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  1. Wow what a lovely surprise this Christmas!! I love the sound of being able to play past Christmas events. Oh I think of that one a few years back, Valkyrian Tales? XD Dragon Cave sure are the best at these events and everything really~
  2. Ahahaha I see! Funny how I never realised Yess that is awesome! Congrats
  3. Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all got some treats XD Can't wait to get some of the new Halloween dragons~
  4. Aww I always love the Dragon Cave events~ Wow that is amazing! Your pixel is so cute ahaha
  5. Woww I agree, they are all lovely ^W^
  6. Oohh can't wait to hatch a few of these new dragons XD
  7. Oh can't believe I just noticed the 'Halloween' section of the Dragon Cave biomes
  8. I Like it! Now to wait and see what they hatch into
  9. Yup gotta agree, I really love all of the Trick-or-treat sprites I think it would be nice if there was a master list of all the 49 sprites and the references and descriptions of each one ❤️ EDIT: And I also really love the Halloween story adventure. Reading the story and finding all the items is just the best experience, I always look forward to these events each year. Thank you so much Dragon Cave team. You are all amazing 🐲
  10. Wooohoo! Can't wait to see the new Halloween Dragons XD
  11. Interesting XD Love updates ohhh and that market sure seems cool~
  12. Woohooo a new release!! Thank you DragonCave team :)
  13. This is lovely~ Happy birthday Dragon Cave ^W^
  14. I, AshallynTallyn, solemnly swear that I will never viewbomb other players' dragons or add any eggs or hatchlings to any hatcheries without the owner's express permission. Wonder why people do this? I think this happened to me once, with a Paper dragon. It was fine and then when I checked back on it a few hours later, it was dead T_T
  15. Somehow all the event collectables that I click on come up with the 404 error and the easter page too. I'm not sure what's going on.