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  1. Yes, please! My scroll isn't complete without a hoard of blusang lindwyrm eggs. The only argument I've heard against egg freezing amounts to "I don't want you to be able to play in a way I wouldn't play," and that's hardly a good reason for it not to happen.
  2. I took the gorgeous Undine, thank you!!
  3. Oooooooooh I took the pretty purple wyvern, thank you!
  4. Gay dragons anybody? My favorite Soulstone pairings weren't possible because they're all female ^^;
  5. Oh that's a beautiful combination, thank you!
  6. Have: CB Gold Want: / Kohraki hatchlings Traded!
  7. Have: CB Gold Want: / Kohraki hatchlings Traded!
  8. That kid's lineage was just too pretty to resist, thank you!
  9. I procrastinated on some big art projects so I ended up spending all of Halloween frantically working on those- and forgot to grab any of this year's Halloween eggs... which makes two years in a row of CB Halloweens I've missed. X'D
  10. I... definitely thought I'd already missed the event when I logged on early Saturday. Logged on again today and whoops looks like I missed it for real this time. ^^; Maybe I'll get lucky and the cry for the event to be extended a day will succeed, but considering I managed to log on the two days surrounding the event but not on the event itself I doubt it
  11. I love the event art, but I really have a hard time getting through the text on each playthrough. It's okay the first time round, but the beginning takes so long to scroll through- even with entering twice to make it appear faster- that trying to get new endings is just... draining. I started out with Harle because I wanted to test them all so why not? But it seems absolutely impossible to actually go to the dance with her. No matter what I do she claims she's more of a staff member than an attendee and everybody thinks the music is weird, the end... which is kind of funny but after a few times deeply irritating because I just want a date so I can move on to the next dragon Harle plz Has anybody succeeded with Harle?? Halp
  12. I'm not sure whether I like my "fortress" more or less than anybody else's but hey, it's kinda cute and it's mine
  13. I want a CB silver tinsel for Christmas so I can continue my gorgeous lineage that's been stuck with no progress for three years.
  14. Honestly, I feel like this is a bit of a hint that OPs need to take more responsibilities for their threads and keep the OP updated instead of posting an idea and vanishing. That way, if TJ does communicate, he's responding to the whole thread and all the discussion in it rather than to just the usually-outdated first post. It took me three days to read through all eighteen pages of the Add CB Prizes to the Market thread, and that was when I was on break and had plenty of free time. And that was just one thread. We cannot expect TJ to comb through all the pages of every suggestion, especially not all the super-active ones- and even if he did, we could hardly expect him to be able to thoughtfully address the five hundred variations of the suggestion that pop up in the thread. That's asking too much of him. If we want him to respond to the thread's consensus, rather than its first post, then it's up to the OP to keep the first post up to date, not up to TJ to read the whole thread.
  15. Depends on the copper. Brown coppers have never seemed to be worth much, red coppers seem to depend on the person, and green coppers are pretty valuable to people who actually want them (but not valuable enough that most people who don't want them are willing to trade for them). People are also pretty unlikely to just happen to have two CB female-influenced purple dorsals at the drop of a hat, and if they do happen to have them, it's probably because they went through all the hoops of catching, influencing, and hatching those dragons for themselves. I'd say somebody would have to really want your copper to trade that time and effort, and most people just don't want coppers very much.
  16. The spinner idea does not force you to buy anything. You're spinning for the chance to purchase something available on the spinner. You spin and it lands on a gold shimmer? Great! Now you can buy it, if you have the shards and if you want to. You spin and it lands on a rock? Tough luck, spin again tomorrow for the chance to be able to buy something else. At no point do you ever part with your shards without getting something. I'm not even sure I like the spinner idea, though it's one of the best ideas this thread has produced, but I wonder if there would be massive outrage about "wasting" shards on a purchased prize if this ever came to pass due to this consistent misunderstanding.
  17. Does anybody know any experienced spriters that wouldn't mind getting poked for crits on a dragon request? I've finally started working on my years-in-the-making dragon request again and I want to get it finished before I lose momentum again, but nobody but me seems interested at the moment lol.
  18. Until January? *winces* I am so sorry! A system I've seen a few prize owners use is reserving every fourth or so breeding for themselves, or stating that they'll breed for themselves when they want. While that's probably not helpful to you now, maybe it's something you could implement in the future if you decide to open up your lists again. Everybody who's lucky enough to win a prize should get to enjoy them for themselves. ❤️ Good luck!
  19. Maybe you already know all this, but... I'd bet your difficulties are due to your mates- I've heard it's really hard to produce shinies from xenos, and extremely hard with striped rivers. Both are relatively new (in the scheme of things), and neither breed is rare enough to make shiny breeding easier. Based on what I've seen from other prizes, yours seems to be breeding relatively well based on how long you've had it! I don't know if this is helpful, but don't give up hope just yet. ❤️
  20. Honestly, I'm with HeatherMarie. There's little to no point in a hatchie AP. Have you ever seen a hatchie in the AP? It's insane- they vanish faster than a gold in the biomes. It doesn't matter whether it's a species people actually like; if it's a hatchie, everybody wants it. A hatchie AP would be deserted 99.9999999% of the time. As for your other suggestion, eggs with the lowest time are shown first in the AP- that's the "something" that's stopping you from seeing the other thousand eggs no matter how much you refresh. Eventually, somebody will pick up the eggs on the top of the pile, and new eggs will take their place. The times when refreshing does give you more variety would be when a lot of eggs have the same or similar times. As far as showing more eggs at once... I don't know about anybody else, but I can just barely view all the rows of eggs in the AP on my phone at once, and when I'm AP hunting, that's just how I like it. I'd hate to think I could be missing some cool shiny a few rows below the edge of my screen because my screen was too small to see the entirety of the AP anymore. Maybe I could get behind that suggestion if the mobile AP were reformatted to fit them all on my screen... but that seems like a lot of unnecessary work for TJ when the AP, to me, is fine as it is.
  21. I've finally started working on my dragon request again after going AWOL for a while (I was briefly actively last year and this March, protecting it from the purge), but even though I'm super excited to get this thing rolling and I feel like I've made a ton of progress in the last week- nobody but me has commented on the thread in that time. ^^;
  22. Sooo, I stopped playing for at least a year and missed a few releases... went searching for Florets in the cave and haven't seen a single one in a full week. Are they actually horrifically rare or am I just having abominable luck? What should I expect to have to trade for one? EDIT: Bless this site, after I posted this somebody gifted me a CB floret and somebody else gave me a nice trade for another. ❤️
  23. Ehhh, tbh I'm good with eight. It can get annoying when I'd like to do a lot of hunting or breeding, but finally a nice, even number... seven being the max for so long drove me insane. If nine became the new upper limit I'd hate it, and honestly, do we really need ten? It'd be great for those weeks when you're playing a lot, but otherwise... mreh. Not rejecting this idea, but no support.
  24. I've got 23 "flowers" so far! I can't even pretend to have a favorite dragon interaction anymore (they're all fantastic!), but the Brimstone is absolutely hilarious.
  25. I love the way the Blue Banded talks, it sounds just like an exuberant puppy and it's just too cute!