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  1. 3G Rosebud x SAlt Shadow Walker
  2. Thank you!! I love Radiant Angels. ^-^
  3. Have- 2G Gold Prize, 2G Thuwed, CB Gold, and CB Silver 4 CB Aeon Wyverns Want- 2G Radiant Angel SAltkin, willing to combine all eight for 2G from Radiant Angel SAlt. Willing to negotiate, influence, hatch, and precog if needed! Offer Here for Shinies / Offer Here for Aeons / PM Me
  4. Ah! This is gorgeous, thank you! "A fine addition to my collection."
  5. Grabbed the batch of four. Thank you!
  6. Some shiny checkers Gold x Daydream Gold x Silver Silver x Blue Nebula
  7. Have- CB Aeon Wyvern (cancr) Want- 2G SAltkin or HMkin, may be picky about mate/Alt. Green Line in signature applies! Please PM me to offer! This egg is still on cooldown.
  8. White Zyu x Gold Checker https://dragcave.net/teleport/3842373fec37a2ae9fc1e6fc1e5e0a2b
  9. https://dragcave.net/teleport/d41970ee7ddcf9f7bd8af11438d9f943 4G checker Hellfire x Gold
  10. Thank you! I'll definitely be using these for breeding Carinae. ^-^
  11. Have: CB Silver Egg - Offer Here CB Brown Copper Egg - Offer Here Want: Best Offer of CB Winter Seasonals 2G Gold Lunar Herald from female Gold Tinsel (unrelated to X ) 2G Gold from female Gold Tinsel (unrelated to X ) 3G Striped-River from male Silver Shimmer Checker (unrelated to X) 2G Ridgewing from female Bronze Shimmer 2G Prize x Non-Holiday 2G Male Blue or Green Gemshard from female Bronze Tinsel (unrelated to X ) *Please PM me before breeding, mate must be different color from offspring Green Line in signature applies to all prizekin offers, and I will happily combine both eggs for one of yours!
  12. - 2G Purebred Copper - CB Red Zyumorph - You're welcome! Enjoy! 😄 Edit - X - 6th gen Gold x Female Pillow Checker X - 3rd gen Gold x Female Silver Lunar Herald Checker
  13. https://dragcave.net/teleport/24211728a492b79e434cc41619e78395 White Zyu x Gold checker ^
  14. Thank you! I'll make sure to think of a good name for her. ^-^ 2G Carina - X / X
  15. Thank you! I've been finding a lot of Black x Autumn lineages so I've been looking for mates for the ones I have. X - 5EG Purebred Carina X - 4EG Purebred Carina X - 4EG Purebred Carina
  16. 4G Pillow x Gold Checker - ❤ All family members are nicely named and this baby has a 'Jam' code! Edit: An unrelated baby - ❤
  17. 4EG Swallowtail x Silver Checker - ❤ All family members are nicely named, and the baby even has a pleasing properly capped code. ^-^
  18. Snagged these two. Need more Pillows and more Waverunners for Hybrids. Thank you!
  19. Offered on it! I'd love to build up a mate for her, I've been working on a Gold x White checker and would enjoy having a reason to continue the project.