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  1. why thank you! I like the idea of yours too! :))
  2. so my garden ended up like this :d I thought I will have the time to go back to it and harvest the plants and put some other decorations but oh well.. grabbed 7 of new dragons can't wait for them to hatch also managed to complete trick&treat all the way back to 2013! :d thanks everyone - a lot!! ❤️
  3. This is my farm so far, everyone has their farms so organised just mine is more like a graveyard maze than a farm 🤭
  4. okay thank you, I was hoping I was doing something wrong tbh
  5. Any reason why fences cannot be placed to connect in corners? Also why cant we put anything to fields next to fences, makes no sense to me lol or am I doing something wrong.. help!
  6. Hi yes I checked but all showing that they have been watered and they have space but nothing is happening for hours now
  7. Did the plants stop to grow?
  8. yes it totally would! another thing is that I'd like to get more energy with higher levels for example 2 per 5 minutes with 20 then 3 for 30 4 for 40 5 for 50 or something like that I now have lots of coins but no energy to do anything ... suggestion
  9. Only thing I wish is that decorations could be movable.. :sigh:
  10. my little graveyard farm so far 🥰
  11. Is there a way t move a fence once it is placed? I thought it is possible so I just dropped it wherever but now I cannot move it? Please help, thank you!
  12. Thanks for this I love it! Love the graveyard garden too! 🥰
  13. thank you, exciting times ❤️
  14. Thank you!!! They are lovely!! ❤️
  15. is the dropping of the new egg already over?
  16. I'd love to get a cooking badge as I have never played this before, made also about 60 different dishes
  17. very grateful to all who arranged this, very enjoyable advent events, love it all thanks a lot! ❤️
  18. Merry Christmas one and all! missing Snowa but happy to cookie-decorate :) All the best and many happy wishes!!
  19. Happy Halloween everyone!! The new eggs are awesome, thank you!! ❤️
  20. Can't believe I actually finished the Tales... Tbh I miss Snowa This game would be impossible to complete without Wiki page I found. Anyway wish to have egg limit somehow changed around the events perhaps Platinum 8 could go up during the events..
  21. HI, I am at that temple and have only 4 of these disks populated. NO idea how to get all other to populate? Any help please, also where is wiki page for this game with helps and hints please? Thank you!
  22. any chance to get help on how to escape from prison? tried clicking everywhere but nothing? i just started this so hope to finish it..
  23. Hi, can you please remove the resources from my fort too pretty please
  24. you have to chose 'move' first, then right-click tbh it would be really nice to have a page with games rules and descriptions and points and all...