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  1. Built it in 2012. GPU is starting to show a big of age, but still runs everything phenomenally. CPU: i7-2600k @ 3.4 GHz [CPU Heatsink: CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo] GPU: Gigabyte GTX 670 RAM: 16 GB DDR3 Storage: (2x) 1 TB HDD in RAID 0 | 256 GB SSD Mobo: ASUS P8Z77-V LK PSU: Antec EarthWatts 650W Platinum Headset: Logitech G35 Mouse: UtechSmart Venus Keyboard: Corsair K70 RGB (Cherry Red) Monitor: LG 25UM58-P 25-Inch 21:9 UltraWide (2560x1080)
  2. VMK. I was pretty disappointed when it closed down.
  3. Gain confidence and be more positive, so that I can lose weight and get a job.
  4. Just really needed a place to vent a bit and. despite not really checking these forums too much anymore, this thread is the first place that came to mind. I moved out of my dad's house a bit over a year ago. I had around $10,000 on me, maybe a little more, thinking it'd be good to save to get a start on education after getting a job. I moved out of my dad's house to move in with my boyfriend and it'd been going great. I have really bad anxiety and paranoia, but I was incredibly determined and confident that I'd be able to get a job, especially since I'd done an internship in high school where I was essentially an assistant to an office worker and enjoyed thriving with work every day of it. I started out kinda passively applying to jobs, but nothing really came out of it. I had a handful of interviews, but it never went further than that. I started getting a little panicked because I absolutely do not think I could work in customer service; to this day after having lived with a few roommates for over a year I can't even greet them without stuttering or worry intensely about running into one every time I leave the room. Obviously, my $10,000 quickly dwindles down going towards rent before I'm left with nothing and still no job. My boyfriend pays my share of rent with no problems, but obviously we can't stay like this if we ever want to have our own place and such, and it stresses me out every single day. So, several months ago, a golden opportunity opened up for me. My boyfriend works at a hotel and they'd had an opening for a laundry attendant position, and he asked me if I'd like for him to tell his manager about me. Naturally, I said yes, and after an incredibly short interview, I ended up getting the job. The first day was fantastic. It was really stressful for me, especially because I had to talk to guests in the hotel a lot more than I'd expected to, and the work was really rough and confusing, but I pulled through. The woman training me was very nice, and just had me do basic things for the first day, guiding me through everything really carefully. She'd be training me for a week, so I was really confident that I'd be able to learn everything well and succeed. I even spent a while afterwards perfecting my ability to quickly fold towels the proper way. The next day was absolutely awful. It was one of the busiest days of the week for the hotel, but I didn't know what that meant for me before it started. The workload ended up being several times what it was the day before. I walked in with a lot of optimism and enthusiasm. And then the manager told me my trainer didn't come in today, and that I'd have to figure everything out myself. He had one of the housekeepers go over everything I had to do, but I didn't understand any of it. There were so many things I had to keep track of all at once; check the computer for rooms that guests had checked out of (a computer system I had no idea how to navigate), strip all of the sheets and towels out of each room, load all of the laundry into a huge industrial washing machine, fold all of it, as well as knock on guest doors to ask for their towels. (Also, I had to go into the room if there was no answer and no "do not disturb" sign, even if they were sleeping, and grab used towels.) All of this being incredibly fast paced because the housekeepers couldn't clean rooms if they weren't stripped of laundry. I hadn't been taught to do most of this. All I'd done on the first day was strip maybe five rooms or so myself, watch my trainer use the washing machine without explaining how to use it, and then fold some laundry. Today I had to strip 40 rooms myself, load all of that laundry, and fold all of it. I tried so hard. I tried so hard to do everything as