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  1. I finally got the quest for Zeto's sister but as soon as he finishes speaking i cannot move or do anything help please..
  2. Hi, will there be a second part of the Valkemarian tales or that was it? I am looking forward to it if there will be <3
  3. So if I just close the window I will not lose the progress? Thanks so much!!
  4. Thanks a lot, so I decorated the house and got all top icons done, but still not finished the level? What else is there to do? Thanks a lot
  5. Also i am decorating the house with items I got but every time I return to my house I have to start all over again? Is that how it is supposed to be?
  6. HI, I started playing just today and got it all except I cannot find te dragon who asked me to play hide and seek any hints or help would be highly appreciated, thanks a mill!!! Edit: found the dragon!
  7. Merry Christmas!!! Thank you for Valkemarian tales! <3
  8. permanent release meaning we will see them so rarely from now on... so pure luck to manage to get any anytime soon...
  9. Me too totally missed this as just seeing it now. Hope the new dragons will still be dropped? Please?
  10. Thanks a lot, I so don't like when work&life comes in the way of play : ) but yes, it was fun - the time I could spend online, got 6 eggs, and 33 ToT, and about 15 wins for the Cure - not sure what it did though Thanks a lot to all of you <3
  11. Can you guys please let the ToT for one more day? Pretty pretty please? Or at least for 8 more hours eg till the morning as the Halloween night does not end at midnight .. I was so busy and could not collect it all so super sad ... plus drop has been so so very slow this year... only got 33 in total : (...
  12. Thanks a lot on your good wishes! I unfortunately have to go soon for few hours and see if i can have them all when I get back... but if on 10 minutes it is 6 per hour so obviously I will not be able to get 30 more....
  13. I will never be able to get all TorT with this speed of dripping in.. takes ageees in between so only 24 by now .. another 30 till the end of the day? no way like this... Last two years it was faster as I remember...
  14. So I have another ~30 to collect, so how often do they come? 10 minutes is it?
  15. Hi, how many trick & treat items this year? And how often they come up? It seems very slow ! i have about 15 so far but am worried I will be not able to get them all till it all expires?
  16. Aww great thanks so much Btw I managed to get 3 eggs!!! I hope it is okay to share my "tip"? I didn't click on eggs directly this time but did a "middle" click that opened each egg in different page so that I did not have to refresh the page to click on other egg and voila! I managed! Hope this helps to others that struggle! I'm so happyyyyyyy
  17. Seems ridiculous to me if I may be honest. The site goes so slow in those 5 minutes!!!!! 5 minutes!!?? Why not make it 10 or 15. Seriously. Why not release a little more eggs at the time?? I click on one egg just to see it is gone already, and by the time the page reloads all eggs are gone. It is disheartening so much.
  18. Also just thought to ask about the little game - I submitted so far about 10 for cure, is that "enough" to get the sticker you announced? Thanks a lot <3
  19. Ah sorry didn't now - I for sure meant Happy Halloween I love the trick&treats btw, they are so lovely! - I am just sad as all biomes are empty - thanks for the tip though, will definitely do that
  20. I cannot get a single egg All biomes are just empty even I click so often.. HH btw...
  21. It took me about 8 hours of on and off clicking to get 7 new eggs But I'm very happy about it! Can't wait to see them grow
  22. I cannot get not a single egg. Only once from all clicking gave the eggs in Alpine, but they were "already taken". ???
  23. Congrats New Mods and thank you so much for helping!!! Love from Dublin!
  24. Happy Belated Birthday Dragons Cave! Thanks for everything!!! 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