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  1. Actually that sounds like a great idea, make like a little graph of how they Respect, Love, or hate each other. This is more like different families and not a single lineage. So it not bad to do that.
  2. @Drolline Can you explain how to get into a dynasty? I read the rules, but it still confused me.
  3. @Droiline Whenever you see this, you should change spirit ward's name to Jingshen, which is Chinese for Spirit
  4. @Droiline No I don't think so, but you can always track this forum. Awesome! Does that mean my Purples are accepted?
  5. So, I have two purple dragons that are cave bred. My Scroll
  6. Before I join, I do want to know... Can you add names for one more dragon? I have a Golden Wyverns (It's lineage is pretty fine, they have 1 child, and the parents are Cave Born) So it would be really cool if I can add in my Golden Wyverns (If not, I'm fine with it. No problemo)
  7. Well speaking of Updates UPDATES Clya is now a artist/mod since she has been such a great supporter. We will no longer be giving ranks out, it will stay as a regular breeding thing (Not to cause arguments and having a locked thread for being off topic) We are now hiring more artist and mods. (Doesn't mean you don't have to stop making more banners!) New event going on soon called Christmas Strike. (Begins Dec. 5)
  8. I don't think they're manually abandoning it. It might be from breeding way too many polars and afterwards the ones that can't fit get automatically abandoned or they just aren't keeping track of how many eggs/hatchlings they have and breed polars. Either way mass-production is but isn't good.
  9. The cave is being Mean to me. It won't let me get a Cassare egg. So for the week or something i'll sit around doing absolutely nothing. Until I find a soul-mate for my newly caught magi
  10. I am so stubborn >.< Any way I must contuine you m search and try some time next week or in a matter of 2-6 Weeks. And I also made a small joke out of it since everyone said it was so hard to get a egg.
  11. Also I have some good good news! The anti-magic lost this battle and Magi was bred. Anyone want the extremely rare magi egg?
  12. I'm going to try this one more time now that my Cassare is a fully dragon I want to become a breeder! Username: TheDragonofGold Pm link:PM Scroll link:Dragonizer4 Breeding pair: Cassare and Magi Other:
  13. Sorry about the missing eh, claim. I'm currently in the hospital over a severely broken leg but the next one you send over to me shall be good to go. Edit: Well awesome I found one!
  14. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_18 Born on the same day the Battle of Lexington and Concord took place later than a F4 tornado in Missouri later than a earthquake in San Frasisco on the same day the first Champions day, also the longest professional baseball game was played, also a avalanche on Mt. Everest, Invention day also happens on that day
  15. No you should have them. And plus I have a few
  16. I can give you a pair of Pinks they influence still (They never changed) But i always think that Flamingoes dominate
  17. Mine is getting the perfect bred dragon. Seems a geode is just too hard
  18. Since we have dinos now... It makes completely no sense whatsoever to not have a Dino Cave game... I already see the basic site (The April Fools Prank one) But I think it should actually have the site up and running. Having the controls of dragon cave. I find it totally fair to have coders and a forum up and running. Since the main site is just about completed all we need is some coders
  19. New Offspring[/color][/size][/font] Scroll:Here Dragon: Cadet Shadow and Cadet Foundation Dragons Link: Cadet Shadow Cadet Foundation Offspring (Egg Species): None Password: Diamond They aren't a perfect pair... :'( It'll end in a refusal... Need someone to breed a white for me
  20. Well Good luck... Emm... Still waiting for my male hatchling to grow
  21. Username: TheDragonofGold Name: Average Darkish Age: 23 (Dragon age?) Appearance: (Are alts allowed?) A black alt that has scrapes and bruises that are purple and blue Personality: He is a smart dragon but he hates all humans of all his might. Cares for other dragons Powers: Darkness Wave, Black Shards Opinion of Humans: They are disgusting. They use dragon as pets and they take care of us less than their Wildstock. They are cruel things and only think about their own kind Likes: He likes taking care of other sickly dragons and beating the bad
  22. Stelluna has it! Also this is a close to checker or/and Staircase
  23. No it's just an idea Averule you're accepted