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I draw dragons!

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    I honor all my IOUs!

    IOUs I've completed:
    Silver Tinsel for myszamt
    Six Gemshards for LegendOfKorraFan
    Four CB hatchies for Ylvanne
    Six CB or EG Anallagis hatchies for predatorfan4ever
    One CB Spessartine, one CB Copper, one CB Magma, and six CB hatchies for AnanoKimi
    One 3G Shimmerscale for Arella
    One 3G Tinsel for greycat

    IOUs in Progress:
    -none atm-

    IOUs Owed to Me:
    Eight CB hatchies from MisunderstoodDreamer (8/8 complete) for one CB Xenowyrm (x2)
    Eight CB hatchies from rendragyn (8/8 complete) for one CB Verdigris Copper
    Ten Spriter's Alt eggs from angelicdragonpuppy (10/10 complete) for one CB Almandine
    One 2G Verdigris Copper Prizekin from banban007 (1/1 complete) for one CB Chrono and one CB Rainbow Copper
    Three CB Xenos from Arella (3/3 complete) for one 3G Shimmerscale
    Seven red hatchies from greycat (7/7 complete) for one 3G Tinsel
    Six BSA hatchies from purplehaze (6/6 complete) for one CB Z'ice
    Twenty-four BSA hatchies from Kaerien (24/24 complete) for six CB Xenos

    A little about me:
    I wasn't aware for many years that I knew more about dragons, in general, than most people did... Until one day a friend who wanted to write a story featuring dragons started asking me what I saw as very obvious questions- can dragons have feathers? Do all dragons hatch from eggs?
    And thus, the "dragon fanatic" my friends think I am was born.
    I love the persisting myth of dragons, the mystery and magic of them. HTTYD, D&D, Dragonology, The Last Dragon Chronicles, Eragon, Lotr.... If it features dragons, I've probably read it, and if I haven't, I want to. :) My greatest desire is to see the creation of a true PC dragon sim.