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  1. Figured. Didn't get asked to prom, friends left with their partners no go, and spent the night alone as usual. On the bright side the second time for senior year I made honor roll, nothing below a B, all As and just the single B. Dad, as you can guess, same typical attitude. I graduate Fridsy and I'm nervous. I bought s beautiful dress for afterwards as we're going out for dinner but I'm not the skinniest and while I wanted to lose weight I'm gaining..but if cut back on so much and have been excercising.. Life just feels unreal right now, like I shouldn't be at this point. I'm nervous and
  2. Of course I've only got one new dragon..sigh
  3. I just need to end this year and I'm in college will I need to know my states? Probably. And yet my memory is so shredded I don't remember half of them, let alone where they are around us(exclude South America). Seriously, I'm such an idiot.
  4. It's not fun being driven to tears over something you can't seem to help. I don't remember/know like half the Mudkippin' states, I don't know their countries, I don't even know what's south of us (South America aside the point, I mean specifics) And to think I can call myself 18, or ready to graduate? But let's see who guesses who made me cry, that shouldn't be hard. Apparently it's my fault I can't remember these things and no longer know them on my own, it's apparently my fault he threatened to drive for an hour until I got the answers I couldn't think of. The best part? I guess
  5. Will I ever get these stinking dragons? Everytime I check they're not here. Sheesh.
  6. Never got the variations of the new dragons, very sad with that. Guess I'll just wait for a lucky strike..
  7. God My dad licked my hand. Why did he lick my hand? My dad is so messed up I can't even go into detail it's just How far is this going to go?
  8. I can't say it here, really not allowed to. I just don't know who to turn to anymore. After what my father told me to do. What's the point? There is none if I think about it. It's just over, it's all over.
  9. I've been depressed for s good month or so, depression hit harder for Valentine's Day when of course, I was alone. Such a shocker. I got accepted into a college I wanted for the first two years, it'll help me, it's close, and I've been there once, it's pretty nice. However, my dad called them, without my knowledge, and said I don't need accommodations, which I actually do, really, really need. So now I can't stop that. He's done some other physical stuff as usual, more insults, whatever. I've been driving so that's nice, as soon as I get my license I'm driving far away.
  10. I have this random knee thing, floating cap or whatever So today it like popped and hurt a LOT was shopping with dad and he saw me stagger And it went a little like this "Hey you alright?" "My knee just like popped and it /hurts/" Then proceeds to punch me and says "Now what hurts more?" I'm no expert but that's not how you treat your child whose in PAIN, but you know what do I know.
  11. Just wanted to thank everyone regarding my last post.. Can't talk much since I've been busy..eeghhhh...
  12. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me.. Nobody came to my party again... Happy birthday to me..sigh.
  13. Got Pokemon moon and finished it not long.. Got Pokemon sun for Christmas, what the heck am I supposed to do with it now? I don't double play..ugh.
  14. 5 days until my birthday, can't wait to have people I don't like over, a friend who will probably spend the time there facetiming her boyfriend whose gone so far in their relationship as to put that bite sucky thing on her chest(3-4 week relationship mind you) and a driving setup with the little driving school on my birthday and days close to it. On an art site I had a cute wishlist and only one was filled, not like I expected anyone else to bother, nor put me as someone they'd want art from. I'm used to it though, I'm not gonna improve no matter how much. Back to being alone. Whatever el
  15. why do i have to start driving with them on my birthday? it's the 31 i should be celebrating and sleeping in
  16. not worth having such disrespectful people over for MY birthday. I don't like them, stop bringing them over!!!!
  17. Practice PracticePracticePracticePracticePracticePracticePractice You'll get better you'll draw nicely You'll be like your brother and maybe better People will like your art and maybe want it People will look up to you or compliment it You're a good beautiful person just look in the mirror You know what I see? Nothing but a shell staring back at me with dully colored eyes Long hair with bangs that get weird when they get wet in rain Clothes that never look good no matter what angle Being judged by family for picky eating that I can't force myself out of Not many fri
  18. Kay dad first off all. I don't /want/ to go to the play we've seen the Scrooge plenty of times, why see it live? My throat is scratchy and the fight with the cold is slowly taking over, but i'm trying to stop from getting sick. I have a black shirt, with pretty lacey white skulls on the shoulders. How is that disrespectful? The movie isn't about God as far as I care, he got scared of dying and said "oh better be nice", that's how I view it, because I don't believe in God. I can wear a sweatshirt over it but no, it MUST be changed, right? You said it'll be warm in the theatre, ho
  19. Woop, dex has been finished, alright got my Minty Lurantis <3 Time for Salandit..
  20. II just need some Ultra Beasts from Sun to complete my pokedex...can anyone help? i won't keep them so don't worry, I'm just 98% from completing the Alo dex for shinies.
  21. Thank you for the response I mean, I know she's happy and everything, but her boyfriend recently started talking about frenching(if that's the word for it) and now it's boiling between slight hurt and concern. She's still peppy and such and talking to her she may not understand, but the pace this kid is now moving is starting to make me worry that maybe he doesn't want her for her, just what he can get out of a girl. They haven't been together for too long and already contemplating advancing to "fancy" things is rather reckless in my opinion.. And they're both 15-16, I'm 17(18 in like 2
  22. I should be happy. My friend from the posts about that sleepover thing got a boyfriend. Her self esteem is around mine (aka pretty nonexistant) and I'm happy she has someone in her life, who even accepts that she personally doesn't identify as a human. However...she's done a 180. The pros to this are she's happy she's been accepted for who she is and not what she looks like. This kiddo better make her happy or I'll boop him angrily. However, she's turning into the couple we dealt with at the sleepover. Shes already telling me how much she misses him and how she could cry if they don't se