fast as I could to the best of my understanding. But I quickly fell behind. Knowing I was disappointing people, I started panicking incredibly hard, which made everything so much harder. But I tried so hard! I really did. That's probably the worst part of this whole thing for me, is how hard I tried. I mistake at one point and one of the housekeepers chastised me for it, saying "I must've gotten lazy and forgotten to do it" really sarcastically, and it broke me. A lot of the hotel staff ended up having to fold laundry with me because I absolutely never had time to sit down and fold it. I worked for 7 hours that day without so much as stopping for a second or taking a drink of water. At one point I was so dehydrated and desperate while rushing to work that I stuck my face under a bathroom sink in a room for a second just to wet my tongue. There just wasn't any time to stop. The manager would constantly get angry at me for not being able to keep up. And other people would have their own jobs delayed if I stopped for something like that. After just having laundry to fold, I was so exhausted, both physically and emotionally, I could barely keep myself together. The manager told me I'd have to stay for several more hours just to fold all of the laundry. I was okay at folding most things, but I'd only barely gotten an understanding of folding fitted sheets. I could've passed out from exhaustion. Then, the one positive thing to happen the entire day, was the front desk employee changed shifts with an incredibly sweet woman who came back to help me fold since she'd have a lot of downtime in her shift. She asked me how I was doing, and I told her honestly that I was overwhelmed and explained that this was my second day and the person training me didn't come in. She understood. Eventually the manager came and told me to leave for the day, and the front desk woman told me she'd take care of the rest of the laundry. After stepping outside, I was shaking so bad and immediately started bawling when I got home. My muscles ached for days afterwards. I didn't go in the next day, nor did I even tell anyone I was going to stop coming in. I just couldn't. My boyfriend told me they'd gone through several housekeepers after me that quit, and that it was ridiculous they tried to give someone on their second day the workload that one experienced person wouldn't even be able to handle alone. I didn't regret quitting unprofessionally after hearing that. But I regret quitting. After being so confident about getting a job, I just... quit. I let myself down, and I let my boyfriend down. I'm back to leaching off of him. And where before I was optimistic, if a little nervous and discouraged, about finding a job, I'm now absolutely mortified at the idea. I'm 20 years old and I've been mortified about getting a job after this experience, and all it comes down to is essentially being lazy and leaching off of my boyfriend.
  5. I browse it often, but I don't post anything.
  6. I have Ghostery (blocks IP trackers people tend to have on their tumblr blogs), Adblock, ColorPick Eyedropper, ZenMate (proxy), XKit, and Qmee (occasionally puts advertisements up when you search on websites and gives you a few cents for clicking on one.)
  7. This season I'm watching Flying Witch and the Ace Attorney anime.
  8. Haha, wow this thread is old. - I'm 19 now and I have an interview tomorrow at Target. Really hoping I get this job.
  9. I have kind of a strange phobia for things relating to internal body things, especially when it's presented in a medical/educational context, so for that I guess you'd say I have a weak stomach. For other things though, like vomit and such, not really at all.
  10. When people say a game is called "poorly optimized" it's not as bad as you'd think. In most cases I'd say a game "poorly optimized" for PC would still perform as well as a console. I've never had any problems myself. The biggest one you might run into is poor keyboard/mouse controls, but you could always buy a controller for your PC. Most console-ported PC games should support them. I built my gaming PC in 2012, and it still runs new games on high graphical settings at a great FPS. I'd never go back to consoles unless I was desperate for an exclusive. Plus you have Steam and modding which is a great thing to have.
  11. TheDarkCynder


    I play with Switch. I'm really looking forward to the actual release.
