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  1. *pulls fort out again* Nooooo hiding is a bad thing Face your problems Or something Motivation! Yeah!
  2. Welp I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this but I'm gonna anyway, if I'm doing one of those Very Bad Things people are always warning me about I'll let Socky filet me with a spoon so it's all good So first thing's first. GOMEN NASAI! *Bows several times* I don't want to make a habit of this random disappearance thing ;-; The cat caught me and dragged me into the closet of course. v-v Seriously though I have reasons they're just kinda personal and I don't want to share them. Nothing against you guys, je t'aime you all. It's just private stuff. I'll probably be on a lot less than I used to but I'll drop in CPA now and again and say hi to you guys. To all my RP buddies, I sadly will be unable to continue, at least for now. If I get more reliable time on the internet I might join one or two. Until then, adieu! I'll be on for like another half hour if you want to pm me.
  3. Kuroi rematerialized in his home, sighing with relief. They had both known that if she felt like it she probably could have killed him where he stood. But there was no time to dwell on the past; he had more pressing matters to attend to. Ordering his servants out of the room and having guards posted at the entry points, he sat. Clearing his mind, he clasped his hands together and rested his forehead against them, beginning to focus his energy. He sighed lightly at his friend, a slight smirk on his face. "I don't really care if you use it to beat small children, we need to finish this up soon before you can. So let's hussle, okay?" He ran in, taking more stuff and bringing it out. Karen dropped out of the rafters, landing smoothly and staring at Lyra with an intense gaze. After a moment she walked out the room. "I need some maps..."
  4. He nodded. "That will do nicely. Gather what you can until then and when I get my information you'll be the first to know. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm sure my servants are missing my presence. You do have teleporting Fae, right?" Shadow grabbed the lighter things, running so fast and silent he seemed like a shadow flitting by, next to invisible in the dark tunnel. In fact, that was the very reason they called him that. In only a minute or so he'd gotten a good chunk of parcels on the cart- meats, cheeses, soldier rations, and more. He sat and relaxed his body for a moment, keeping his senses scanning the area. Siriel kept watch at the kitchen door, his hands resting on his short swords just in case someone came in, listening intently for noises beyond it. After a while, Karen opened her eyes and saw the Faerie with the voice of a siren- staring straight at her. "Gah! I wasn't watching!" She got up and backpedaled, half-shifting so that wings sprouted out of her back and flying up into the rafters.
  5. I'd also like to claim Pokki as her candy.
  6. Yayyyy new thread! I'm gonna glomp it before it's not page one anymore.
  7. He grinned mischievously, answering in a sly tone. "Why can't it be a little of both? And my plan is simple: I obtain the location, you send your men to crush them. I know I'll be able to hold up my end, you just need to focus on yours. Shadow was close to the dogs, backing up their noses with his superhuman hearing. After a moment of listening carefully, he turned to the rest of the party and whispered quietly to them. "I hear one person on patrol or something, but they're far enough away that they shouldn't be a problem. However, there's a cook or something asleep in the kitchen. We'll have to be careful. Alex, keep your nose out for more magic. Let's go." Karen slept peacefully, unaware that she was making the beautiful faerie flip out.
  8. Yay revival and stuff w00t Here's some sappy romance stuff cause I'll never have the guts to actually confess to anyone: Love Is bittersweet A dance of rejection and failed tries As well as glimmering moments Smiling as you reread your conversations for hours Separated by only a screen And neverending miles Love Is yearning Wishing you could say what you feel Fearing the rejection that will come But maybe Just maybe It won't happen that way Love Is uncertain Something you think might potentially be there But could take years to surface Leaving you hoping Wondering Waiting Love Is dust upon the wind Sifting out of our grasp Before we see it's there
  9. Kuroi laughed, a cold and cruel laugh but not lacking genuine mirth. He continued for about half a minute before wiping his eyes and responding in a sarcastic tone. "Is the great and powerful Morga, she who amasses armies and destroys her enemies with one flick of her hand, jealous of one of my pets? That is just priceless." He turned more serious and straightened up. "Honestly though, I like each and every one of your gifts to me." Shadow nodded, seeing how hurt his friends was. "I'm sorry I brought those memories back. I know life hasn't been easy for you, or really any of us for that matter. But that's why White Crow exists. We're going to change this or we're going to die trying." Siriel grinned. "Great work. This should be a piece of cake." He headed back soundlessly, appearing by Madigan's side. "They found a way in. We're ready whenever you need us." Karen smiled and listened, feeling herself grow a little sleepy... After a few minutes, she was out like a light. She looked peaceful for once, as if she had no cares or worries.
