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  1. I find it....amusing that people are saying they only got two or three, when some probabl didn't get any. I will, in the end, only have three myself, as I'm giving four away to people. I managed to get a third for myself when my cheese hatched and there was still time (YAY). I also managed to get one of each gender of the other halloween dragons from previous years, so I"m happy. Good lineages, so I'll be continuing them next year especially if I manage to get a caveborn gold. Does the same thing happen at Christmas time with the holiday dragons?
  2. Thanks probably better not to risk it, just means I can't try and get more to give to people, sadly. I'm happy with two eggs myself. Hopefully a male and female! This is my first year in the Halloween pool and I know i would have been devastated not to get any, so that's why I'm happy gifting and hatching for people
  3. Well I've done well. I've caught eight eggs. Two I've kept, two I gave to someone else (hence the eight) and the other four I have earmarked for people who haven't got any (already have people to gift them to) and are influencing for them. Speaking of which, if I influence the eggs, if I trade them Now will that influence stay to the new owners?
  4. If worse comes to worse you can always breed yours to get 2g and do a blood swap. That's what I'm going to do if it comes to it until I can get cave borns
  5. It amuses me greatly that everyone is now obsessed with the moon phases. Perhaps this is a way for TJ to get us to work out more theory for the world of drag cave
  6. THNAK YOU SO MUCH The site I normally use to check dC time is down so this really helps!
  7. Hmmm So what's the time in the cave at the moment? I cannot find it on the phone version
  8. Has anyone figured out how this works? I've nabbed two of the gold for a male and female and don't want to have to mess around trying to get some of the other colors
  9. Tj has lowered the time of his eggies! And there's a lag because there always is at the hour mark and there was when I was searching 100 plus odd people on at once
  10. This is the first time I've been there for the release right at the beginning So awesome Can't wait to see what these little ones will be!
  11. I got six, three from both biomes. So when they are all grown up in happy to breed them and gift them!
  12. Well I'm trying to get breeding pairs. I have one of each, and three breeding pairs (so nine all together) and I feel wretched that some people done even have one. I've been trading for some of them-breeding some of my rares and such, which im always happy To do and notmally give on on the giving tree in anycase. So, if anyone wants one when my little squiggles are all grown im happy to breed them and gift the off spring.
  13. A lot of the rares I've gotten I have had to be gifted. The one Copper I saw, I was too slow to grab in the Biomes, and I've never seen a Dino or gold. I did manage to be the person to grab a Gold Wyvern and Silver egg, so....Sometimes I guess its just be there at the right time, and be lucky. But seriously, it seems like this release was only for a few hours. I've seen one in the biomes the last four hours, and tried to snap it up. But was too slow. The whole concept or rare means nothing to me, really, except that it just makes it harder to get them, but since I have been o
  14. The one day I am at University all day, and egg locked, and I miss the majority of it. It also sucks with timezones, as I'm given to understand it, this started about four am my time. I'd been asleep two hours. I am not happy. I would have loved two eggies, to influence to be a breeding pair. That's it. Two eggs. I know some people like to hoard them, to gather as many of the new eggs as they can, but I just wanted two... Hopefully I'll be able to get another one tomorrow. Or find someone to gift me one.... Maybe. I suppose I should just be happy I managed to
  15. CODE Newbie Request! Forum Name: Caits2491 Scroll: scroll PM link:pm Egg Request: shimmer-scale silver Do you have any dead eggs on your scroll? If so, why? Yes. I had offered a friend a vampire egg, from my vampire dragon, however the "bite" did not take, and it killed the egg. First time I have ever had a killed egg. My favorite animal, mythical, is dragons. Real, is...dolphins
  16. Hi! I would like a mentor, to help me with breeding as well as anything else that can help me be a better dragon keeper! I live in australia, but don't have any preference to what time zone my mentor will be in!