  12. So. I wanted to try the test version of Windows 10 so I went ahead and installed it. I didn't know how much of a mess this would turn out to be. First, I kept loading a blank screen. I restarted over and over until miraculously I found a "Windows did not boot properly" screen and it allowed me to do a system refresh, which solved the problem. I loaded in Windows 10 and could not click or type in the start bar at all, and there were large black bars around the monitor. Unable to find a solution via Google, I popped my Windows 7 disk into the computer so that I could go back to that and be clear of frustrations. However... Now Windows 7 has the black bars, and I'm unable to connect to the Internet. There is 0 files in my network folder and troubleshooting says it can't find the driver. I did some Googling and tried deleting a file, I think cache or something, from the registry and that didn't fix it. I tried reinstalling again. Same problems. I'm really frustrated and I need this computer to work. Can anyone help? I have a Nvidia GTX 670
  13. Old thread is old. I posted this when I was 14. _ Well. I'm 18 now. I had my first kiss last December, so not as "soon" as I would have hoped four years ago, it seems. Though I'm glad I waited. Anyway, I'm in a long distance relationship. The first time I met my boyfriend in person was in December since I went to visit him for Christmas. We'd only been dating since early October, but we were really close for quite a few months. He really awkwardly asked if he could kiss me while we were cuddling and I said yes. It was the first kiss for both of us.
  14. Someone who used to go to my high school had the name Ahlohn Graye Wolf. First name being Ahlohn, middle being Graye, and last being Wolf. Pretty obvious, but... If you say it out loud it sounds like "A lone gray wolf," or without the middle name, "A lone wolf." I remember one time we had a substitute teacher and she refused to believe it was his real name, so he had to show her his ID. I also knew someone named River Glacius and that sounds pretty cool.
  15. I recently bought ESO and I really enjoy it. I haven't gotten very far in it, but it's definitely a very beautiful game so far. I'm playing a Bosmer in the Aldmeri Dominion.
  16. Really excited. I have spring break next week and I get to visit my boyfriend.
  17. I'm a senior in high school and it's half-online and half-physical. If you have good self-discipline, online classes can be a good idea. However, you definitely need self-discipline, and don't take a course you would think is boring and would not pour effort into. I've looked into online courses for when I enter community college and I didn't see a notable difference in price, but if that's different for you, great! An online course wouldn't really help you get into an internship or job more easily than going to a physical class would, though.
  18. I don't wear it to school since I make absolutely no effort to make myself look decent on those days, but when I go out I wear some. Mostly eyeliner. Sometimes I do use foundation and a little bit of blush, and occasionally eye shadow. I really need to buy some more foundation.
  19. Oh yaaay, this thread is alive. I still haven't finished Inquisition, I really need to get on that. I'm not really fond of the way they handled sidequests; they shouldn't feel like they're necessary to complete the game. That's what I think, anyway. I'd enjoy doing sidequests more if I could choose to do them myself rather than being forced to due to the 'Power' system. It feels kinda cheap. Overall I'm really pleased with how they did the game though, they really expanded on the areas which was nice since that was a huge complaint after Dragon Age 2. I don't like how they've taken out cutscenes when you talk to minor NPCs, it makes so much seem unimportant. I liked being able to see my characters' facial expressions in conversations, so not having that makes talking to a lot of characters feel like a chore. I dunno, maybe I'm confused though. Anyway, overall I'm really happy with the game the story. If I could change only one thing I'd just have them add more hairstyles, everything else can be dealt with. I was just rambling. Also, Spoilers: If the Warden is alive (s)he will appear once, but with a hood on. Hawke is a pretty important character in the game and does appear, and you'll get to customize his/her appearance.
  20. I bought a friend a game for $60 and then my boyfriend a $100 figurine and the same $60 game. That's probably as much as I'm going to spend.
  21. The Ouija board was not originally meant to "talk to the dead," it started as a parlor game meant to show off the ideomotor response, which is where a person subconsciously makes motions.
  22. Driver problems can absolutely cause visual artifacts. I've seen it happen in several cases before where updating the drivers fixed the problem. I'd agree with finding a way to test the monitor. I'm really not seeing flags for GPU hardware problems.
  23. Honestly, georgexu94's problems sound more like driver problems than hardware problems to me. I would try updating your drivers. If you don't know how to do that, this might be helpful.
  24. Tomorrow I have an interview with a well-known judge in my area for an internship! To be getting an opportunity like this as a senior in high school is incredible!