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    Owner of CB Gold Tinsel from 2017 raffle.

    Please email me (by using the forum function) if I do not read/answer your message, I might be unable to hop on forum at the moment or do not see it.

    If you PM me but got no reply, please give me some time or PM me again, I try answering all the message!

    Sometimes I would post or PM for my sister or friend who has no account, apologize if that bothers. Would mention it if it's not from me.

    I'm not native in English >"< Sorry if there's mistake in sentence, or I don't get what you means.

    I won't forget an IOU, but it might take times for me to fulfill, sorry if you have a long wait. You can PM me about the status.

    If I send you my part of IOU and you do not accept it in 24 hours or let it grow up on my scroll after you read my message (I use Message Tracker) , I might consider my part of IOU is done. If you're locked, I can help holding. If something happened, you can just tell me. Don't ignore my message then let it grow up on my scroll. *sigh* Thanks for the understanding.

    - Thank you Rika! You made my day =D


    IOU records

    - 4 Royal Crimson hatchies: done
    - PB Silver: done
    - 3 Shimmers: done
    - CB Moonstones: done
    - 8 CB Blusangs: done
    - 6 CB Spring hatchies: done
    - 5 UB hatchies: done

    - Breeding Progress
    Tan Rid x Silver: 1/04: fail egg