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  1. Some pretty Gold checkers: Black / Celestial / Spring Swallowtail / Black Zyumorph 2G Gaia from male Gold Edit: 6G Gold x Pillow Checker + 10 3G-5G Gold x Pillow Checkers sent to the AP 2G Pink Zyu from female Silver Sadly no shinies were produced this time around. I'll leave these here for awhile but if no one wants them, I'll abandon them so I can try to breed more ❤
  2. Thank you for the Tercorn! A 2G Khusa from Silver that I forgot to influence. 😑 https://dragcave.net/teleport/42a278857800c480cd8d09ca8b93bf23
  3. Snatched a few for hybrid breeding. Thank you!
  4. I want to be a breeder! Forum Name: GalacticSketch Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/GalacticPhoenix Have you requested gifts from breeding gifting at least 5 times?: Yep! Have you read ALL the rules and feel like you understand them?: Absolutely, a couple of times over to make sure I didn't miss anything. Do you have a Silver Trophy on your scroll?: Yes, Platinum actually. Why would you like to become a breeder?: I really enjoy gifting dragons and would like more of an excuse to do so when so many of my dragons are never bred. Notes: I'm currently working on compiling a list or group that will have all of my shiny and special lineages for display for anyone who wants to request a baby. A link will be in either my signature or profile once it's completed.
  5. 13th Gen Seasonal Stairstep
  6. Thank you so much! Hopefully these will breed lots of Stormriders to gift! ^-^ These guys are still available! 2G Carina from P.Neb x T.Ridge 2G Skysilk from Male Gold 4G Black x Gold Checker
  7. Some 2G Carinae 2G Skysilk from Male Gold 4G Black x Gold Checker
  8. Some 2G Carinae X X X X X X X 2G Skysilk from Male Gold 4G Black x Gold Checker Edit: You're welcome, @DarkellaLord, @lothar_, @driveshaft0613, @trystan and @Pliskin!Thank you for giving them good homes!
  9. 4G Silver x Ice Checker 3G Gold x Black Zyu Checker (Another *sigh*) 2G Red Zyu from Gold 3G Swallowtail x Gold Checker Enjoy! (And feel free to PM me if you'd like to or can do a bloodswap sometime)
  10. X - 3G Ice x Gold Checker X - 4G Fell x Silver Checker
  11. Just found this glorious 6G Silver x Swallowtail checker... Feeling like breeding a mate could be a challenge that I'm up for. 😁 I've already got a 4G.
  12. X - 4G Silver x Fell Checker
  13. Some Pretty 4G Metalkin Checkers Blue-Banded x Silver Daydream x Gold Pillow x Gold
  14. Palindrome 2G Red Zyumorph from Male Gold
  15. I want to change my request! Today's Date (for inactivity checks): 4/1/20 Will you accept an inbred dragon?: No Will you accept a messy lineage?: No Original Dragon List: Monarch New Dragon List: Gold (Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met? 2G from female Gaia, nicely named parents preferred
  16. I immediately got on after waking up from a nap and was very concerned when I first saw the sprites! I thought I didn't actually wake up! 😂 Edit: Bless those drawings of the Radiant Angels.
  17. Finally got a Gold from my Monarch pairing and managed to trade for a mate for her the following week! ^-^ Now just hoping that they'll produce a Gold so I can breed that baby with the 3G I've had for awhile. I also had wonderful luck and bred a Gold and a Swallowtail mate on the same day! 😁
  18. Major support here! I've been trying to breed my metal checkers for gifts and have had very poor luck for the past few weeks. Not just with getting a shiny, but with getting anything at all! 😥
  19. - 3G White Zyu Checker - 3G Radiant Angel Checker - 4G Sunsong Checker - 4G Swallowtail Checker - 3G Gold Checker (If someone can breed bloodswaps for any of these, please send me a PM! Would love to work something out so I can expand these lineages! ^-^) Edit: You're welcome! Thank you for letting me know!
  20. Ah thank you!! I've been needing a bloodswap! Here's one of the same type of lineage, 3G! https://dragcave.net/teleport/8dbb16ab823472706bf639aa277bc3f2
  21. Can't seem to get any bloodswaps for these ladies: 2G Black Zyu from Male Gold 2G Red Zyu from Male Gold -Gone!