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  1. ((YOOOOUU )) Caulxir Caulxir wasn't really satisfied as he felt his spell dispelling when the zombies entered the cave. Soon after that, a dragon with dark aura around her flew out of the cave, obviously angered by the tresspasers that she had just taken care of. Well, well, a Desipis... He thought to himself. This breed somewhat always interested the Black Marrow. He was always impressed by the magical capabilities of so said dragons, the ability to drain mana from others... They were dangerous, yes. And he guessed that company of one wouldn't hurt his plans for killing every living creature in the world... Perhaps she was just as power hungry as him? Yet firstly he had to test her... Therefore he sent yet another 2 zombies, accompanied by 2 skeletals and one vampire. Let's see what she can do...
  2. Caulxir The undead army kept on marching on. It killed few dragons that were wandering on their own or living by themselves in the desert. Caulxir even commanded them to raid another small village, which it destroyed in mere minutes. It pleased him much to see the living souls perish and to see his army grow with little to none loss. Suddenly, he sensed a massive magic source nearby and that's where he ordered his army to go - the Black Marrow wanted to gather it for himself, gaining even more power than before. It didn't take him long to get near it - he saw a rocky cave on the edge of the desert, from where he could easily see a small forest. A very strong magical aura could be sensed from where the cave was located - this was the place where Caulxir was headed to, no doubt. I wonder if anyone is here... he thought and sent two zombie dragons to check the cave out. There was another thing that pestered the Marrow - if there is someone here, can he use the mana sources that lie there? He would soon find out...
  3. I know that feel, it happened to me too some time ago :/
  4. *finally managed to read through the OP* Erm... Is alchemy present in this RP? If yes, would a Drakin Alchemist fit to a rank of explosive expert?
  5. Galzra Well, this is interesting thought the Almandine as she watched the scene. This idiot actually has friends that want to 'save' him from the queen, eh? As much as she didn't like him for his attitude to Vylainne, Galzra was actually interested in what was going on. He either was under some sort of spell or was just plain stupid, in her opinion. It seemed that at least his fellows had their head screwed in. The Pyralspite thought what she could do about this whole situation. The fight was about to begin, that's for sure, but should she help anyone? It wasn't her concern at all, yet she hated Vylainne. She frowned as her thoughts began to delve even deeper in her own mind. She had a strange urge to help them, probably because of the hate towards the queen - she liked the Cassare who claimed to be a half-magi. Screw it. Let's just see what happens. Galzra laid down and began to wait for situation development.
  6. Baka baka bakaaaa He was accepted not so long ago. And he didn't kill it, it just collapsed!
  7. Blake, subordinate A smile appeared on Blake's face as he had seen Ace's agreement for Red's proposition. It was kind of good news for him, seeing as hunting leaders were meant to cooperate somehow when deciding about needs connected with their current position. Despite knowing that Ace's sister had a harsh personality, he knew they'd find a common language. Something interrupted his thoughts - the black wolf sensed new scents, different fro the wolves that had just joined their pack. He frowned and walked in direction of from where the scents were coming, giving a knowing look to Red in the meantime, hoping she'll get what he means.
  8. HABLRGHFBDBD I want to RP my Polish char :<
  9. Undead Spessartines would look awesome
  10. Eh, I thought that they have heard that monsters stopped scratching on the entrance ^^'
  11. Blake, subordinate "Listen, it's not about trust, it's skills that count... At least mainly. And in my opinion you have skills that far surpass others." Blake ensured Red. "Look, even Nuntis got some position and me and Tor are leaders, and you know that he doesn't trust us that much." He added and looked at the others to assess the situation. "Hmm... Tor and that wolf you fought with are scouting leaders... You could try to get on hunting leader position as me." Blake suggested, his tail held high, as he was confident that no matter how much Ace despised his sister it wouldn't hurt to try for Red to ask for a hunting leader - the black wolf would be there in case something bad would happen.
