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  1. Nope, can't be. I used all magic initially and still got a Bleeding Moon. I do wonder if time of day is a factor now though....
  2. Brown, desert caught copper: A bleeding moon dragon comes to visit your dragon’s den. She seems mildly interested, but doesn’t stay long. It seems she left to find a dragon with more miscellaneous items. Only this girl shows up...
  3. Seems to be a lie to me...considering all I'm getting is Bleeding moons no matter what I use....
  4. I want to know that too. I'm only getting Bleeding Moons no matter what....
  5. I don't think what you used initially matters...I was using all Magic at first (because I didn't realize yo ucould switch) and I was still getting Bleeding Moons.
  6. No, the male is locked once you 'save' the choice.
  7. Oh hell...I just realized I picked the wrong male. I wanted my red copper...but I picked the brown copper. That the list was rather random didn't help any...at least now I know why my cave is brown....this copper was caught in the desert Still annoying I can't get a different breed to visit. I have max shinies/magic and it's still the same bleeding moon showing up....
  8. My cave (I suck at these decoration type events ): Damn...I really like the very junglely one Vii posted.
  9. I'm not sure about that. I'm using a CB Copper from the Alpine....but the cave is all brown.
  10. Mine's different as well...a dark brown version of that screenshot.
  11. So far no matter how I decorate, I get a bleeding moon looking for meat and/or Misc....
  12. Ok, I figured it out...those 'buttons' to switch shiny categories should be a bit more obvious they are clickable .
  13. Does anyone have anything other than magic items for the hoard? Or will more stuff appear over time?
  14. I'm using IE 11. Initially it wouldn't save, but then I started saving after each item placed and that worked...until I put down a fifth than it started giving me issues again.
  15. Actually they are a very bright pink.... We can grab more than two? I haven't tried grabbing more than two. I did notice there was no mention of a limit on the OP.
  16. Aye....the worse kind of pink imo *grabs sunglasses* Looks like they may be glass based?
  17. wow...got my two on the first two clicks. That's a record.... And danggit....it's pink!
  18. I don't care what color so long as it's not pink (or white). I do like the idea of a dark red color this year....
  19. If we are to limit CB Prize dragon 'purchases' in the store at all, I'd rather it be One per color and type. That way, a raffle winner can still get a CB of all the colors and type they don't have. Edit: to clarify more. Basically, a max of six CB prize dragons (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze tinsel, and 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze shimmer), gained from either winning or buying. That is until a new prize dragon is added (which I hope doesn't happen, but probably will).
  20. I haven't bred most of my V-day dragons yet, mainly because I'm holding off to see if there are any trades that have something I'm looking for. So far I'm either not finding people with 'haves' I'm interested in, or their 'wants' is 'spriter alt/prize dragon/kin' only. Bah.
  21. I generally name mine based on their code. Example: CPujo = Cipujo. For most dragons I also give them a sirname that is descriptive of their breed based on Japanese. Example: Kichiku means 'Brute' and it's the sirname for my Brute dragons (note: many, if not most of the sirnames are only part of the Japanese word it is taken from). If they have Thuweds or Dorkface in their lineage, those are part of their full name as well. Sometimes I can make funny names/phrases out of the codes: 8WH0Y = Ate Who You 607yd = 607 yard girl
  22. RA's are pink? They look mostly white to me, with red and gold following... Edit: that said, I am also hoping for a non-pink val dragon this year.
  23. Bred one of my Vals to a specific mate for the purpose of using one of the eggs to offer up on a trade. Then I realized the egg I was going to attempt to trade for, wasn't an egg, but already a hatchling...and not the gender I needed.
  24. I'd love for this to happen...unfortunately I think it would be a big headache for TJ. Hell, if I remember right, the number of prizes we got this year was the reason we didn't have the option of HMs this time around. A lot of work....
  25. I don't think it will. It seems once the egg is on the persons scroll, TJ doesn't care what happens to it. We've had CB Prize owners get their scrolls burned and those prizes didn't get redistributed. I wish it wasn't like that....