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My username is long and awkward. Please call me Arenda 330qzwy.pngrvQPRRR.pngvhsqrr.png"Every artist was first an amateur."~Ralph Waldo Emerson


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    In front of my computer...
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    ~Art! I am able to draw a smiley face! (with fangs is preferable)
    ~Bombastic Clarinet Player (It's a thing)

    ~The darkness dwelling creature known as the Bluez Beast is a rare creature, mostly found in Dragon Requests, she scampers and stalks, rarely making a sound, but can be guaranteed to be following from a distance.

    Current Requests I am making or helping with:
    Jamarion Leviathan
    Merdragons (shading)

    Completed Requests:
    Monarch Wyvren