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  1. Ahhhh I have been waiting for the Mistras for so long!! I fell in love with them when I first saw them in requests. I don't like some of the color choices for the redesign, seems like a bit too much green to me but they are still beautiful nonetheless! Can't wait to make a lot of new lines with them ^^
  2. This is absolutely amazing, Tabs! Love the super big derp worm!
  3. These sprites are the best fun I've had in quite a while! I especially love the Siyats. I really wish that could be their real pose! Alas, one can only dream ❤️
  4. Yep! A-OK for me on Firefox, logged in and no issues since Thanks DC Team! You all rock!
  5. Nope, I went to the main Dragon Cave front page and tried to login from the sidebar. It still leaves me on the same page there, too. :( And thanks about the sig! I spent quite a lot of time on it, but it is aging. I need to make another one soon! There are so many more pretty breeds I'd love to add! The moving sprite is an awesome work of Rathian, done by Riserae on Patreon! She's crazy talented. We can talk more on it via PM if you'd like, too~ But yes. Same issue on both browsers I believe, but just different browsers, so it looks different. Some sites don't quite work correctly on my Chrome, since it's actually a custom browser called Vivaldi. My Firefox is standard and up to date, though.
  6. Still the same error for me. Cleared everything again, on both Chrome/Firefox However, I just tried on mobile Firefox on my phone, and it works there. It appears to be an issue with browser clients.
  7. I'm having a similar error, but it seems to be with logging in? I mainly use Firefox for DC but when I login, it just shows a blank screen. I tried clearing cookies/cache but it has the same result. I can access the site when I'm not logged in on Firefox though, but as soon as it logs in it fails to load. I tried Chrome and looked at my public scroll which is still there, but logging in does nothing (submitting the form just clears the username/password blanks and leaves me on the same page) Not sure what is going on, but it seems to be really weird.
  8. I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: SapphireRyu Forum name: Sapphire Ryu Birthday: 8/31 Revised List: 1. CB Gold 2. 3G SA from any Blue Rosebud or Blue Radiant Angel, without including Black RA's or Sweetlings 3a. 3G PB Soulpeace, all named parents, preferably from your own local Whites & Daydreams 3b. 4G SA from any Blue Rosebud or Blue Radiant Angel, without including Black RA's or Sweetlings 4a. 4G PB Soulpeace, all named parents, preferably from your own local Whites & Daydreams 4b. Any Soulpeace, lineage does not matter ^^
  9. @natli You are very welcome! So glad you found him and that he went to a great home.
  10. I received a gift via TGT Gift report: kickthepeejay -> Sapphire Ryu: Soulpeace egg Am I on that list? Yes Do I need/wish to be removed? No How was the gift offered? Via PM Thank you again!
  11. I Would Like to Update My List!Scroll name: SapphireRyuForum name: Sapphire RyuBirthday: Aug 31Revised List:1. 2G or 3G Gold Shimmer (non stair)2. Any 3G from H o l y (blue Radiant Angel), preferably a White3a. Any "purebred" 3G or higher Soulpeace (whites/daydreams only at base). Most wanted!3b. Risensong from F Sunsong4a. Soulpeace4b. Sunrise Other: Anything from my wishlist would be great too, thank you!
  12. I absolutely can't wait for World. It stunned me at the Sony E3 and I've been hyped about it ever since. I can't wait for no loading screens between areas! I do hope they fix Rathalos' tail though, in the demo it looks strange... like it's being strung along by his body instead of being part of his body. Been playing 4U recently to finally finish the story but hit a brick wall, so I'm focusing on relearning my weapon. Haven't been doing enough combos so I kept having to abandon to avoid timing out on any quest that counts towards progression. Long road ahead, but worth it.