  12. ((*Realizes that he wanted to reply to this thread about a week ago* c:)) Before Cailean was able to reach the signal that IMP was showing, a warning appeared on his phone. It seemed like someone managed to break into his house, probably tempted by the outstanding look of it. It wasn't the first time something like that happened, so he had already secured his place tightly, both against preventing thefts and dealing with them. Therefore Cailean didn't have to do much - he opened a security app of his own work and selected an option called "security lockdown". With this done, all the windows and doors in his house got covered with heavy blinds made of advanced high strength steel, used for example in production of jet plane engines. Moreover, from now on he was able to look at what was happening in the house thanks to hidden cameras mounted in the least expected places. This way the potential thief had no chances of running away and Cailean was still able to know what is going on in there. He decided that the signal needs to wait, as his house meant more to him than catching a person from INSANE, so he turned back from where he came. ((Now... well... I hope it didn't die ;-)
  13. Blake, subordinate "As a hunter, I can assure you I won't." Blake replied and headed to the elk that he, Tor and Aurora had brought before. He bit off a bigger chunk of meat and started chewing it. His mind started to think about the future - what would happen in a years time? Be what had to be, but the black wolf wasn't young - in fact he was the oldest of the pack. Would he retire? No, he thought that he'd probably prefer to die while doing his duties than somewhere in the back of the cave because of his old age. But then, thoughts begin to differ as one is getting older... Eh, I guess time will tell. Blake looked around and noticed that small group gathered around Tor and Nyra, probably the new scouting pack, Hia was talking with one of the new pack members, the pregnant one and Red was talking with the pup that they found at the hunt. "Hey, Red, won't you apply for anything?" Blake asked after finishing his meal. He was surprised that she still hadn't at least tried to convince Ace to give her any of the new positions.
  14. Can anyone give me a short summary in which parts of habitats lay the kingdoms? I need to plan out Caulxir's path :I Also, as for Lance/Bismuth you can always try peeking through the entrance... mehehee >:3 By the way, what is going on in the Coastal town with all of the parties? Am I the only one confused here?
  15. Galzra Seeing the Queen with such severe wounds was something that Galzra didn't expect to see, but nonetheless, it was a pleasant surprise for her and an almost unnoticable smirk showed on her face. "My my, I see the Great Queen of Ice had herself a bit burned..." She said with cynicism typical to her normal speech and laughed silently. "Anyway... I took care of that little thief already. So I don't know, do what you want with him now, not sure if he has all his bones in place or not..." Galzra laughed once again. She had fun beating that Spessartine to what he was now, however cruel that may not be. ((Oh god, Ice palace would be a great place for Calxir to fuel his army now... ))
  16. Blake, subordinate After hearing Ace's announcement of new positions in the pack, Blake knew what to do. He walked to the leader, who has just finished talking with Nuntis, who applied for a position of a scout. He liked her - she wasn't maybe a kindest wolf in the pack and it was obvious she didn't like Ace and sided more with Red than the leader and that's what Blake and her had in common. "If it suits you, I'd like to be a hunting leader." Blake said nonchalantly to Ace. It was obvious that he will agree to his proposition and it was just a formality. No matter how much they didn't like each other, every wolf in the pack knew about hunting experience of the black wolf and probably none could boast that they had richer one. Blake raised his tail confidently and waited for response. ((Red the mastermind Unless Shade will change sides, you know, he is only a pup and things happen...))
  17. FYI, I'm not posting because I'm waiting for Mouse to reply... saying just in case
  18. Sweet pancakes, now that you say about same sex couples I'm thinking of making another character... Also yo, Dorcha, Red is a subordinate (hunting leader), not an alpha. Btw, I just noticed that as for now there are only red-sided Hunting Leaders. Red Powah!
  19. Caulxir Anger filled the Marrow's face as he saw part of his army burnt with blue flames - probably the ones from a Nhiostrife Wyvern. The fact that he didn't hit any of the dragons inside the cave didn't ease it - though it was more frustrating than anger-inducing. His mindless minions began to claw on the boulder blocking the entrance, as if they thought that they will do something with it. Those filthy mortals were really getting on his nerves - Caulxir had to think of some way to make them pay for their deeds. After a short while of thinking, somewhat disturbed by the minions who still seemed to be messing with the entrance, an idea came to the necromancer's mind. He remembered about quite simple, yet deadly spells that would come in handy in the current situation. The Marrow dispelled his spell on one of the dragons that was scratching the rock - it was still fresh, as it was one of the citizens of the village that he recently raided. Then he grabbed a death shard and a magi shard carried by his servants (he has special section carrying the shards) and cast the spells: "Fulyo Tarra! Chalio Rozk!" The first one established a sort of barrier in a small radius - about 5 meters - around the corpse, which let through only living matter. The second one fastened and increased strength of decomposition of the corpse. This way he created a sort of deadly magical gas sphere, filled with toxins from the decaying body. He highly doubted that any dragon would come through that alive, as the gas would slowly start to feast upon the scales and skin of any trespasser. Grinning at his genius idea, Caulxir commanded his army to move forward. Let's see how you deal with this... Tee hee hee! He thought and started laughing maniacally.
