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  1. Trust me, you're not being rude... but people here can be pretty sensitive...
  2. *grabs Mountain Dew* Should be amusing. Encyclopedia Dramatica's version of DC's drama issues is always fun to read too.
  3. I have 17 frozen S2 Lunar hatchies on my scroll.
  4. oAuth redirects you to DC and you log in with your DC details, so there's nothing extra for you to remember. It's also secure. [the hatchery doesn't get access to any private info] ~5 seconds isn't a huge deal. Also, if you let your browser save your login details for DC, logging in with oAuth is as simple as clicking on one of the input boxes and hitting enter/return on your keyboard. Granted, high-traffic sites are also used for viewbombing, which I forgot about, so yeah, this wouldn't work. Oh well.
  5. Wouldn't this whole viewbombing problem be fixed if hatcheries just implemented a login-based system using oAuth? And it could be enforced by removing API access from any fansite that doesn't comply with the new system.
  6. You're lucky nothing was killed, some *** who's been viewbombing my scroll for months (and forcing me to hide my scroll) killed my 2 Lunar Silvers yesterday night when I forgot to re-hide my scroll after unhiding them to give views to my other eggs and hatch them.
  7. Uh, no, they aren't. Eggs killed by too many views don't take up any space.
  8. Oh crap, the flood's over, and I still don't have any... Edit: Just caught 2.
  9. >90 people in the volcano Really. Reaaally.
  10. Oh, are we rating them? 1) Blue 2) Silver 3) Gold 4) Bronze
  11. Ummm... I hate to burst your bubble, but... ninja'd.
  12. Oh, they're Bronze now? Cool. I guess.
  13. OH. MY. GOD. I get back from school and what I do see? A dead CB Spessartine, a dead 2G Silver x Astrapi I've been trying to make for MONTHS, a dead CB Astrapi, and a dead CB Pyro. Wow. I think I'm just gonna take a break from DC until whatever piece of who keeps my viewbombing my scroll realizes he/she needs to get a *** life. /rant
  14. Bit my first egg to try and repulse a misclick and it worked!
  15. Actually, there are. It's already the 10th of September and the Silvers haven't even been released yet. That's a fact. Taking that into account, not much time for a "September" release.
  16. On values of eggs? That would never work. Rarity fluctuates constantly. Plus, it's different for everyone.