  10. Kuroi was slightly irritated at this point. He'd explained this to her already. "I will take care of finding them myself. The only reason I need you is because you have more manpower than I. You need a real plan. They will be ready for your ambush- they'll probably expect it! You need men twice as strong and three times as determined. Think you can handle that? Or will you be too busy playing with your pets?" Shadow looked up into the other man's eye, seeing how hurt he had been by the statement. He placed his hand on his friend's shoulder and nodded. "I didn't intend for that to come across that way. You know I think of you as a partner, not a boss." He felt Anubis nudge at his hand and was somewhat surprised. He stroked the hellhounds head affectionately and smiled. Siriel nodded curtly, slipping into the darkness and looking out for the scouts. His eyes scanned the shadows, searching for them or a hidden way in. Karen walked the halls aimlessly after flying back in, enjoying not being watched. After a while, she heard a haunting melody in the distance, she followed it to the dining hall and walked in quietly, listening to Lyra.
  11. Elizabeth shifted her attention to the darker colored foxlike Pokémon as it ran out from behind its friend. She hadn't even seen it yet. When it opened up its mouth she listened expectantly, wondering if it was going to say its species name. "Don't be mean to Sarah! You creep!" She blinked. Either this Pokémon had a rather coincidental name or it just spoke. She was fairly sure it was the latter. "Hey, he's actually really nice! You shouldn't yell at him. But... how did you learn to talk in the first place?" Rennaj sat and thought to himself as the man walked away, mulling it over. That's way too far away for any normal form of travel... Perhaps I need to use a non-Pokémon way to travel. These humans have so many strange devices they use for that. He stopped, coming across a thought that bugged him. Something that really didn't have any likely explanation that he knew of but one. Standing up, he walked over to Lambert and fixed him with a piercing stare. "I never said anything about destroying the evidence. Why did you bring it up?"
  12. Kuroi mulled it over for a moment, then shook his head. "That won't work effectively enough. After it happens once they'll start finding other places to get food. They're not dumb enough to walk into the same trap over and over again. What we need is a way to get all of them together at once and capture them then. Got any bright ideas?" Shadow licked his fangs, something he did when he was feeling restless or impatient. Waiting and watching were things he had never been able to do easily. However, orders were orders. He nodded curtly, keeping his restlessness in check. "By your command." Karen shrugged. "Guess it has to be the hard way." She took a running leap out of a window, shifting as she fell, and flapped back up to fix Mori with a cold stare before flying to another part of the mountain.
  13. Liz shook her head, trying to play it cool. "That was just a gust of wind. I-I had nothing to do w-with it." She used the fact that he was no longer blocking the door, heading out of the door and then running to get out of the center. As the doors opened, she nearly tripped over a small white and blue Pokémon. Kneeling down, she rubbed its head. "I'm sorry about that... you okay, little guy?" Rennaj cast a cold glare at the man, resentful of being called "boy", but let it slide for now. "My name is Rennaj, and what they are researching is of no concern to me. I only need to know where it is. Do these strange squiggles tell you, or is your Google useless after all?"
  14. He closed his eyes and sighed softly, his patience running slightly thin. "Of course we're going to capture them, unless you don't want your gladiator back." He opened his eyes once more, a piercing glare fixing itself upon her. "What I mean is how are we going to do it. They have men that could easily tear your precious incubus apart along with whatever men you send. You need to get your men ready or you can consider your pets gifts to whoever else can. As for finding where they are, you can leave it to me. I have it handled." Shadow slipped off Madigan's back, kneeling by his side with one hand still entwined in his fur. "I suggest we have some people scale the wall and take out the sentries before going in. They're less likely to be noticed than our flying friends and can incapacitate without killing much easier." He turned his head, staring at his friend. "Or... do you already have a plan?" Karen walked out past her, not happy with this arrangement. "I don't need to be watched, okay? Go play with your sticks or something, I don't care as long as you leave me alone."
