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  1. *Puts another soup bowl with mosquito in front of the person* Here, don't be jealous. Waiter, I have a sock in my soup!
  2. I know a boy named Kenric.. Don't know if it's mainstream x) And a woman named Miek. (In my country it would be either Mieke or just Mie, not Miek..)
  3. I'll keep track of this topic, I love scribbling in my sketchbook ^^ I have just started a new one, red hard cover, format A4 and the paper is thin, creamy colour.. I just love it, because my previous ones were similar, but dark green, blue and black. Oh and I think I've got a pile of little notebooks somewhere, not sure where
  4. I take the train to go to school, or just to go somewhere in the country. I like it though, I make my homework on it, I read or listen music. It's really fun when you're alone in a wagon c: It feels like the whole train is your privacy. Sadly I have to wake very early to get the right one, but what can you do about that
  5. Handy, thanks! Alright, I'll try there
  6. I need to thank three description reviewers, thanks to you, I could see the mistakes and change them GT, pg and a G Who are you to be so nice :3 I'd love to participate. I'm already reviewing anyway, but I'll add a little word to it so you can recognise me; I sign with Pyc
  7. I'm a romantic and it makes me a bit like a fool.. So, if the person I want to save with death as result, is the one I dearly love, but at the end it seems like the person hates me, I'd maybe save the person anyway. Because I'm stupid. But, as it was stated here before, I'd probably save a random child if it was in danger. Adults, probably not. But even if I have a romantic soul and see things like this, it doesn't mean I love people, because I don't x) I'd just save kids everywhere and save 2 other people I'd really die for. The others may try to save themselves, I don't want to sound rude, but come on, I have a more strong feeling of surviving than dying :B
  8. Pancakes with ithgs are ot to be eaten x) Type; Sign up to be the next door mandarine!
  9. I may edit this later as I go through the list :') For the moment, I really like; * The completed version of the Coral dragon * The Cotton dragon! * Chocolate tipped dragon * Saddleback Lindworm * Feathercrest Drake
  10. Water x Silver I still need to thank the breeder, it's lovely c:
  11. Cloudy and cold. From time to time, you get to see a bit of blue sky
  12. I, Poisony, agree that if it has a face, it has a name. I make the most random and longest names but I just feel the need to name them c:
  13. Poisony


    Cute cats everywhere ^^ I have to care for a black kitty for a little week until my friens (it's owner) comes back home. I have to say, instead of doing things who make sense, I've been playing all day with that little cat :3
  14. I'm born in September and saw only 12 voted.. It seems like 'we're' in a minority
  15. A shipping thread yesss Draco & Luna ~ Drarry ~ Destiel ~ Aang & Katara ~ Sokka & Toph :3 Very few (I might forget one or two) but I have a hard time already to follow those
  16. Poisony

    vocal range?

    I'm an alto, that's how they call it here. I don't know if it is higher or lower than contralto :\ Just as Qwackie said, I also sound as a man on the phone. But I sing regularly and I'm in a choir now, where they really appreciate low woman voice. They say it has something smooth and warm So not all low woman voice are 'bad'.
  17. http://www.xxpoisonsoldatxx.deviantart.com The thing I liked about the logo, was 'down the rabbit hole' you had to play around on the site, it was kind of cool But the logo itself? Meh.. I prefered Fella, but who are we to say that to the staff :')
  18. Poisony


    I've been to festivals before (Like Sfinx Festival, Esperanza and other mini things) But the real concert I had was from Owl City (it was awesome!) and since I do listen to all kind of music, I also went to classical music concerts but don't know the names.. This year I'm going for Our Last Night Who's familiar with them?
  19. My 'first four' were a Balloon, a Green dragon, Neotropical and a Skywing. (My daydream came shortly after it) I still like the neotropical dragons though c: