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An ND Walks by...What are you doing?! Follow it!!!

*Experimenter. Will NEVER harm a gifted egg*

***Currently looking for 2g Silver Tin from (F) Tin x Omen for lineage project***

IOU's accepted! :Looking for Omen wyrm from Silver tinsel this halloween, or large number of cb rift hatchies. Pm to discuss!

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    *I use they-them-their or he/him/his pronouns*

    Happy to breed anything on my scroll, especially for those without a bronze trophy :)

    *Avatar Artwork Created by ParticleSoup! Thank you again for letting me use it! :3 *

    +Always happy to take unwanted Nebula and Gemshard eggs/hatchlings+

    CB Sunsets and Sunsongs for breeding
    any 2G hybrids, but especially risen/setsongs!

    Breeds Needed: Swallowtail (m/f), Brimstone(m/f), Canopy(m/f), Black Capped Teimarr (m/f), Bright Breasted Wyvern (f). Brute(m),Carmine(f),
    Holidays:Flower Crown

    **2g silver tin from (f)silver tin x omen wyrm***
    -Alt Black (f) from (m) silver x (f) black
    -Coppers (blue/green)
    -Nebulas, Florets, Fire Gems, Baikalas

    IOUs/For others:
    38 Sapphire/Monarchs for Valkyrie
    Cb Whites (for Reds) for Ena
    pygmys and tsunamis (cb) for littleblackdog
    7th gen shimmerscale offspring for Hoshino