  20. Heroes 3 soundtrack FTW. Also Diablo II, dem ambience is nice.
  21. Caulxir The Black Marrow gnawed on a leg of some human that happened to be at the village during the raid. He had no pity for him - firstly, he was alive. Secondly, he was a human and they were for Caulxir an inferior race, with even less sense of cooperation and empathy than normal dragons, just foolish creatures that were always fighting with each other... But the Marrow knew it'd soon end. Soon, no more wars would happen and the only creatures that would roam the land would be the dead - all under his command. The scent of living souls interrupted Caulxir's thoughts. He could clearly sense three living energy sources, which immediately gained his attention. He could see a glass cave, presumably spitfire's, that was getting blocked by a huge boulder. The Marrow frowned and grinned, seeing as his prey is trying to save themselves. He flew slightly above the ground, one paw gripping a big death shard that a zombie dragon next to him was carrying, the other aimed at cave entrance - more precisely, at the gap between the boulder and the wall, where some move could be seen. "Ayza Terrak!" Caulxir roared and a lightning-fast projectile flew from his paw in the direction of the cave. His tongue was hanging from the side of his mouth, thanks to the excitement caused by killing other dragons and changing them to his servants.
  22. Ice Dining Hall Kiyan couldn't believe the way the Hellfire behaved regarding him. With disbelief in his eyes, a chaos in his mind and without feel in his wing and legs, he collapsed unconscious. Will I die like that? As a thief?... Galzra didn't care anymore about that little thief and the wyvern that she was fighting with before. She was concerned about what Commander Blottail said - she knew that prick, as many other things coming on in the castle. Ice queen... missing? How the hell these idiots could lose sight of their queen?! Anyway... what was she? Ah right, the moonstone! She looked around, but the room was empty, not counting the bodies of dead dragons laying here and there. Ugh... this little prick is probably with that *... Galzra had no idea where too look next. In fact, was there a point, still? ((I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH THEM ;-)
  23. I guess Blake would be tall. I'd say bigger than Ace, but as he is the leader and stuff... *mumbles* Anyway, around Ace's height, but more massive - remember he is older and he fought way more battles and hunted down way more elks than any three of the camp connected into one.
  24. ((Yup, I've made it TIME FOR A NEW CHAR EYOOOO)) Caulxir Somewhere in the desert... In a distance, a dark shape can be seen, with something that seemed to be a wide, overwhelming shadow wave coming after him. He didn't seem to be bothered about it - like it was normal to him. However, as the figure came closer, it could be easily seen that it was not a wave. It was a horde of various undead dragons - zombie, vampire, even skeletal dragons and shadow walkers. They seemed to obey the dragon that was leading them - who happened to be a Black Marrow with greatly developed exoskeleton. Ahh... more living souls to kill.... The dragon lifted himself in the air using magic and with a single move of his talon he commanded the army behind him to attack a small dragon village which was situated not that far away. The wave rushed forward. Soon, the screams could be heard, as the slaughter began. No one was spared - hatchlings, mothers, normal men, beggars, nobles, everyone was killed. There were no survivors - no one to tell what happened there. Then, the same Black Marrow that commanded the undead army to attack was flying above the village, a wretched grin on his face with his violet tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth. He grabbed a death mana shard and his hands turned purple as he started chanting a spell. He ended it with a single, powerful sentence: "Necri Banhwa!" Suddenly, the corpses of the fallen began to glow with the color that just was on the Marrow's hands. They slowly began to rise, their pupils turned white, ready to serve their new master. "Yes, my children... We must eradicate the living plague of this land!" The dragon laughed maniacally and he ventured with his army further into the desert, where he could get more bodies and souls to cast his spell on. And thus Caulxir, the greates necromancer in whole Galsreim played his part in destroying all living dragons on the continent.
  25. OK, so I added Spells sheet to the spreadsheet, as Alex suggested. It is just a prototype, so feel free to add new spells (if there were any I didn't write), change the colors so it looks better or... do stuff. Dunno.