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  1. I think the thing is that some people either lost interest or cannot be active during the week. But what do I know... :I
  2. I'd post, but I'm waiting for response. If I ain't gonna get it for 2 more days I'm gonna pretend it didn't happen and just go with the flow of events
  3. Blake, hunting leader "Hm... not that much hunting to do for now anyway I think. I could go, I guess." Blake replied to Tor. He clearly wanted to talk with them about something - which wasn't anything surprising, to be honest. He was clearly known, just as Blake, for siding with Red. "Most of pups are naive, yes... But this little Shade that we found two weeks ago, he seems smart. Too smart. Smart in a bad way, if you get what I mean." The black wolf warned Red and Tor.
  4. Blake, hunting leader Just after Red asked Blake about Hiera's pregnancy, he noticed Tor walking towards them. "Morning Tor. How's scouting?" The black wolf asked the scouting leader. Then he turned back to Red to finish their conversation. "Anyway... Probably some time soon. She's pregnant for some time already. Hell, I would even risk to say that it might be today." The male told Crimson with a little smirk on his face. "Poor Hia. Having to give birth to pups in winter... Let's just hope the newborns will live through it." The black wolf sighed and continued. "I think I'm getting too sensitive with age. Some moons ago I couldn't care less about what would happen with any of pups here and now I even care about those of Ace's followers..." He shook his head in disbelief to his behavior and rested his head on his paws. I'm getting weak. Too weak. It'll be time for me to retire soon... But I won't rest until Crimson takes down her brother. Yeah. This will keep me on duty. Blake thought. He hoped that she would take Ace's place in the pack - in his opinion she would be a better leader. One with strong hand and no mercy for ones that have weak soul. Just after he finished thinking about his weaknesses, he noticed the cave was beginning to wake up - more and more voices and noises could be heard, pups playing with each other and wolves discussing about different matters.
  5. That's fine skwerl, it looks even better now, more clear and just... stuff :3 I'll add more descriptive descriptions (lolol) of my characters souls soon, think.. not that much to do anyway.
  6. OY! No slapping anyone unless I tell so! ;p By the way, I added a column to Soul Colors tab in our spreadsheet, just saying
  7. I meant that there are scouting leaders AND Max AND Red, as she isn't scouting leader too
  8. Blake, hunting leader Two weeks passed in a blink of eye. The old, black wolf was doing his duties with no greater difficulties - the subordinates he was leading seemed to trust him, though there were some skeptical looks from some of Ace's followers. Nevertheless, Blake gained once again an opinion of great hunter, just as from before the "incident" with his brother. With Red as second hunting leader, the hunts were almost always plentiful and no grumbling could be heard from the pack about amount of the food. As Blake woke up, he noticed that many wolves were still sleeping - he noticed that only the scouting leaders, Maxine and Red were awake, the latter resting with few hares near her. "Morning bird gets the worm, eh?" He greeted the other hunting leader as he approached her. The male noticed that she was annoyed by something. Probably thinking about that Nyra wolf again... he thought. "Why the irritated look, Red?" He asked Alpha's sister as he laid down next to her.
  9. Aye aye, gonna write something now too. Sorry but I poofed for weekend and I had to catch up with other RPs and life and stuff... but yeah, gonna write something NOW.
  10. Okay then. Kiyan will be healed and probably he'll try to sneak out of the palace, as he wouldn't want to be seen by Vylainne and others. Galzra will be just chilling at the palace living normal life. Probably going to make her inactive, unless I come up with something or someone would want to interact with her. Korria, Rivia and Oosulth will tag along to Myrdon and co., with the Nebula fascinated by the magic research and the two-headed getting to know others and bickering with herself (as always) Corr and Coo will probably go with Damia at least for a while, but I thought of them leaving and bumping to Myrdon and co. just after timeskip ends. Lastly, Caulxir will be gathering his army and hoarding mana with Terra. They'll probably get to know each other veery closely... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) What do you think, Dragoness?
