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  1. About to post more pics. (Maybe, depends if I ever feel like making more progress on the throne room and not on other rooms cause I'm being lazies>>) Also, I've been debating making this particular map into a server, but with the mods I'm...iffy.
  2. This particular pic was taken outside, after I had found out about the wonders of MCE Edit, several days after I had built almost half this castle...would have been helpful << In-Game Picture of the front of the castle A Peek into what will be the Library, view is from the Greenhouse/Personal Garden when I'm too lazy to go exploring outside. Oh hello Mr. Pig, wut choo doin' in my Greenhouse silleh billeh -- One Porkchop Dinner later, we've made it to the Throne Room in Progress. And yes, it's made of what you think it is. And here is the near complete great
  3. Pokemon White in the Right hand Pokemon Black in my Left Minecraft on my computer screen Pokemon Ranch on my TV.
  4. I think it was Sonic 2. Used to think the Game was based off the TV Show. I was a dumb kid ;
  5. *Resurrects!* Just got the game about a week ago, used to play classic -- Started to work on a massive project recently...is it ok to post pictures, ooor..?
  6. Listen closely when you're holding one during the test where Glados gives you a companion cube and promptly blasts it to oblivion.
  7. I love this game! And I now want Wheatley's Voice Actor to make books on tape, I could listen to him for days X3 Honestly, I think that either A. Caroline is still alive, is back in control, and that she lied about being deleted. Mostly so Chell wouldn't go back to the center and try to get her out of the GlaDOS and so she could move on with her life. Or B. Caroline is in the Companion Cube, perfectly fine. Considering if you pick up the Other Companion Cubes in the game and they play music, who's to say that if you pick that one up, Caroline can speak through it. Also, I firml
  8. I think you just gave the answer...
  9. Caught my first one... Small question, has there, or has there not been an extension?
  10. ..Never thought of that. In fact, that would work a lot better. I already have a full dex, so there's a BUNCH I don't need... ...And I could always re-breed anything after I'm done storing the legendaries, and re-breed them better with the ditto! 8D
  11. No, no, you don't understand. I USED all the boxes. Fun little thing they don't tell you. After you catch every single pokemon in existence, you are only left with 2 boxes and 14 spaces in one box. One's filled with Ditto of every nature with a few spaces left over, the others I don't wish to give up/are legendary.
  12. ..Well this is a sticky widget ._. I have two boxes of legendaries that I need to transfer from Black to White since I'm restarting that game I have less than a box worth of space TT_TT Where the heck is the ranch for this gen, I NEED IT. DX
  13. Well that's stupid T_T Plus, Eevee with the dream world ability don't even exist in the regular DW...
  14. You know, In retrospect... If the Evolved form of the Eeveelutions you get are female... Won't the Eevee you breed from them all have the dream world ability, making it possible to have ALL the special Eeveelutions?
  15. When it comes to me, I breed them the nature I want... Then again, I'm the one who spent several days running in circles collecting ditto so...
  16. Small question. Does using Action Replay have any effect on your game file when it comes to the dream world? I was debating buying one, but I don't want to risk it...
  17. Well, look at it this way. Imagine you have a Gavantula which is made of win and awesome because of Compound and the Accuracy boost that comes with it. (+30%) Now imagine that you attach a Wide Lens to it. That's an extra 10% right there. Now imagine a Victini in your Party which, due to it's ability, is ANOTHER 10%. You get the right Gavantula, it's not awesome, it's MURDER.
  18. Indeed... I know that Gravity and Smack Down are two, And I know that Brongzong has Gravity and Torturga has Smack down, which is why I'm going to teach it Crunch, Flamethrower and either Thunderbolt or Wild Charge. The problem is that two of them are special and the other two are physical =/
  19. ... *names her that* EDIT! Working breeding a good Tynamo, but I don't know the best nature for one, or what I should EV Train it. =/ One part of me wants to dump everything in Attack/Sp. Attack, the other wants to put it in Speed/ HP, a Third part wants me to dump everything in Defense, and a Fourth wants HP/Defense and GAAAAH @_@
  20. Alright, I'm having an issue... On April 7th, I Bred a female Modest Deino. On April 8th, I EV trained her with Pokerus and a Macho Brace, then evolved her to Hydreigon. On April 9th, She Almost Single-handedly swept the Single Train BY HERSELF. (with the assistance of a Hitmonchan and a Blastoise, non EV trained). Today, She's almost at 100 after beating the Elite 4 several times over, again, mostly by herself, with a Lucky Egg. The Problem? ...I can't think of an awesome name for her cause "Awesome Sauce" doesn't fit :<
  21. I...have no idea o-o I guess? It does operate in the evenings..
  22. Got it... ok, uuumm... Anyone get on the Royal Unova yet?
  23. Did anyone else freak out when the sound director started up a certain song after you visit the Game Freak Building after beating the game? I halfway expected some sort of building takeover, scared me half to death...
  24. Gah, I can't get onto Wi-Fi and I had TONS of eggs I wanted to give away, PLUS Ditto I still need to give to people Also, what's a good nature to give a Hydrigeon?
  25. DONE. I just caught a Cyronogal like 5 minutes ago, I have every single pokemon again! 8D