  15. He sheathed his sword, sitting leisurely in a nearby chair. "Like I said- it will take some time for it to pay off. Until then I can't go around mentioning it whenever I feel like it. Very hush-hush. Now like you said- your best gladiator is with them, and I'm sure he's not the only good warrior they have. How do you propose you're going to take them without killing them?" Shadow climbed onto Madigan, lacing his fingers into the wolf's thick fur and leaning in to reduce the wind resistance. He could feel how warm the other was, snuggling up close. He felt them lift into the air, his vampire senses piercing the night gloom as he scanned around. For a moment it felt like just the two of them, flying together without any worries. But of course, this was not the case. They would know peace someday, but that was far off. The only thing to do was take it one step at a time. Siriel took the cart, keeping his eyes open for wild animals or anything that would try and harm them. Karen glared at Mori, her eyes flashing a deeper shade of emerald. "I'm going to leave this room. Whether I go around you or through you is completely up to you."
  16. Kuroi sighed as the screen clicked into nothingness once more. "Temper, temper. But still quite predictable, and I can use that to my advantage. Anger is a tool for pleasure and battle... it has no place in diplomacy. Sloppy." He called in several of his servants, surprisingly well-kept and unmarked. Two were obviously great warriors, one a vampire and the other a wolf shifter. To them, he gave the first orders. "Morga will be sending her pet here for something soon. If he is civil and the request isn't too unreasonable, grant it. If not, bring me his wings." As they nodded and left the room, he turned his focus to the other three he had called. They weren't even servants, they we're minor Fae that were guests in his home. "Friends, teleport me into Morga's castle. As quickly as possible, though I know your magic can take time with the doubtless barriers she has put up." In five minutes, he popped into existence right next to her. He drew his sword, pointing it at her lazily. "Don't be alarmed, sweetie. I came to finish our conversation. Apparently there were connection problems of some sort. I was going to say I have something you never have - but it will take a little time for it to pay off. Are you willing to be civil now?" Shadow awoke from his dozing with a jerk, instinctively making sure his hood was still pulled down. "Where are w-" *Ahem* "-that is to say, excellent plan Madigan." He stood up, hoping the other founder hadn't seen him sleeping. "Gather everyone. We move now." Siriel tilted his head, watching the faerie leave. So much for trying to help. No matter, he had more preperations to do. He worked at the grinder, sharpening and weighting his weapons until he heard a shrill three-note whistle pierce the air. Time to go. He leapt out of the window, hitting the side of the mountain and landing with a roll, skidding down further and swinging himself into another window. Walking through two rooms, he entered the one where the rest were assembling. "Ready." Karen sneered locking her gaze with the other woman and speaking in a slow, poisonous tone. "Coward? Just another synonym for having brains. Those who fight bravely are young or dead. You'd do well to consider that, kitten. Now if you'll excuse me, I was on my way out."
