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  1. Show off your work! Forum name: Sparta Lineages you made: Samo je jedno - Croatian foodball fan song; to celebrate the 2nd place in the World Cup 2018 Add to front page? sure Will you breed siblings for others if requested? yes
  2. bump I can offer a gift in return - a CB Ice
  3. I need: to erase an influence If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here - thanks! Thank you @purplehaze!
  4. It sure is! I didn't really know that was even possible (I haven't been very active for more than 2 years) How is it done?
  5. Influenced my egg for a lineage project wrong, but the egg has an amazing code (DaNtE) so I don't wanna abandon it. Still can't figure out how I could've made such a mistake.
  6. Do simple quotes (2nd gen) (like this) still count? Also, do songs in other languages count? I'm currently making a Croatian football-themed one to celebrate the second place in the world cup.
  7. THIS IS AMAAAZNIG THANKYOUUU!! *faints* I already set it as a wallpaper for my laptop, but I'll try to crop/resize it later for my avatar thank you again
  8. OH MY GAWD I didn't see that you drew the falconiform! *dies a bit on the inside* But it's so perfect The teeny tiny falcon is so cute! Thank you so much! *runs off to put the cutie in the sig*
  9. Uh, kinda hard to answer, I don't really have a favourite animal. For a long time snow leopards have been on the top, then dogs and horses, but I really actually like all of them. I am fascinated with everything living, their anatomy, life habits etc., and I could watch and study them anyday. When it comes to handling animals though, dogs and horses are the best to me, followed closely by snakes and rats. I wish to get myself a python soon, as well as a new tarantula
  10. I'm planning my future around the assumption that I will finish veterinary school to the highest degree possible and get a good job. Then I would like to establish a horse and dog rescue and become a horse/dog trainer. I'm already starting on preparing my property that I would use which I think is ideal, being quite huge and residing far enough from the town. We're still in building mode, but it's developing fast enough
  11. It's been really weird, looks like it will rain but feels dry and hot as hell, and I don't even know anymore.
  12. Wow, thank you SO much! The few of those actually came as a surprise for me, I thought they'd be more expensive, especially the hybrids, but that could as well be because I don't have them yet lol. And yes, I was thinking about Coppers, I still don't know the names of all the newish-ish dragons that well Huh, I got a Paper recently, coud've traded that one for some of the more common hybrids instead of a Gemshard. They actually proved to be really easy to catch, surprisingly. Another question; how much would a CB Golden Wyvern be worth in CB Gemshards? One, two? Or more?
  13. I got a question; since I haven't been active for a looong time here (and even got a new forum account since I deleted my old one, but luckily I still have my old scroll) I am kinda behind on all those new breeds, and it seems to me that the value of some dragons has changed as well. So I was wondering, how much are 2nd gen Avatars worth here? (not that I intend on trading those that I breed, mind me) Also, how much do people usually ask for CB Silvers nowdays? And CB Bronzes and Golden Wyverns (I need one GW for a lineage) Aaaand also 2nd gen Hellhorses, Soulpieces and Blunas, CB Blusangs and Nebulae? That's kinda a lot to answer, and I know that it mostly depends on the trader, but I was hoping of at least a general outline. I just wish to get back on track as soon as possible, and I really have a lot of catching up to do. It's already proving to be a huge work to collect everything I don't yet have, but I also want to get back to my previous plans on hoarding some breeds. I still have a very busy life, so I can't really stalk the trading threads a lot.
  14. Was just going to post this lol But also A Dog's Purpose. I cried and laughed and was awww all at the same time and my feelings were really out of control while reading it. But maybe it's because I usually cry really easily over books. Still this one has to be one of my favourites, if not THE favourite book.
  15. The stream was amazing! I look forward to another one You should post the results here, there were some pretty amazing sketches EDIT: I forgot how to grammar lol
  16. You got me for the color lol I actually didn't even notice it until you mentioned it, but yes, the blue Gemshard is my favourite lololol . I really like the red one as well though. The blue one wins just by a bit And OH MY GOD are your artz amazing! And all the stuff you have, you are so lucky! I can barely find a 4B pencil over here, let alone those awsome markers and so. And the closest Walmart is about half a planet away from me hahaha. That's why I usually just use a mechanical pencil for drawing, and even though I want to learn digital drawing, I can't afford myself a tablet :/ So be happy for what you have, knowing that there's a girl half a planet away from you that would die for those things Thank you so much again!
  17. omgg thank you THANK YOU sosososo much! I really appreciate your kindness <33 You don't need to hurry with it, finish your other projects first, I can wait (I'm not in THAT much of a hurry anyway lol, my skills with Paint are just good enough to know how to crop and resize a picture, so I do have at least some avatar ) aaaaaand I only now realized that I have to go RIGHT NOW or I'm going to miss my bus and be late for music school, but I'll write my request as soon as I get back :3 Thank you again! EDIT: so I'm back. I kinda can't decide between male Bluna, female Gemshard, or male Falconiform, so feel free to do any of those I'm only asking for one dragon, whichever you feel the most comfortable with, you can even make it in the form of those wallpapers if it's easier for you (I wouldn't mind having a backround as well, lol) but I just want it to look good when cropped and shrinked to avatar size . Please and thank you!
  18. I want one! Username: Sparta What you want me to draw: Male Falconiform, please? Position: If he could be flying/sitting/anything/whatever alongside a falcon? Emotion: Whetever floats your goat Extra: a falcon? Ref: Falconiform a falcon another one
  19. OH MY GAAAWD YOUR ART IS AWSUMZZ *falls apart* Since I'm back to the forums after a long time of absence I created a new account and started anew. I'm in a desperate need of a new avatar, though. Do you think you could possibly make one in the style of those awsumsauce wallpapers? I think it would look really amazing, but if you're not willing to make it that's okay. *shuffles away* It would also be cool to have a banner like that *shot*