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  1. Happy birthday Dragon Cave! I'm glad it's been yet another successful year, and it makes me happy to see more and more people joining each year. I hope this birthday is as enjoyable as every other, so to you, here's an invisible birthday cake. *hands a slice to everyone, or pie or whatever people like if they don't like cake*
  2. Echostorm

    The Wishlist

    My Wish Was Granted Dragon and Requirements: Gold, no requirements Link to lineage: [here] Gifter: Sylph264 Recipient: EchoStorm My Current Total: 0, gotta go gift now!
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    The Wishlist

    I Am Wishing Dragon and Requirements: Gold, no requirements Recipient: EchoStorm My Total Wish Points: 20 Total Cost of This Wish: 20
  4. Echostorm

    The Wishlist

    I would like to join Scroll name: [EchoStorm] Magi link: [shallow or Shimmering] PM link: [PM Link]
  5. hope ya don't mind I've still been stalking this, kekeke Teach me your ways oh mighty Spatio-Senpai. I love how people really good at art always flip out when people say their drawing's good, then they're all like "NO."
  6. Granted. You now have an unlimited amount of bacon sandwiches, however, they expire in less than two seconds. Have fun with that. I wish my anime would be continued.
  7. Holy crap they look awesome! *stalking the thread constantly now*
  8. It's fine, I'm sure I can find one soon enough. I'd take any egg as well, really. I can influence eggs to be female and male since I finally have one of each (well, two females), as well. ^^
  9. Here's my other I got recently: http://dragcave.net/lineage/9EXyO
  10. I'm ready for a hope egg if anyone has one as well, though I'm still poking around for a CB Pink that my hope will be mates with. (:
  11. If you like Japanese songs, I'd recommend Tabi no Tochuu, otherwise, a good song I like is Take my Hand by Simple Plan.
  12. I'll have to wait a bit anyways since I exchanged my bronze shimmer and 3g sunsong for eggs off my wishlist, but I'll let you know when I have space again. ^^
  13. "As you see kids, Octodad really stepped up his game when he hit the gym!" And I just didn't want to spam this thread, so I wasn't sure if I was able to just comment flat-out like that- and your art is perfect for designing characters! I bet if you sent in a character development application to any video game programmers, they'd probably pick yours off the bat.
  14. I don't know if this is semi-off-topic, but that sea creature you drew looks like it should belong in a video game or something. Seriously though, you should consider drawing things for developers, which'll get you quick money. reminds me of subnautica a bit- sorry if I'm fanboying over it.
  15. I wish to fight with the Targaryens! Forum name: Echostorm Scroll name/link: Echostorm (yes, I can make room easily) Preferred lineage (if any): Aegas and Tymas please (I love their names), but I'll also take Urzar and Ilysis otherwise. Number of eggs: (1 or 2) 2 please, so I can maybe join this as well. ^^
  16. I had actually given up on watching cartoon network until the show came out. To be honest, I thought it was going to be a dumb show at first until I started watching it, and then I started getting into it. Short-haired Amethyst really is adorable though, and I think she grew her hair out because of Greg, like you guys said.
  17. Yes. They also make for a really good hot spring- ignore any and all screams of pain and/or steam. Why is there a dino in my lair?
  18. perform a carameldansen skit. When life gives you peaches...
  19. They are especially more snobbish and superior than the rest of your dragons and will rule over your lair. What does CB mean?
  20. When the WWF can re-establish their habitat and are able to release them from captivity once more. What are breed-specific actions?
  21. Hi! My name is Echo, and I'm a dragon hoarder Scroll Name and Link: Echostorm PM Link: [here] Proof that you read the rules: Narwhal What list(s) do you want to be on? Gold, please Do you have a goal number of dragons you would like to shoot for, and if so how many do you already have? I have one out of ten golds. Other notes to say to your breeders: I don't mind if they're inbred, as long as I can breed them. I'd like it to be an even number between genders, so if I have 5 females or 5 males already, I'll either send it back or send it to someone else on the gold list. ^^ Otherwise, I'd keep some of their offspring and gift others- it'll be like a sort of charity, though I know how stubborn some golds can be.