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  1. I'm down with this. More choice is always good. Especially if CB prizes are available as 'buying' option. I've always hated the idea of CB prizes only being available through a game of chance (raffle). It never should have happened, imo...and I would like the site to start moving away from that precedence.
  2. Anyone else keep clicking that first link in hopes the 'sorry' message was a mistake?
  3. I agree with your last sentence 110%. Exclusives being released through something like this was never a good idea....
  4. Ya know...the increase in winners only seem to make losing that much more crushing. I was all neutral the whole time we were waiting, but now I feel really depressed. Gods, it's just a pixel dragon! Why is this affected me so much!?
  5. Dammit...I'm a loser again....
  6. I must not check my email. I must not check my email. I must not check my email. I must not check my email. I must not check my email. *checks it*
  7. A number of people are asking for clarification in the thread about it. So I was giving my opinion on IF there was no custom codes this time.
  8. I have a question mark by that one, as it's still unclear if we will have that option or not.
  9. Drastic increase in winners = Thumbs up CB Prizes not tradable = Thumbs up No new prize dragon = Thumbs up No HM = meh No custom codes (?)* = meh That exclusive dragons are still being given out for this in general = Thumbs down Can't have everything, I guess. Still, it's an improvement.... *double checks her email and crosses her fingers* Edit: *We don't have clarification on whether or not we will have that option yet. I honestly don't care either way.
  10. I can live with this. Nice and simple. Still prefer other suggestions overall though, due to lack of impact on my playstyle
  11. Are you suggesting giving a prize dragon per how many dragons you rise? (sorry, your post is very hard to understand). If so...no. That goes into affecting individual playstyles, namely those that limit the number of dragons per breed on their scroll.
  12. Pretty much the only way I am 'active' is the same way other players are...I just do much LESS of it. I can't stand sitting on the AP or Biome for hours at a time hitting F5 repeatedly, for instance. I typically go there for a few minutes to see if there's anything interesting, then go do something else on the internet. I may do this once a day, a few times, or not at all for many days. I do have spikes of activity during new releases, especially Holiday events. Often, once I got what I wanted, I pick up ER eggs from the AP to hatch and abandon again (or freeze/release if they are inbred). Guess you could say, I am active in 'spurts' more than anything else...and I don't have any ideas to mitigate that problem unfortunately, as it relates directly to my personal interests. Frankly, I think anything done to make it more 'fair' for me, would only give the more 'active' players an even greater advantage.
  13. The only problem I see with this idea (and it's a big one to me) is that this would may make it difficult for those that have specific scroll goals. Me, for instance, with some exceptions, I only collect four of each breed (2 male, 2 female) and then a frozen hatchling of each stage. I already have the quota for most dragon breeds (rarer breeds I'm still working on, while other's I refuse to let onto my scroll at all). On top of that (and mostly because of it)I don't breed often, typically only hunt when looking for breeds I'm missing, or for a new release. Thus, I wouldn't appear as 'active' as other players, simply because my playing goals are different than others. I would be at a disadvantage and forced to change my playstyle to get these. Unless points are retroactively applied for effort already done...and well, seeing how the Encyclopedia was done, I doubt that will happen.
  14. *looks for the damn LIKE button* darn it...*stamps AGREE instead* I am also with her regarding the raffle in general: it was a bad idea over all. If exclusive dragons were never in the picture as prizes (namely the Tinsels and Shimmers), I wouldn't be so bitter about it. That said...Tinsels and Shimmers NEED to be in this store if it happens! It would be a step in the right direction to fix the problems they caused.
  15. Just want clarification on this part, especially the bolded. By cycle out do you mean 'retired' (no longer available period), if so, then no...hell no. If they do come back eventually, though, then that's fine.
  16. I never liked it. It doesn't teach kids (or adults) now to lose graciously if you give them a trophy as well. Hell, when I was doing archery competitions, they gave the place winners participation trophies too. That really did not make sense to me. I placed 2nd in the same category both times and I always thought the participation trophy I got with it was stupid as the placement trophy was proof enough that I participated!
  17. If we do something like this, the 'only' way I'd support it is if there was a 'winner exclusion' clause. At least for each type of prize (e.g. person won a Gold Shimmer, can't win another, but can win a Silver Shimmer or Tinsel, etc next time), or perhaps a cool down (e.g can't win again for x number of weeks). Let's face it, some players a very good at games and would constantly be at the top of the list. Doing a winner exclusion thing would ensure other players had a chance at winning a prize. As for game ideas...perhaps a Dragon Cave version of Bejeweled (without the endless/zen mode), or Tetris?
  18. The two frozen ones I have I both breed myself after 5pm pacific (I keep track of when I breed things ), so night time DC time. They look the same as before. So I think I've confirmed the hatchlings haven't been changed yet.
  19. darn it...I hadn't had a chance to check to see how my scroll turned out with the update: now I'm getting 502 and 504 errors Edit: got in. Aww man...both my 2G went rosy. Guess I'll be hunting the AP again for blue wings next Christmas.
  20. Oh boy, I have no chance in hell of remembering when I picked up the two 2Gs I have. Guess I'll have to have my fingers crossed to see if this one stays blue and this one goes rosey. Watch, it will be the other way around . In all honesty though, I'd rather they both stay blue, as that way I won't have to hunt for blue winged next Christmas!
  21. I don't AP hunt often, but it is annoying when I toss an egg back, only to pick it up again later multiple times. I try to negate this by remembering the code and checking the code of same breed before clicking, but that's not always feasible, especially when the egg is a highly desirable egg (such has holidays, rares, etc). So I support this suggestion.
  22. I've been working on this inbred lineage sporadically: http://dragcave.net/lineage/mufDg May try a different style some day when I think this one is long enough .
  23. I had my 'oh' moment years ago when I joined a lineage project that was honoring the lagmonster. It required eggs that were caught during the time the lagmonster hit and I had two black eggs I got from the AP, both of which hatched alt and gendered male and female. So I paired them up and they made a nice black egg. I offered it up on the thread, but no one wanted it. I forgot what I did with the egg, but I never bred that pair again and left the project (what's the point if no one wanted my eggs?). Much later, when I went on a 'inbred dragon purge' spree on my scroll, I discovered one of the pair was badly inbred. So that's why no one wanted it....*sigh* Since then, all eggs I pick up from the AP go through the inbred checker on AoND, if I can't find obvious inbreeding myself.
  24. Started with Cat related...then mix of Lord of the Rings and DC related. Now I'm sending Mass Effect related ones .
  25. Revised now that the new one is fully revealed: 1: Solstice (either color) 2: Snow Angel (white > gold > tri) 3: Snow Magi 4: Yule bucks 5: Mistletoe 6: Wrapping wings 7: Ribbon Dancer 8: Holly