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  1. The Tyrannosaurus is crushed by the simplicity and small space of the vending machine. I insert a baby Blue Nebula dragon.
  2. I was just getting ready to start my "Gems of the Tropics" lineage with my only CB male Neotropics and my only CB female Green Gemshards I had available at that time. The first breed was a success and so I crossed my fingers for a Neo the second time, and y'know what happened? Yep, they TOTALLY refused. Way to go, Flairwaek and Perinayque.
  3. I commonly breed Gemshard checkers and look for 2nd or 3rd gen mates in the AP. Would Gemshards be considered okay for this project? I'm very interested in it. Also, I have to agree with Stellaluna22. How would you know if the egg is from the AP? I think it would be a better idea if the checkers were bred and gifted to someone who would continue it. For example, there could be lists and people could post common checkers they have and other users could breed mates for them to receive points. This is just an idea. It goes along with the allowing of gifting. The point system would be the same and extra points might be given if all dragons were originated from your own scroll. Just a thought. I've got more suggestions if they're needed. Otherwise an amazing concept! Checkers are my favorite type of lineage.
  4. Sorry, I hoard Gemshards and Blacks. TPBM likes Gemshards.
  5. Yep, I decided to keep it. Thank you everyone for the congrats. I also got a beautiful Avatar of Creation from a Holly checker. And I traded for a CB Magma and I caught a CB Golden Wyvern. Dragon Cave has been good to me this week! I was even able to gift a few Dinos, a Paper, a Spessartine and a CB Thunder. I can't wait until I get an egg to hatch. I'll go for a CB Gold next time. (Or another CB Silver or maybe a Copper) SO HAPPY!!!!
  6. After so much bad luck with finding and catching rare eggs on my new laptop, I caught something that actually made me squeal in happiness! My Very First CB Silver! (Or very first Silver in general) I absolutely LOVE the code and I can't decide whether to keep it or to trade it. (I'll probably keep it) Not to mention, it was a day after I was gifted this beautiful Gemshard! My favorite color of Gemshard from my favorite Holiday! Gemshards are actually my favorite dragon and a 2nd gen from a Spriter's Alt? PRICELESS to me! I can only hope that he will color correctly.
  7. It calls for help but due to the loudness of it's call, the machine crushes it with the springs that hold the snacks. (A delicious death indeed) I insert an Andominous Rex.
  8. *runs into cave atop a Blue Gemshard and entices all of your Gemshards to leave with me*
  9. The dragon eats all of the cookies and is spit out for it's "cookie crimes". I insert a kitten.
  10. It fails and the universe to the left of it explodes. I insert a new universe