  17. ((I'm sorry guys but I think I'm gonna give up my characters to someone else. I can't get into character enough to RP them well, and I don't want to bring down the rp. Really sorry about this. ^^)
  18. Kuroi narrowed his eyes, reducing his gaze down to two slivers with glinting red irises peeking out. "I don't care how you talk to your servants or how you treat others in power, but you don't talk to me like that. I'm trying to extend my help and resources, and what do you give me? Unchecked anger and screaming loud enough that it was pointless to send your servants out? You're acting like a whelp, Morga. Get ahold of yourself." His features smoothed back out into his usual blank expression. "The difference is you won't be sending incompetent servants after them this time. You'll be sending me, and if you're not afraid of chipping a nail you're coming too. Now what information do you have about these people?" As the hour mark hit, Shadow headed over to Madigan, watching him sleep. He looked so peaceful, and Madigan was so rarely at peace... He sighed, giving an order in a voice that was uncharacteristically soft for him. "Why don't we wait a bit for the raid. Madigan could use some rest." Shadow sat next to him, letting his head droop and dozing off. Karen glared at Mori, kicking the bamboo pole back to her. Her eyes flashed a deeper shade of emerald as she spoke up. "I don't play with tiny sticks when I fight. I fight with the wind in my wings and fire on my breath. I fight to kill, lady. Remember that." She turned, beginning to walk out of the room. Siriel was slightly confused, watching her flap her wings. "Why do you need a grappling hook and a bow if you're trying to fly? You're not quite doing it right, anyway. You need to practice often without overexerting yourself, maybe by working your wings in flapping motions without actually lifting off the ground? Your dress is also in the way. It's adding extra weight and restricts your wings. Changing into something lighter will help a lot."
  19. Liz let out a tiny meep, charging up a blizzard attack without thinking. Flinging it at him, a small breeze went through the room. She scratched the back of her head, somewhat embarrassed. "Erm, could we just sort of forget that happened? I kinda wanna leave now. Please." I'm scared. Rennaj stared at the magic box with strange squiggles all over the place. He would never remember how to do this. "I cannot tell what any of this means, but if you know how to use it that's good. I require information on something called helix. More specifically, where they keep their research."
  20. Morgan hummed quietly to herself, thinking a bit as she walked. This place is definitely not the world I came from... is it from farther in the futu- "Get back here, dammit!" Oh, great. Naked boy again. She turned, about to say some witty retort but changed her plans when she saw the spear of ice. Quickly she dropped the Book of Naga into her bag, pulling out Bolganone and launching a ball of magma at it. That should take care of- *WHONK* A chunk of ice slammed into her head, knocking her back enough that Shadow's attack didn't hit vital organs. But it hurt like a *. Twin lances of fire blossomed in her left arm and her stomach on the opposite side, causing her to let out an involuntary scream. Th-this... wasn't what I expected... battle... to be like... Dad always... made it seem like numbers... percentages... She slumped slightly, her vision turning to black.
  21. He rolled his eyes at her playacting, knowing as well as she how vicious she could get when she wanted to be. He locked eyes with her once again, answering her rather flamboyantly phrased question. "As... flattered as I am by your presence, this is not a social call. You remember Lyra, right? I do believe she sang for you once or twice. The point is... she's been taken. By who, I don't know. And-" he coughed and cleared his throat, looking away. This was definitely not a comfortable position to be in. "-and I need your help getting her back." He would most definitely be taking out some stress on his servants later on. Shadow nodded at Madigan in thanks and continued. "That should be plenty for a raid. I'll even let you pick where we go. Meet here in an hour. He headed out of the room, taking a dip in the local stream they use as a bath (after checking nobody was around), grabbed his katana, and headed back with about a half hour to spare. Karen stared at Mori silently, digging her nails into her palms behind her back so it wouldn't be seen. She bit her lip, relishing the sharp spikes of pain running through her hand. It was... real, real in a way nothing else was. Pain, why was everyone afraid of pain? She closed her eyes and leaned back, enjoying the slivers of fire dogging into her hands, forgetting that she was being watched. Siriel headed to the armory, seeing what he wanted to use today. He was proficient with just about every one in there, as being a Gladiator requires using many tools. Finally, he chose throwing darts with a minor poison that would knock out the servants for a few hours and two short swords that he sheathed behind him, making an X with his sheathes. Likely he wouldn't need either, but he always made sure to be prepared.
  22. Toriel frowned. This robot wouldn't be easy to take care of. She wouldn't be able to feed it pie, so she'd have to get rid of it some other way. She had a spark of an idea and strode up to it, glaring fiercely. "You barge into my home, breaking a door to do so, insult my guests and then assume this is all a TV show? I cannot let you stay here. Get out of my house!"
  23. Say, do any of you know where Darien is and how I can get in touch with him? Just wondering.
  24. Uh, he defeats Sephiroth and saves the entire planet?