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pronouns: call me they (not he or she), here's a helpful guide. scroll: Ayame. started playing in 2008. pm me if you want me to breed any of my dragons for you. wishlist/seeking: looking for owners of cb cavern lurkers to continue this spiral. pm me if interested.

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    i'll breed pretty much any dragon on my scroll. pm me your requests.

    i have a caveborn frilled dragon (♀).

    here are my caveborn holiday dragons for your convenience.

    christmas: yulebuck (1 ♂), winter magi (1 ♂), wrapping wing (1 ♂), mistletoe dragon (2 ♀).
    valentine's: heartseeker (1 ♂), radiant angel (2 ♂), heartstealing dragon (2 ♀),
    halloween: cavern lurker (1 ♀ 1 ♂).