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Poisony, Poison or Pyc in the reviews ;B Ze Scroll If it has a name, it has a face.. Take the oath too!

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    Hi there, I am Poisony. My real life nickname is Cam.
    I am currently working on a blog for my dragon cave. But it's still a W.I.P. :p

    *For the moment I am not searching for trades or breedings, so please don't ask for it, thank you.
    I do search for some dragons to complete my dragon encyclopedia. What I am searching for are the eggs, mostly from the Albino Dragon, the Shallow Water Dragon, the Black Capped Teimarr Dragon, the Hellhorse dragon, the Arsani dragon, the Blusang Lindwurm, the Duotone dragon and the Silver dragon.
    Send me a PM with the LINEAGE link to the egg I specify. If you send me a hatchling or an adult, I will simply ignore the message. *

    But thank you for helping though c:

    Have any questions? Don't be shy - I don't bite (promise)