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  1. Little question for any prize owners here since I didn't know where else to put it. I'm a new prize owner and I added my Tinsel to one clicksite, but she's racked up 5k views which is way more than any of the other lowtime eggs I added. Just wondering if anyone's had their eggs in the past added to multiple clicksites by people attempting to viewbomb them, and if I should be extra-extra careful with my Tinsel. (Which I will be regardless)
  2. Ahhh!! I finally won! I'm so happy! I didn't plan for a Silver Tinsel, I have no idea what to name him or her, and I'm so uncertain if I should go ahead and influence it female or influence it male just in case I manage to get a Gold Shimmer to breed with Radiant Angels in the future. '3'
  3. Just bred eight Ices to various mates with the use of fertility and didn't get one egg at all.
  4. But if people are going to circumvent the restrictions anyway by doing this, what's the point of having that as a rule?
  5. Just randomly thought of this while reading through the replies: Wouldn't requesting an AP'd egg be the same as asking for one of the specific Thuweds when they come through? I've seen plenty of people ask for certain Thuwed hybrids or offspring from one of the pairs for that week. Is that not technically the same thing as asking for one of the eggs you sent to the AP because it's just a matter of hunting for the right thing at the right time? Or is it just somehow different because one is a Thuwed and one isn't?
  6. That's because that's it - those are the rules, and they've always just been very vague to me. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to connect rules between trading on the forums and the hub, and even then, it's never really specified anywhere that I can't put up a reward for an egg in return. I renamed the parents, but I wanted to make sure that the person would find it worth it to return the lost dragon by offering something in exchange. I didn't realize it would get me banned from making public trades.
  7. Maybe it's just me, but I've had a lot of problems with my trades being reported for things I didn't even know I was doing wrong. I think that the guidelines or rules for the trading hub should be updated or rules should be made much more clear to prevent people from having the same issue I have had. The rules, if I remember correctly, state that the trade must apply to many people, not just one specific person and must not include off-site links. However, I have had trades reported and taken down for things I didn't know would fall under these categories. This has happened three times for different reasons and I am now banned forever from making public trades. This is honestly very frustrating because not everyone uses the forums and you're more likely to get offers in the public hub. I have asked in Tiny Little Questions before about what is allowed after I had a post reported, and apparently IOUs are not permitted and neither is mentioning to contact someone via the forums. This is never specified in the trading hub guidelines. How are people meant to draw this conclusion themselves, especially when I've seen many other people post about the same thing? The same goes for the most recent issue I've had where I mistakenly auto-abandoned an egg and put up a reward in exchange for its return. This trade was reported and I was banned about four days after the first post. I have seen many people post the same thing and at this point, I almost feel targeted? I don't even understand how this would be against the rules as everyone would have equal opportunity to get the egg I lost and offer it, just as they would to breed or catch something and offer it on another trade.
  8. Grabbed a few of these for hybrid breeding. Thank you! ^-^
  9. Really surprised about some of these 👀 Intercalary Socialized Immaculacy Euphorics Incapabilities Originalities Observational Cyberangel Epstein Didn't x Kill Himself Eradore You Egoistical Count Bodies Like Sheep
  10. What exactly is clarified as "misuse" in the trading hub? I've lost the ability twice to make public trades, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong. The reported post mentioned that I was accepting IOUs and to PM me on the forums if that was needed. Is that not allowed? I see people do that quite frequently. Edit: Wow I can't make public trades until July 11th. ://
  11. Grabbed two of them, thank you! ^-^ I received a gift via TGT Gift report: * Silver Fox * -> GalacticSketch: Obidar Xenowyrm Am I on that list? No Do I need/wish to be removed? No How was the gift offered? Via the thread I received a gift via TGT Gift report: * Silver Fox * -> GalacticSketch: Obidar Xenowyrm Am I on that list? No Do I need/wish to be removed? No How was the gift offered? Via the thread
  12. Does reporting someone's trade have to go through any kind of approval process? Apparently one of my trades was reported and now I'm unable to make any public trades or add messages, but I didn't violate anything. I had maybe two dragons posted, and was very specific about what I was looking for. Not sure why it was reported.
  13. My Carina babies! After hearing about the White x Undine hybrids being Amaltheans I got hit with a crazy amount of nostalgia and knew I would have to breed them like crazy. 😁 Definitely going to have a Carina x Amalthea lineage sometime!
  14. I recently got ahold of a CB ND and was wondering what would be a reasonable IOU of Carina dragons. (Specifically hatchies, preferably nothing messy) I know people that ask for 30-40 of specific CB hatchies and was curious if I should shoot for that or considerably lower for a hybrid. I don't want to overprice it but I also don't want to sell myself short on something so rare.
  15. Noticed this earlier with one of my Carina lineages and was curious about it! Glad to know I'm not the only one who ran into the same thing.
  16. Snatched a few for hybrid breeding. Thank you!
  17. Some 2G Carinae 2G Skysilk from Male Gold 4G Black x Gold Checker
  18. Just found this glorious 6G Silver x Swallowtail checker... Feeling like breeding a mate could be a challenge that I'm up for. 😁 I've already got a 4G.
  19. I immediately got on after waking up from a nap and was very concerned when I first saw the sprites! I thought I didn't actually wake up! 😂 Edit: Bless those drawings of the Radiant Angels.
  20. Finally got a Gold from my Monarch pairing and managed to trade for a mate for her the following week! ^-^ Now just hoping that they'll produce a Gold so I can breed that baby with the 3G I've had for awhile. I also had wonderful luck and bred a Gold and a Swallowtail mate on the same day! 😁
  21. Major support here! I've been trying to breed my metal checkers for gifts and have had very poor luck for the past few weeks. Not just with getting a shiny, but with getting anything at all! 😥
  22. Snagged a few of these for collecting and hybrid breeding, thank you!