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  1. Please keep the discussion on the actual topic. Any further edits will be warned for. So do you mean that a guy that was all for trashing Roe vs Wade on 2011 (on Fox News of all things) became a defender on 2016 of the rights of women? Doesn't that look convenient? Doesn't that look like a guy that would say all and everything to get votes? How is he any different from any other candidate? Just in case all this was missed relative to the emails: The DNC had no role or authority in primary contests, which are run by state governments. Clinton dominated the primaries. The DNC, through state parties, had a bit more influence over caucuses … where Sanders dominated Clinton. So how did the DNC rig the election? Or did the DNC rig the election to favor Sanders? I do not believe that Gary Johnson changed his opinion. He said what the people listening to Fox News wanted to hear at the time. He will say whatever he thinks will get him votes now. There's no consistency, there are no strong beliefs, just convenient turncoat.
  2. Take it to PM. Oh I would. Pity that you decided to block my PMs. How would that work?
  3. Really? 5 May, 2011: Johnson speaking at the Fox News Republican Presidential Debate in Greenville, South Carolina “Judges should be appointed who will interpret the Constitution according to its original meaning. Any court decision that does not follow this original meaning of the Constitution should be revisited. That is particularly true of decisions such as Roe vs. Wade, which have expanded the reach of the Federal government into areas of society never envisioned in the Constitution. With the overturning of Roe vs Wade, laws regarding abortion would be decided by the individual states.” ETA: By the way. SockPuppetStrangler gave me a warning because I dared to say that you are not looking at facts, aka drinking kool-aid. It must be so great to have a mod silencing different opinions.
  4. Really? I'm not disagreeing with your opinion or insulting you. I'm stating that your opinion has nothing to do with FACTS: The DNC had no role or authority in primary contests, which are run by state governments. Clinton dominated the primaries. The DNC, through state parties, had a bit more influence over caucuses … where Sanders dominated Clinton. So how did the DNC rig the election? Or did the DNC rig the election to favor Sanders?
  5. You're assuming that the DNC could have "rigged" the election. Actually it could not. And wherever DNC had more influence, Bernie won. And are we talking about the same Gary Johnson that stated that insurers should not be required to provide birth control, that corporate income tax should be eliminated, that each state should decide on abortion etc. etc. Great guy. NOT.
  6. Good conversation, an eye-opener. Some members seem to think that they will be able to make the place more enjoyable. That's very nice. It would also look like those same people think that the admin is doing enough. I've no problem accepting that point of view. Frankly, I'm not as committed as those members are and this forum does not feel like a place that I would wish to invite any friends to join. @StormBirdRising I agree 100%. Rubyshoes is/was a great mod, the type of mod others should strive to be. I hope she will be back.
  7. I'm a "flaming liberal" and I believe that, thanks to those ridiculous (thanks Sarah Silverman!) "Bernie or Bust" people - I'm wondering if they are being paid by Trump, for sure they don't seem to respect Bernie - Trump will be elected and we will have 4 years of deep ..... We should do our best to persuade Michelle to run for President on 2020.
  8. @StormBirdRising: Sorry but you're ignoring the facts. I'm choosing to link to an article on the WSJ snce it is not a liberal or leftist newspaper. http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-mythical-c...rime-1436916798 Bold mine.
  9. Agreed. I don't see any reason why players that started years ago should have any advantage over people that started yesterday. "Old" players already have a bunch of advantages. To link "starting points" to years in DC stinks of self-interest. If the fear is that new players will not be able to take care of eggs, a Bronze trophy would be enough of a limit. Frankly, the multi-scroll scare is nothing but a scare. If someone wants to cheat, they will, new or old players likewise. And the Bronze trophy limit would help on that. Furthermore, if people think that others are cheating, they have an easy solution: report. Edited: misunderstanding.
  10. I joined the site because I was told that it was one of the best adoptables sites. Nowadays, it seems to cater mostly to a specific playing style: breeder. When people that have a different playing style, in particular collectors, ask for more and more frequent releases, the comments opposing those requests tend to be by breeders i.e. "I've ongoing lineage projects, no time for a new release."That does not mean that I value one style more than another, just that there are conflicting objectives. The outcome, for myself and for the majority of the friends that left the site in the last six months, is that there isn't a lot to do. The forum gives the possibility of suggesting changes but when the changes do not happen, what else is out there for someone like me? I'm still around because I'm a hoarder of very specific sprites so I don't feel as bored as collectors do. And I like the forum and I always hope things will be better and something new and exciting will happen soon.
  11. Or "get a life" to anybody that says anything aka "complains"... bah
  12. Yeah, there's a lot of negativity: if someone dares to post about a situation, immediately there's someone else posting personal attacks.
  13. Well... it would look like the majority of the posters is perfectly okay with the status quo, that they don't find that anything quieted down, no revival is needed and everything is going wonderfully. Great.
