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  1. People tell me I have a vivid imagination. That, or I'm just really weird. I dreamed that there was a huge island that consisted entirely of peoples' imaginations. At the entrance, there was a giant furry monster with these adorable huge eyes and like, eight legs. Basically it's a giant fuzzy spider. It was adorable. There were tourists riding his back, so I climbed on, and then he grew wings and flew around the whole island. It was awesome. I woke up that morning because my cat jumped on me. It was getting better too.
  2. I want to draw. I don't know what to draw. So, I do other things. Like think about my day. I think about what has lead me to this point. That leads me back to thinking about wanting to draw. I still don't know what to draw.
  3. "you're a noob" (people say this to me)