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  1. Enderkitty and Demon kitty leap fromthe destroyed dimension in unison. Enderkitty pounces on nyan cat, stabbing her multiple times and taking the cookie. Meanwhile Demon kitty lights the Moon Serpant on fire, lighting it's cheese abode while its at it. While the moon serpant was stopping, dropping, and rolling, demon kitty jumped on its back and stabbed it between it's scales on it's neck, killing it. Demon kitty and Enderkitty tp to their moonbase, and lock the cookie in a high-security indestructable safe thats fireproof, bulletproof, and all the rest
  2. Look at me. I am buetiful. You know im the best dragon ever.
  3. Demon kitty, being a god, breaks the rift between the two dimensions, and jumps through. Enderkitty teleports in front of the nyan cat and pins her down, while demon kitty steals the cookie and teleports to this dimension's moon, creating a replicate moonbase with a flick of her tail. Meanwhile enderkitty stabs the nyan cat multiple times to kill her
  4. Omg you guys are so faaast hold uppp Sam (for Q is should a been Quigley Quagmire he he)
  5. As you turn around, Demon kitty, enderkitty's partner in crime, is standing right behind you. She smites you and grabs the cookie, using it to power her laser death ray machine of mass destruction, destroying the earth while enderkitty stabs you multiple times to make sure your dead
  6. Waiter: yes they payed us to advertise them so we put their advertisements in our soup Waiter, there is an onion in my soup!!
  7. ..500 cats ran up to you saying "MAMA" Why are you..
  8. ...fire my rainbow cannon? Dragcave is..
  9. Yoon Jee (i know several girls with this name)
  10. ...sleeping on a giant pile of puppes Nyan kitty stole my..
  11. Suddenly, an endercat (named enderkitty) jumps down from her moonbase and claws the rainbow cookies. "GIB ME COOKIE" The super-op cat stops the nyan cat from tumbling down the hill with one paw, and steals the real cookie. "HAHAHAHA! COOKIE IS MEIN NOW!" She teleports back to her moonbase - on the far side of the moon.
  12. *pets* i am adorabled i cant even *explodes of adorableness*
  13. EMMQd222 oh god i failed i should have taken those typng classes seriosly.. Good luck with my long username ^^
  14. Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Biography by Lemony Snicket (I just finished a Series of Unfortunante Events so im reading every book related to the series ^^)
  15. I am fluent in spanglish Aka Spanish with a few English words popped in because idk them Tú hablas espanol? Yo hablo in poco de español
  16. Username:NyalaEnderDragon6654 Name:[/b] Nyala Gender: Female Age: 1 day Breed: Pygmy Dragon Appearance: Looks just like a Pygmy Dragon Hatchling Personality: Hasnt fully developed yet due to being so young, but due to her size she is shy, and scared easily History: Nyala was hatched in the palm of her Human carer. Said carer was at a park and not expecting Nyala to hatch, so she put her in her backpack. Nyala discovered a small hole though, and being curious, she jumped out the backpack through it. She soon regretted this, though, as the world was so big and she was so small. She tried to run and catch up with her carer, but she hadnt noticed her hatchling was gone and just continued walking, and once again Nyala's small size gave her a disadvantage. Scared and lonely, Nyala scampered off. She didnt know how to get food and didnt know how she would ever survive without a human to take care of her. Human carer: A girl, but she doesn't matter because, as stated, Nyala ran away from her Extra: