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  1. I would love a search bar for this!

    And also maybe even a way to remove mates from the top of a dragon's breeding list. It would be very helpful in clearing away misbreeds or mates that have already been used with CBs that you don't plan to use again.

  2. 15 minutes ago, dragongrrl said:

    In DC history, very early, adults did still receive views and clicks. I think it was an address change and a growing player base which stopped the ability for adults to receive views.


    Clicks have not been necessary for many years, although many players still think they help. I have raised 2000 with zero-clicks, and see no evidence that they are needed.


    Auto-refreshers were banned at one point, gave hunters an unfair advantage, don't know what the current rules are. 

    I meant auto-refreshers for views - those are okay! Auto-refreshers for the AP and biomes I believe are banned.

  3. 34 minutes ago, Tetelestai said:

    I'm sure this is a dumb question especially as I've been here for so long, but why don't adult dragons gain views or clicks?


    Also, are auto refreshers okay to use or do they go against the rules? Someone posted a link to one, but I don't want to use it unless I know it is okay.

    As far as the mechanic for adults not gaining views, I have no idea why. I guess they just don't need them to grow any more? I never understood it.

    Auto refreshers (ARs) are perfectly fine, as far as I know. Plenty of people use them, especially for ND experimentation and stubborn eggs. :)

  4. 1 hour ago, Imzadi83 said:



    Dorsal hatchling - Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


    Electric hatchling - Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


    Flamingo Wyvern hatchling - Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


    Horse hatchling - Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


    Neotropical hatchling - Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


    Ridgewing (purple) hatchling - Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


    Venturis hatchling - Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


    You may freeze.

    Thank you for the Ridgewing and Flamingo! ❤

  5. I personally just don't understand why a public trade should apply to many people (other than in the rare instance of possible harassment towards one player for whatever reason). If someone makes a trade post and is offering something in exchange for a specific 2G Thuwed (which is very common) or for the return of a lost egg from the AP, who is this trade hurting? Why shouldn't they be able to make this trade? Nobody has to offer what they want.

  6. While you do get a notification and a message on the site that says what trade post supposedly violated the rules, it does not (to my memory) say how you violated the rules and you are given very little explanation. How was I supposed to know that the Forums counted as off-site? The forums are literally linked on the actual DC site.

     You apparently will get temp-banned twice and then get a third final ban which completely keeps you from using the public trade hub. I know because this happened to me and I came to the TLQ thread each time like "wtf". I had asked to be PM'd in one or two trades and believe I may have mentioned an IOU (which isn't included in the official DC rules) and then I offered something in hopes that one of my eggs would be returned. This egg was in the AP which I believed meant it was fair-game for anyone to catch as the Thuweds are. Still banned from the hub.

     Why? Because the rules obviously are not explicitly stated as they should be and I didn't know what I was doing wrong. That's why I made a post similar to this one last year about updating the rules and making them more easy to access/understand.

    Trading is such a vital part of most DC users' gameplay, it isn't fair to have such vague rules on the actual site as compared to those on the forum. 

  7. I absolutely adore the Thunder's shading and overall epicness now. It looks so sleek and the dark shading makes the blue underbelly pop! They look sparky and interesting, and very well-defined!
    My Gold x Thunder lineage looks all the more awesome now - thank you spriters!
    Truly hoping that I don't end up wanting to hoard these guys - they're stubborn breeders. :lol:
         I was never a fan of the Lacula, but oh man! Gorgeous babies! The new sprite helped me pay attention and realize that they have beautiful wings! And that scale texture is phenomenal! I can't believe people are complaining about the Magis either. They look sleek and definitely needed some TLC. I am in love!
    I don't have too much to say about the Snows since most of the tweaks involved their sparkly bits, but I certainly don't mind the changes whatsoever. As for the Sakus - I love the changes! Their chests are so much brighter and more prominent, and I love the wing changes! They just look so much more bright and lively, and the edits to their face make them look very feminine and almost elfish. Brilliant work on these pretty girls. ❤️

    A big thank you and great job to all of the spriters involved! Sorry you all are getting so much nonsense for these guys - they're wonderful and I'm certainly going to enjoy having these sprites to look at now, especially those Thunders. ❤️

  8. Have:
    CB Staterae (Volcano)
    (Egg may get hidden if it gains too many views)

    - Best offer of CB Golds/Silvers
    - 2G Pitfire from RA, must have a SAlt parent and especially looking for 2G from RA SAlt and would be willing to add (will be a mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/cGifJ)
    - 2G Gold SAltkin,
    preferably not from white Kohraki or Caligene as I'm not doing those checkers yet
    - Interesting Offers - not interested in Unbreedables, Neglecteds, or number/word codes. Would be interested in a 'Bella'/'Izzy' code though
    As always, thank you very much in advance and feel free to PM me if needed!
    The Green Line in my Signature applies to SAlt offers, especially since I know metals can be butts! Please don't hesitate to ask.


    3G Gold x Erador Checker - all parents have nice, one-word names

    - A bloodswap
    - Other metal checker
    - Offers

  9. 24 minutes ago, Pourlemoment said:

    Had something planned for these but changed my mind.  Returning @pinkgothic's baby, and a couple of others acquired through trade/AP.


    Hatchlings are correctly influenced.







    Could not resist that beautiful Skysilk, thank you.