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  1. I'm helping with the list when I can. Getting harder to find ones not on it already. Considering how quickly that occurred this time, I fear how many prize eggs are just sitting on the scrolls, forgotten and dying. I also wonder how many times TJ does redraws. Just the one time or until all 'slots' have a response?
  2. Seems a lot of the Vals I'm picking up are from one scroll...and not exactly good lineages most of the time either.
  3. Oh my...sweetling wall in the AP....
  4. I know the feel, Reidragon, only I have the reverse problem: http://dragcave.net/lineage/KunD4 My scroll is coded for black when pink would be better .
  5. My first thought when I saw this suggestion was: what's the point aside from showing how 'popular' your scroll is...thus leading to some form of 'page view' elitism that currently plagues DeviantArt? Yeah...not on board with this one.
  6. I can tell some are 'oopies'. I picked up and tossed back a 4th gen RA that was breed to an even gen green copper x royal blue. I suspect the breeder meant to breed the CB RA to a CB green copper .
  7. Pfft...freeze fodder for me, especially the two RAs I found. Makes me feel less guilty freezing messy holidays than it would if I froze 2/3gs . Edit: clarifying
  8. I know it's the players choice...but seeing CBs bred to messy lineaged mates make me sad faced...
  9. Grats...though I find it a bit contradictory to have a V-day egg with a parent who has the name 'Death' .
  10. My best catch so far: http://dragcave.net/lineage/KunD4 And to think I was just clicking on sweet eggs to complete my Encyclopedia and toss it back...good then I checked the lineage first . Only bad thing: my scroll is programed to have the alt version of the sweets, so the offspring won't match well with the parents. Oh well.
  11. Yeah...pity my sweets are alts, so the adult won't match the parents too well .
  12. http://dragcave.net/lineage/KunD4 I wasn't expecting that....
  13. No sooner than I had posted the cave is back .
  14. My current pattern: *refresh the cave a few times to see if it's back* *refresh the news thread to read new posts/post herself* *refresh the cave a few times to see if it's back* *refresh the news thread to read new posts/post herself* etc
  15. Wait...what? Do you mean Solstices?
  16. *pokes site* come on...finish with maintenance already....
  17. I think there's a glitch with the AP itself....like it's not putting the V-day eggs at the front like it's supposed to. Leads to *refresh**refresh**refresh**refresh**SUDDEN WALL OF PINK!**back to normal*
  18. I've caught a few, but threw most back. The one second long walls of V-eggs though are funny
  19. DING DING DING! Time to freak out!
  20. 5 mins! I like that song too. Must resist bringing up iTunes.... Edit: failed...now listening to Sandstorm
  21. *hands her a triple shot of espresso*
  22. You're welcome! >:3 Two down...hundreds to go...my evil plan is progressing... Wait...did I say that out loud?
  23. Great...now I have the 'Final Countdown' stuck in my head.
  24. For the breeding window to open. Not the new eggs.