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  1. I'll be honest when I first saw the adults I thought 'what?'. Not a fan of these as a Christmas dragon tbh. I think it's the over all style that's putting me off...as I've never been a huge fan of 'cute' dragons. One of the few times I prefer the hatchlings over the adults
  2. 1: Solstice (either color) 2: Snow Angel (white > gold > tri) 3: Snow Magi 4: Yule bucks 5: Wrapping wings 6: Ribbon Dancer 7: Holly
  3. I started with the default message, but then switched to various cat related ones .
  4. Wow...the global bar is nearly full already.
  5. Ooooh...I really like the global bar for today. *starts shooting presents with kitty bows at random people*
  6. Lol, I managed to snag one of the new eggs before the egg sprite was fully uploaded to the server . Merry Christmas everyone!
  7. I mentioned in the event thread that I liked both versions. Since I'm not much of a lineage builder, the change doesn't really bother me in that regard (if anything, it drove me to get two breed ones to allow to grow up ). 'Sides, the one lineage for them I did decide to start works better with the blue winged version anyway (Solstice x Falconform).
  8. I normally don't keep/do holiday x holiday pairings...but I'll make an exception when one of them is a spriter's alt! http://dragcave.net/lineage/YSfA8
  9. What if they alternate each year? As in: 1st year - sunset wings 2nd year - blue wings 3rd year - sunset wings etc. That may be too complicated though...
  10. I like both here, so it doesn't matter to me either way
  11. I won't know if the one I caught (that I will allow to grow up that is) will be the same for at least another day unfortunately
  12. Caught this 2g holly a few days ago http://dragcave.net/lineage/7Zj2P
  13. I found another one... Blue winged Solstice
  14. And this one, fully unlocked me for NDs. Thanks!
  15. Just putting in that I finally got the new homepage. I agree with some other's: it's too cramped. I think making the news section smaller would help with that, as right now, the size of it seems to 'overwhelm' the rest of the page, if you understand what I mean.
  16. We currently have two cats, which are strictly indoors. I'd love to (try) to take them outside on a harness/leash, but there's no way I'd risk it. Not after a neighbors cat was killed by two roaming dogs in our yard last year.....
  17. I 'had' the chickens done...but after the update I now need 80 more chicks. Bah. I am happy though that I only need 47 more ND hatchies *was over a hundred before the update*
  18. I have (M16s when in the military and a 22 cal pistol afterward), never enjoyed it, even at paper targets. Now...bows and arrows...that's another story. I'm far more comfortable with that then a gun, though I've only used practice arrows on paper targets so far.
  19. Heh, this update finished off three of the breeds I had left to fully unlock (aside from holiday ones). Just need to finish the NDs now... Thanks TJ!
  20. Filled up with the number I wanted. Happy Halloween everyone and good luck!
  21. Perhaps. IE 11 here (yeah, yeah, I know what a lot of folks will say. I've had no issues using IE...ever).
  22. I can adapt, but the action page with the default skin still has issues: There needs to be a some space between the two columns... Bottom one with the adult is kind of amusing as it 'almost' makes sense .
  23. While I don't like the set up of the new action page, I am not having any trouble using said actions. I block ads via the HOSTS file, just to give folks another option for blocking ads that won't cause other issues (more info here on what the HOSTS file does). Only negative to it I know of is that you can't 'whitelist' a site to allow for ads.
  24. Managed to get two of each color after dumping a couple of extras. Just need to influence....