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  1. ..to make my cat poop jellybeans? Omg my dog just..
  2. On my tablet - watch me fail Jolyeomyaols yep - fail
  3. Thing (Sumthing was what I thought of so technically I though 'thing')
  4. In my sig, there is a scroll, and that scroll is mine!
  5. Because they're /hyp/er! Why don't cats and dogs get along?
  6. Enderkitty and Demon kitty watch everyone battling from moonbase and laugh. Together they pad back in moonbase and open a door to a room... Full of cookies. Earlier they had only tried to get the cookie for fun. They had something much better.
  7. What's imhotep? Nyan cat and Pac nayn battling in your bedroom?
  8. Where am I? Who ate you? My cross eyed thingy says idk anything!
  9. No it isn't Waiter, a unicorn is in my soup! (He ate it.. ;-
  10. Deity •••••••••• Illuminati
  11. Using her godly powers, demon kitty sees through the magic and drags Valvatorez out from being disappeared by his ear. While shes doing that, enderkitty slips towards him and steals the cookie from his hand. She then procedes to stab him multiple times while Demon kitty lights him on fire