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  1. lso can you please move the text box as it blocks the bottom corner and is in the way it can just be lower below so the lower corner is visible plase thanks
  2. I should but I am not, thats what I am sad about. i have all same as 2 hours ago, plus also when i go to batttle i get no points for anything whatsoever, not even snow also just to note this was not the first time this happened, it happened yesterday also at least twice that i clicked to move but it was rtemoved. so whoever is reading this can perhaps take a look at it ..
  3. very annoying thing ahppened is that i wanted to move my dragon but it actually removed it i lost the resources and now i have no timber to buyit back. i am sure i didnt click on remove but on move and seems as i am already level 50 i can no longer get anything so no dragons in my castle
  4. When is the end of the Snpw Wars game please, not the breading for dragons etc? Thank you!
  5. so far i got nothing to purchase, have abotut 150 points in account and level 10? also the font letters in this are so small it is so hard to read and see what it says lol
  6. Okay so i got some points now and did some battle but still no decrations for the hut whatsoever? how can obtain some so i can decorate? thanks
  7. Iaha okay i had no idea about that lol i thought only those object i built i could destroy, thank you still level 1 but have about 70 points now so can buy sometthing
  8. seeme there are people here who are getting things and other who got nothing was this suppose to be fun?? help please anyone??
  9. So can somebody please help? 3 hours down the line and i have 4 points and absolutely nothing is ''dropping'' nor i can do anything as all is red cannot have any weaponry and still level 1 how am i toplay this?? please thanks a lot does the browser have to stay open or what? or i have to log in log out of it or idk? please help? anyone? this is very frustrating
  10. It does not seem I am etting any points nor drops, so far only managed to place snow twice and destroy it an now cannot do even that
  11. Are we going to see any more of Snowa 😍 Happy holidays everyone!!! <3
  12. So what is description of this new egg? I keep clicking but nothing is there in biomes, and wiki new release page is empty? so what am i looking for and where - to get these new eggs? thanks a lot! <3
  13. Happy birthday D but is the release of new ones over already?? I was here few hours ago, all biomes were empty came back now and its over?
  14. HI, how much longer till event ends? I just got my first egg lol totally was busy for Easter this year
  15. i am stuck in a frickin bush yes i cleared the cache lol and yes, nothing works, even those command people posted. wth???
  16. anyone has a document with all the commands? It seems to me impossible to "guess" anything out of endless possibilities, thanks a lot
  17. Hi all - HAPPY VALENTINE!! Btw I just started the game and well - nothing works, no command i write is either recognised or is doing anything is there a specific command that HAS to be entered in order to proceed from first 'page'? Thanks a lot!! <3
  18. So I finished the little game, feels good but also sad as it was enjoyable and now is over Thank you all so much for this, loved it last year also! Happy New Year to everyone!!! <3
  19. Ahh thanks a lto, so I finished todays quests too! Feels really good
  20. any hint where the sister can be found? lol i have no clue where she could be, went around both cities and nothing.. (finished all other tasks in a meanwhile..)
  21. Ah thank you so much, Nothing like that helped but in the end I restarted my computer so it did the trick! I will play it now
  22. I did all of that but nothing helped...