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  1. 1. spencersmith 2. lots and lots and lots of rain
  2. I think maybe just having a broader variety of ways to sort in general would be nice. I would love to be able to have alphabetical be a BASE sort, and then have some kind of secondary sort applicable - say, if I wanted to move some frozen hatchies to the top of my scroll, or something like that. I think first, second, and maybe third sorts would be an interesting idea, and definitely helpful!
  3. WISHFUL THINKING: A guy can dream can't he??? ?? Neglected (F/M/U) ya boy can EXP!!! CB Gold (2F/2M) (0/2F) (0/2M) CB Silver (2F/2M) (2/2F) (0/2M) CB Prizes 2 of each Dino to freeze at baby stages 3 Chickens, 1 for growing, 2 for freezing 4 Cheese, 2 for growing, 2 for freezing 2 Paper for freezing 4G Male Silver from M Silver/F Black with ALT BLACK Grandparents (2G) CAVEBORNS: HIGH PRIORITY: All kinds of Coppers 2 M/F each (1/2M Rainbow) (0/2MF All Others) Vampires, hatchlings preferred (in need of females) (thank you Saika!) Aeon Wyverns (1/4M) (0/4F) Any Xenos, Female Pyro and Thalassa preferred (1/4F Pyro) (0/4 Thalassa) Female Pillow Hatchlings (2/8) Male Spessartine Hatchlings (0/8) Male Black LOW PRIORITY: Any Zyus, White and Blue preferred, need 2 more of each Female Kyanite Pygmy hatchlings (1/8) Male Dark Myst Pygmy hatchlings (1/8) LINEAGES: HIGH PRIORITY: 2G Female Pyro from Female Pyro/Male Antarean (0/4) 2G Male Antarean from Female Pyro/Male Antarean (3/4) (thank you Sock and Saika!) 2G Rosebud from Rosebud/Diamondwing (mate for him) 2G Male Lumina from Female Silver/Male Lumina (mate for her) (2/2) (thank you Violet_Ninja :D) 4G MALE Black Marrow from Female Silver/Male Black Marrow (mate for her) LOW PRIORITY: Aegis descended from either or both Spriter's Alts, preferably low gen and non inbred (5G or lower) Yulebuck descended from Spriter's Alt, preferably low gen and non inbred (5G or lower) ANY holiday descended from Spriter's Alt, preferably low gen and non inbred (5G or lower) 3G Mistletoe from Almerald/Mistletoe (mate for him) 3G Female Pumpkin from M Black Myst/F Pumpkin (mate for him) 3G Shadow Walker from Heartseeker/Shadow Walker (mate for him) 2G Copper from Wrapping Wing/Copper (mate for him) Thank you Saika! 3G Gold from Gold/Mistletoe (mate for her) ALTS: 2 of each Alt Black for freezing + 1 female of either kind for growing up, preferably not inbred (0/5) 2 Alt Vines for freezing (S1/S2) (0/2) 5 Alt Undines, 2 for adults, 2 for gendered freezing, 1 for S1 freezing (0/5) BSAS: HIGH PRIORITY: Aeon Wyverns Vampires Magis Pinks Reds !!!! LOW PRIORITY: Purples Bolts Legendary Trio Zyumorphs COLLECTING Pillows Albinos Spirit Wards Vampires ALWAYS TAKING: Any unwanted hatchlings! (= Starred have preferences for freezing! FAVORED: Pygmies of any kind Vampire Hatchlings Albino Hatchlings Diamondwing Hatchlings Morphodrake Hatchlings Ochredrake Hatchlings Monarch Hatchlings * Daydream Hatchlings Ember Hatchlings * Honey Drake Hatchlings Tarantula Hawk Drake Hatchlings Azure Glacewing Hatchlings Spirit Ward Hatchlings Black Tea Hatchlings * Frostbite Hatchlings * Aegis Hatchlings
  4. Took the Black <3 Seems you didn't post the Undine hatchie link, though d: Thanks!
  5. couldn't help myself <3 gorgeous codes in the lineage! thanks so much!!!
  6. Took the gold and z-code shimmer! Hoping to continue their lineages, they're gorgeous x_x
  7. thanks! i also took the copper from t7d4nvs9 - thank you both!
  8. http://dragcave.net/lineage/j1FZc This is so pretty *___* Thanks Undomiel!
  9. http://dragcave.net/lineage/ubym4 Found this gorgeous 3G Dark Myst Pygmy with a pumpkin checker <3
  10. I, spencersmith, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.