tradeable lineage or offer multiple eggs for a single egg.
  22. I haven't had any problems yet myself. But my net is prone to sudden drops in power. I think I've mostly hit good luck because with only two purples, I don't exactly use fertility often. But if people are having so much trouble, going back to the old version, or even just making the old version an option might be a good idea
  23. Of course this happens while I have no access to a computer. I Emptied my scroll and all. Still missed it somehow I'll do some hunting tomorrow and hope Edit: Decided to just try hunting on my phone tonight and had success. Yay
  24. As a newer player who has none of those pretty holiday dragons, I'm not sure I support this. I'm happy to hunt the AP for those that i don't own or work hard at obtaining rares I can offer as trades for low gens and pretty lineages. I say this not only as a new player, but has someone who has very slow, awful internet. There are days where I struggle to catch commons I wouldn't be opposed to the raffle idea. Done properly i think it would work better than re-releasing old holidays to the cave
  25. Pinks: dhYNN - CB Dohyen e45va - FourEva JIa2m - Fairy Jam ypTeR - Yepter ilhbX - Lilbinx Magma: J0idE - Joidi Golden Wyvrn: JqQcj - Jaqee i0sgI - Isogal Albino: keJrf- Kerloof