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  1. Best time for my eggs to hatch The eggs look sooooooo amazeing thumbs up for them
  2. I fanaly got all of the eggs I love them so much especially the steven universe reference and limbo reference
  3. So I was thanking of basilisk so Species: basilisk Apereance: serpent like Diet: any thing plants or animals mostly carnivorous Hight: 4 to 5 feet long tail included Description: uses magic to pertrefy prey and will consume it as it is still alive and has a extremely toxic saliva that kills in seconds but can be tamed usually from the egg they have large fethers on head some species have horns and even hoods like that of a cobra they are very tolerable Of others in there land but will usually hunt alone
  4. Hey I have been trying to grab an egg but it won't let me
  5. I just thought of this and had to say something what if the plated egg is two different colors like one male and female are light green and the other two are dark green pair