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  1. Wow, I haven't seen any of them in the cave at all. Unfortunate that I wasn't able to be on when they first released, didn't think they'd be gone this quick.
  2. Have: CB Copper (Volcano) Want: Best offer of CB Falconform or Red Fire Gem (Hatchlings or Eggs) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. Clya

    Flight Rising

    How's everyone's NotN going? Let me know if anyone here needs any help I've got tons of spares of the familiars that if anyone needs I'd be happy to give away or trade!
  4. I love love love the adults! Do we have any special info on them yet :3
  5. Kinda upset I missed grabbing the 2017 eggs...grabbed two early in the morning though so at least I have those. Hoping I can trade some stuff to get some...these things look really cool! I've been away for a while, kinda only hopped on to do Halloween lol. Loved the event, thought it was really neat <3
  6. Sorry everyone for disappearing off the face of the Earth! I will be opening the raffle for donations tomorrow! I've been super busy and running all over the country since school let out but now I'm home and can get back to raffle running
  7. Something caught me up and I can't draw the prizes in time, I'm sorry. seems I'm having a rough start back I'm so sorry about this all, I'm really disappointed that I couldn't draw winners for this raffle - and I'm currently on mobile so there's no way. Expect things to go as planned for next week, I will keep you all updates! Again... I'm so sorry
  8. The Raffle is Now Closed! In the mean time, take a look at these prizes that got skipped out on! Link!
  9. For those who have missing prizes, shoot me a lineage link of the dragon or dragons! I tried automatic form filling from the spreadsheet to the form and some things are missing. I probably won't be doing it again. I will make a separate raffle for all missing prizes and keep track of time on all the prizes and manage any BSAs myself. Sorry about this all!
  10. I should be studying, not doing a Killy raid
  11. Whoops! My form seemed to have stuck them in a different tab, let me sneak them in!
  12. The raffle is now open! LINK Code word: Tell me which dragon egg sprite is your favorite!
  13. Donations are now closed! The raffle will be up momentarily~
  14. Yep! Donations are open for 24 hours, maybe a few hours longer (like 26), just depending on how busy my afternoon is
  15. Nope, no themes this time! I was so busy with finals I forgot to warn ahead of time
  16. Working on a little thingy thing http://i.imgur.com/1y9whtM.png Because of finals I haven't had time to draw really...
  17. Donations are now open! FORM I edited the donating form to make it easier on my end, but if it's too much or could use simplifying or editing let me know! This is my first time testing this way of donating. If you can't use the form, send it to me in a PM!
  18. I hate to have to make this announcement after having such a wonderful first raffle back, but it really makes me irked to see this. Apparently, I had left the donation form open, which gave someone the opportunity to add 67 fake donations as well as say some...very rude things about the raffle and those who had won. I don't want to point blame at anyone or have to "investigate" or take any precautionary actions, as this was partially my fault for leaving the form open. I just want to warn those who are participating in case this is a reoccurring issue and certain measures have to
  19. *sigh* why do people have to act so childish
  20. There were a few donations that were tossed into my hands that I couldn't turn down (like all those pretty metals!) ----------- All prizes have been sent out, if there is an issue please let me know! Also, I have started a Raffle Story Catalog for if you don't win a round, but still want to read the story!
  21. It's Time for the Winners! Lineaged 2nd Gen Gold (tgK8l) ---> ewi122 4th Gen Gold (Holiday Checker) (zQwrI) ---> MaeTM 3rd Gen Silver (Holiday Checker) #1 (7U52M) ----> CharonDusk 3rd Gen Silver (Holiday Checker) #2 (Gvj7I) ----> TheLlama Caveborn Blue Fire Gem #1 (5sbHn) ---> Dusky_Flareon Blue Fire Gem #2 (BUYm1) ---> The Dragoness Blue Fire Gem #3 (eqVcK) ---> Gealach Green Fire Gem #1 ---> Terces Magma Dragon (cytho) ---> Rainbowlight Thunder Dragon Hatchling (d5Ozz) ---> MissCryptic Red Zyumorph ---> pu
  22. The Raffle is now closed! We had 23 unique participants! Prizes will be drawn momentarily.
  23. A quick sketch... I plan on making a few avatars of some of the newer dragons...and one Golden Wyvern one Also, more Flight Rising trash
  24. 30 minutes remaining, get those last entries in!
  25. Half of my Zyus refused my celestials....