  14. Thanks for moving it. Still persuaded that's an acceptable compromise.
  15. But but but ... we did: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=165845&hl= Edited:and we suggested the store as well https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=165916 We really tried suggesting a bunch of things but they did not get implements. That's why I say that all is in TJ's hands.
  16. I'll believe that sarcasm was intended when/if StormBirdRising posts that. So far, reading the latest and the previous posts, I don't. But... you know... everybody got the right to have an opinion.
  17. I really, really like the idea of silent releases. And I'm all for mini-games
  18. @AGYK There was no release on September 2015. Considering the stingy approach so far (i.e. no June 2016 release, while there was the magnificent release of Xenos on June 2015) I'm not holding my breath. If TJ was to sell DC to someone else, why would that someone ruin it? That sounds quite absurd, people tend to protect their investments. I bet a new owner would do as much as possible to woo us and to make our experience as enjoyable as possible. At least on the short and medium term. Considering how the short and medium terms look right now, that would be an improvement. Frankly, maybe TJ will, before DC hemorrhages all the value.
  19. Yeah, let's discuss about this on September. Because, not only I don't give a leaf about Go but the DC players I know don't either. Add the fact that I'm in Florida and no sane teen+ will be out and about under the unforgiving sun and humidity.
  20. Do you know who is keeping this forum alive? Vhale, Clya and others with their lotteries. Other generous people with their gifts on the Departures thread. Socks and a bunch of others with useful mass-breeding - and I'm not a fan of massbreeding. Herk and many others breeding beautiful lineages to the AP. I could go on and I'm sure that I didn't reference a bunch of deserving players. But, if was not for them, this forum would be beyond any hope of resurrection.
  21. Hardworking, honest and very shrewd businessman? Are we talking about the same Donald Trump that brags about FOUR business bankruptcies within 25 years ? The same Trump that left behind non-paid employees, contractors and other debtors while receiving copious amounts for himself? He will do the same with the USA. Bankrupt it and leave everybody behind to pick up the mess while he walks away richer than before. Save the nation? What a joke.
  22. You're right. The drop is noticeable. I did not like the raffles but I dislike even more that no mechanism was put in place to replace them. I didn't like that we got no information at all on the subject. I felt like we, the players, didn't count. Often I think that TJ is not too interested on the site anymore. It will keep going as long as there are players and as long as there are artists willing to "produce" beautiful sprites. And that a certain point, the site will die of "natural death". I saw that happening on other gaming-related sites. They just became slower and slower. Another worrisome sign is what is going on with the hatcheries: they used to be quite vibrant too, it was dangerous to put young eggs on them. Nowadays, if you put a normal (not a "lazy" Prize, avatar etc.) egg only in one of the busiest ones when it is just caught or laid off, it does not hatch until it is 3d6h or such. You're right also about the lack of "advertising"... but lack of enthusiasm is a contributing factor. As you say, I'll keep playing until is possible and until I still remember of checking myself. Weeks ago, for the first time since I started, I realized I hadn't checked my scroll for days. Now I've "check scroll" on my daily to-do list Like a reminder to do laundry ^^This.
  23. I've been noticing the same... For example with the July release. 28 pages of comments on the News topic. Someone said that was due to vacations etc. But on July 2015, there were 68 pages. Reasons... I do not know. But I heard a lot. Three of my DC friends, one of them the person that brought me here, told me something that sounded like "I kept checking for new releases ad getting disappointed to the point that I decided that I did not care anymore. In fact, now I don't." Several other friends were disappointed by the birthday. While happy about the Frills and Arias and by the extra day not being added anymore on the AP, the common feeling was "That's it? 10th Birthday and that's all we get? What about suggestions/requests with high consensus that have been around for quite a while?" Myself, I'm quite less addicted than I used to. The forum is sleepy to say the least. Not just the trading area. Suggestions/requests used to be quite more vibrant but why should people waste their time posting when so little gets implemented? The feeling I get is that many "veterans" lost interest and that's normal (time goes by, people find other interests) but the issue is that there's really nothing around to excite new players. I would not say that the forum is dying but for sure it is quite ... comatose. Editing to answer to "what can we do": We cannot. That's on TJ's hands. To state the obvious: - Implement suggestions, in particular the ones with high consensus - Release new sprites often - Add games like "mana" The fact is that many new players are "lured in" by existing players. But if the existing players are not very enthusiastic to start with, why should they invite others?
  24. I had so hoped that Kasich would be chosen as Republican nominee. I'm not a Republican but the guy sounded like the most reasonable Republican candidate.
  25. The majority of the people I know intend to not vote at all, many for a 3rd candidate. I'm predicting that Trump will win thanks to that. Oh well... ETA: The most terrifying part is that he will have all the powers. The military. Both House and Senate. The majority in the Supreme Court. I can't even imagine what he will be doing with all those powers. First all, all the petty revenges on his adversaries, including judges dealing with the processes he is involved on. Replacing every civil servant with his "own people"... If we think Mussolini and Hitler were bad...