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  1. I have only one egg on my scroll atm which will hatch sometime tomorrow. I could incuhatch it, but I'm lazy. 'Sides, I'm not going to be after much anyway AP wise .
  2. Adults are more understandable in the hatchi area, considering they likely just hit their 'grow up' point .
  3. There are four eggs in the viewer that's supposed to only be for hatchlings. ;P
  4. So hard not to go AP hunting... While I only need five slots for planned eggs (two non-related RAs for freezing, one self bred RA for keeping and of course two new V-day dragons), who knows what pretties I'll find in the AP....
  5. Surprisingly, I didn't get depressed this time...I'm rather 'meh' about the whole thing despite my expectations. Wish I would make up my mind on how I react to these things....
  6. One RA I will be breeding to a Solstice, to make a mate for this girl: http://dragcave.net/lineage/YSfA8 As for my other...no idea yet.
  7. I have two to shame. This is an inbred lineage I've been working on off and on. Now I'm at a block due to this guy: Name : Muffdog Breed : Albino Mate/s : Yalidiha Fail to produce : Anything! 4 no interest, 1 no egg so far. Progeny : Zip, zilch, nadda This one I thought I had got the right baby out of a couple years back, but then I realized I really needed a white (to give a proper mate for this lady: http://dragcave.net/lineage/5p56r). So far...nothing but nopes/no eggs since then: Name : Bomiqusca Breed : White Mate/s : Usouko Fail to produce : Whites Progeny : http://dragcave.net/progeny/bmqSC]
  8. Let's see...we've had cards, two flower types...I predict chocolates!
  9. Wait...didn't in the past the new V-day dragon only dropped for one day? I don't remember V-day dragons ever dropping for three days straight
  10. Thanks...now I know to go cry....*slinks off* (I would not be so upset if exclusives were NEVER the prizes in these things...)
  11. Got no email...yet I can't find the damn link to double check for some reason. Where the heck is it? I need it so I know for certain to go cry again....
  12. That's what I've been doing since I started . I'll keep looking, but I'm coming up dry for new ones now.
  13. I think we are running out of codes to find. At least of the ones that remembered to put their babies in hatcheries and such *dreads to think of how many accepted the prize then stopped playing....*
  14. I was code hunting in Silvi's when I saw this: Four things do not belong....
  15. Gah...I am caught in the code hunting trap! *tries to stop but can't...must find them all!*
  16. I'd appreciate it! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the both of us
  17. I'm trying not to get my hopes up for the redraw...but I bet I'll get depressed again when I find out I (likely) didn't get chosen again.
  18. *crosses fingers for the redraw*
  19. Crampy due to mother nature's monthly 'gift'. >.<
  20. Have 2G GoN x Gold (Lineage) Want Bloodswap, but will consider other offers. Have 2G GoN x Gold Wyvern (Lineage Want Bloodswap, but will consider other offers. Teleport Links Avatar of Creation Avatar of Change Note: eggs or hatchies of either gender OK. Please limit egg offers as I am near the limit. Not accepting IOUs for this trade!
  21. The only (other) things that upset me regarding the raffle, personally, is the fact that (as mentioned by another) CB prize dragons on a burned multi-scroller's scroll are not redistributed to a runner up. And previous prize winners winning ANOTHER prize dragon. Personally, if I ever had won a prize dragon, I would likely be excluding myself from future raffles, if possible. If not, and I was selected again, I would downgrade to HM if available...refuse it if not. That's just my stance on it.
  22. bah...I noticed someone breed a lot of whites. No wonder I can't get a white to replace the last vine in this lineage: http://dragcave.net/lineage/PMtI7
  23. Aye, that's what I am disputing. I don't raise many dragons aside from spurts during new releases. While I rarely breed, when I do, it's sometimes not for myself (aside from a couple of lineage projects and that's only two dragons a week...both said lineage projects are at a standstill right now due to a streak of 'no interest' results ). I'm just trying to eliminate disadvantages due to playstyle, that's all.
  24. Hm...I just realized something. If we limit 'points' to hatchling eggs and raising dragons to adulthood, that may put those that breed to gift/abandon at a disadvantage. For instance, yesterday I did a rare spurt of mass breeding prize dragons with the intent to gift the shiny results in the Departure thread. Out of 21 dragons, I got 13 eggs, 7 of those being prizes: I abandoned the prize fails. Since I abandoned/gifted the results, I would have gotten no points for this 'activity'. Perhaps instead, there should be a cap on how many points we can gain each day (or week) via breeding itself?