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  1. SUBJECT- Art thread, all about leetle trees, which are superior to dragons. You can kill cute baby dragons, but not trees, no. #dragcavementality Tree Season - Spring Theme - Warrior Base - http://imgur.com/bjIwueW - To play, use the base or make your own, then draw on that base while playing according to the theme and leetle tree season. given by the THEME CZAR - THEME ARCHIVE -- None. GO.
  2. SUBJECT- Discuss your favorite dragon from any series - tv - game. Give - Why you like the character. What you see in the character. Your own view and mindset about it.
  3. Hi, i'm really new to the forums and i don't know how i go with roleplays, how do i get permission to roleplay with you ? ..
  4. Username: Leetle Tree Name: Leetea Age: 34 Power(s): The tree is able to send waves of sound or energy that may cause a flood of dopamine in any object with a brain's brain, cause psychiatric disease when something undergoes a long-term exposure to this tree's radiation, and generally create brainwaves, very efficient and sharp brainwaves, It can also summon silk, cotton, or linen yarn at will. The tree is in it's youth and has not yet grown, for it is leetle. Description: The tree doesn't normally interact in the affairs of m̶o̶r̶t̶a̶l̶s̶ others, but it never abides one rule or habi