  13. Honestly I'm a supporter of both. Discord is feature-rich and enables some people to connect through chat that otherwise wouldn't want to, and IRC can stay as the option for anyone who's fine with things as they are. Discord is gaining popularity rapidly, particularly for anyone who likes games, and seeing as Dragon Cave is a web-based adoptables game, I could see it fitting in nicely. Bots work on both IRC and discord, and would serve the same purpose on both fronts. On top of all that, having a discord would also increase Dragon Cave's visibility and easily draw in new users, along with possibly providing additional ways for others to become involved in helping DC by moderating the discord. It could be a testing ground for new mods for the forums, and provide another place for artists to chat, especially the ones who already use discord heavily. I don't see a lot of negatives other than the initial effort to set it up and assign 2-4 long term staff members.
  14. Yes, it says Cave as the biome. Pic incoming Ninja'd D:
  15. Yeah, at this point your best bet is to use complex variations of passwords/phrases such as "Ilike7kitties" and just change things about it, then document the changes in shorthand in a google doc. (Ex. actually write down "il7k" in the doc.)That's what I do these days, it's the only way I can remember everything. I personally would never trust a password manager, those can be hacked like anything else. Perhaps so. I remember not allowing the script in the past, but DC acted strange in some ways without it, so I allowed it. I also do not see ads, so maybe it's something related to them in the background.
  16. Well, I don't know if the forums or Invision Power Boards use cloudflare, but I do know for sure that Dragon Cave itself does: That's a screenshot of my NoScript dropdown showing scripts currently allowed. So, yeah
  17. I am hearing particularly serious news going around now that Cloudflare has had a serious security leak due to a bug in their code regarding proxy info, and said info (including passwords) was cached by any site that uses web crawlers or other common functionality. Everyone is strongly recommending that people change their passwords on any site that uses cloudflare (millions do, including DC DC does not, TJ confirmed below.) and to enable two-factor authentication on any accounts critical to you. Should there be an official announcement about this, since it affects all DC users and could potentially affect their security? Here's a preliminary site list on github: https://github.com/pirate/sites-using-cloudflare This is the official Cloudflare report: https://blog.cloudflare.com/incident-report...are-parser-bug/ Stay safe, everyone, and I'd say change passwords just in case!
  18. I am on discord constantly, and it is much easier for me than IRC is. I would say discord is largely becoming the standard for online game based chats, by and large. That's not to say that IRC is any less useful than it was, but a much larger proportion of younger people and newer members, I would imagine, will primarily be using discord. The biggest convenience is the fact that it has its own standalone client, syncs across devices smoothly, channels are easy to customize and organize, and the interface is very intuitive. It has an overlay feature if you are currently in-game, as well. There is so much you can do with it, much more than IRC. I essentially use it exclusively for all my non email/text communication, with only one exception- Dragon Cave irc. Everything else I play has a discord server already, including Pokemon, Smash, and even my own college has a discord for computer science majors. Imo, I highly support it. Whether or not it will ever be official, I hope to be able to join such a server and collaborate with DC players who are also using discord.
  19. 2G PB green Gemshard from red Gem x green Gem! Please treat it well! <3 https://dragcave.net/teleport/62f68bebf1f19...bdd8c36d59568fe Thanks for posting, capeta! ^.^
  20. A dragon swoops by and looks at you quizzically. "Oh, you look a little empty! Would you like a little warm pink, baby to cheer you up? If you're still sad, there's plenty more where that came from." Maybe there's even a third, if you can find out where it's hiding! All gone! ^^
  21. I took... like... 8 or 9. I may give some of them back to the thread later after I take a look at them! Thank you so much!!!
  22. I took this pretty! It will be named and very loved, thank you!!
  23. Thank you so much! I took this one, it will be named and very loved!
  24. I took the Soulpeace! Thank you so so much!! I absolutely love Soulpeaces, especially PB's
  25. OMG this is amazing! Omg I love this, LOL! To be honest, that fits my personality a lot. Once I overthink things, I get too clumsy to do anything. Thank you so much! It's lovely and I really love the colors and details and just everything! Thank you again!! ^.^ ^.^