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  1. Oh good, I have the same problem, glad it's a known thing *settles back to wait*
  2. Yep, all good now, awesome! Thank you (I do like that old theme.)
  3. I don't know when maintenance happens, but if it's around now-ish then yeah I guess it must be that. *feels silly* Sorry!
  4. Is anyone else getting this? Do we know why? (I tried to refresh my scroll and this appeared.)
  5. Two more and I can go to bed! *refreshes again*
  6. Edit: Nevermind, I type too slowly, lol. Does anyone know how many event eggies there are? I want to know how close I am to getting them all. (I love them so much I loved them when they were green, too, I just... I like collecting stuff, okay?) My favourites so far are the <3 But they're all amazing, the spriters have done a brilliant job. *pulls all the eggies into a pile and curls up around them* MINE.
  7. Yep, the Spirit Wards are changing, they have more green now. Very cool.
  8. Aww, double rats then. I was hoping I might be able to clear a space before the event ended and try again. Ah well, maybe next year. *wanders away to hunt for eggs instead* I love a treasure hunt.
  9. I misread the thing, stayed silent, and got a regular mint. And now I'm egg locked so I can't try again *siiiigh* I want an upside down cutie! Ah well. Love the recolour though, some of them are really pretty.
  10. I found a few Dorkface dragons hiding on my scroll, does it matter how far back the connection is? Should I add Dorkface to the ones that are a long way removed, with broken names in between, or is there a cutoff point?
  11. It's been a while since I was on, and I have a LOT of catching up to do. Is there any way to collect a lot of dragons quickly? I don't care if they're CB or bred or even what breed they are, I just want, like, a dragon dump, so I can reach 500 dragons, get the gold trophy, and have more egg space to start collecting the new things! *impatient bouncing* Or is the only way to just keep hatching 6 eggs at a time for approximately the next million years. (I have 240-ish dragons currently, I'm gonna be here a while *groan*) Sorry if this is a dumb question, just wondering if there's a
  12. Haha, says you! I note you aren't sleeping either Thanks for the time
  13. Okay, so possibly dumb question, but how can I tell when it's the 31st on DC? It's already the 31st in my timezone (New Zealand) and I don't want to miss the start of the new egg drop (I also hope they change their minds about letting us keep the potion bottles and Halloween trick/treats, they're so cute. <3 I know it would be hard on the server though. Hopefully they'll all be on the wiki to look at at least.)
  14. I really only want a male and female of each colour. Why would you need so many?
  15. Oooh, shiny! *sees eggs, makes a grab* ...aaaand they're all gone. Guess I'll be camping out here for a while. *sits by refresh button*
  16. Yay new site! My old bookmark stopped working for me and I was worried it was gone for good, TAoND is one of my faves <3
  17. Quick question, if a dragon has the Original Midas Dorkface/ Original Shallynaar pair in its lineage somewhere, can I use "dork" in the name to mark it, even if it's a long way back? Or does it need to be below a certain generation? (I know I can technically name it whatever I like, but I don't want to step on anyone's toes what's accepted practice? ) I picked up two (TWO!) from the abandoned eggs recently! Here (the pair are so far back they're off the page, but Ramses Dorkface links back to them, 5 down from the top right) And here, actually ON the page! Excite! (Si
  18. Ah okay, but surely if folks are breeding them they will turn up in the abandoned area eventually? In any case, the egg is pretty *adds it to list of things yet to be collected*
  19. No idea what's going on, I just saw the announcement on the side of the DC page By the sounds of it I missed them? But if they're permanent releases then surely they will just keep filtering into the cave? I must be missing something, not sure why people are saying they will never get one?
  20. I finally found one! *cuddles first Magi egg* YUSS! It's so pretty and orange. Look how eye-searingly orange my precious is Soon there shall be ALL the trading! ALSO, it has a really pleasingly symmetrical lineage. It wouldn't have mattered, but it's a nice bonus <3
  21. I got Sunbear on a forest dragon, and FeverBright on a fever wyvern. Really pleased!