  11. My characters are mostly ready, I think, unless someone wants to interact with them.
  12. "Oy, seems we're gettin' close, aye?" Yarzoth approached Thrannek, his fellow explosives expert. The Drakin was already wearing his robe and standing with full equipment, dragon blunderbuss on his right and curved knife on the left and three vials with different liquids strapped on his waist. The rest of the crew didn't notice as he approached the front of the ship, as they were busy talking with each other. - and anyways, Yarzoth was a bit late as he was preparing elixirs before he went out. "Good. We're running low on powder and ammo, and me needs some more thingies for alchemy stuff. Hope cap'n doesn't mind if me does some shopping." An almost unnoticeable smile appeared on Drakin's face as he thought of upcoming restock. Finally he would be able to buy some more ingredients for himself, as he wasted almost all of them after resupplying a shelf in his quarters with elixirs, as he used the previous ones at the battle where the first mate fell out the ship. "Tell me, my steel friend, will ya go with me to buy some stuff?"
  13. ((GODDAMMIT forgot about shininess Let's just say it didn't happen :I)) ((Now time to write some shorty posts to catch up a lil with all the chars)) Caulxir Caulxir grinned as Terra explained the purpose of two other dragons. A thief would always come in handy, even though he preferred brutal displays of raw power and show-offs, and if the Desipis thought that she needed a bodyguard then he didn't want to argue. After the dragoness told about a city nearby, Marrow's eyes gleamed with excitation and he flew up to the front of his army. "If you say so, beautiful Terra, then lead us there! My army needs some reinforcements, anyway..." ((Guess these guys are ready for timeskip?)) Kiyan All he could see was a vast darkness around with him floating somewhere in it. He could feel nothing - everything was empty, soulless, meaningless... This reminded him of a similar situation that might had happened before - but when? Before he was a dragon? No no no, what was he even thinking, he always was a dragon! Or was he?... Different thoughts came across poor Pyralspite's head after he fell unconscious because of the pain and blood loss, caused by angry Almandine. What really made him curious - or just as curious as he could be in current state - was familiarity of this place. It felt like he was here, but in another body, another incarnation... Suddenly, a voice echoed in his head, loud as roar of a dragon and clean as whistle of birds. "I'm sure we'll meet somewhere in the future..." Then, Kiyan remembered everything. It struck him like a lightning and panic took place where curious was before. He remembered that day when he became a dragon. He remembered what he was doing before that, his home town, his family... Why did he forget that? Why did the dead dragon do that to him?? Slowly but steady he began to wake up. It seemed that he was taken care of - there was a white dragon beside him who seemed to be watching over him ((that's some healer)). The Spessartine tried to move, but his body refused, as it ached all over and he was unable to move some of his legs and a wing. He let out a silent roar because of the unbearable pain and coughed up a bit of blood. He wasn't in a best condition, truth be said, and wasn't able to do anything. Kiyan just lied down, waiting for someone - or something - to help him. Corr & Coo As the Olive and his chicken tagged along, Coo eventually came back to Corr and laid down on his head, trying to get some sleep, it seemed. After some time Damia finally found an Albino, who didn't seem to know what he would need to do. Nevertheless, he the Olive dragon and his companion remained quiet and left all the talking to the black dragon Cicero and Damia, as it was their business. Meanwhile, the chicken fell asleep - probably she burned out all of her energy after being so active for quite a time.
  14. In coastal town? Not that much, but there happened some other things, like appearance of a racist necromancer x3 Come to chatzy if you may, we could tell ya everything
  15. ((It's okay, no stress :3)) Caulxir "Well, well, the last you say..." Caulxir said more than to himself than to the others and took a closer look at the dragoness just like she did with him, taking notes about her build and the overall look. Truth be said, the Marrow found her somewhat attractive with the orange crystals running down her neck and along her body, down to the tip of her tail that ended with a larger crystal than the rest. He also noticed that she seemed to find him attractive, which had never happened before - probably mainly because he killed any before she could show it. Caulxir looked at the dragons that seemed to accompany her. A collosus and a dark pygmy, who refers to her "mother"... They will prove useful sooner or later, yes, no doubt. he thought, as if trying to convince himself, as he wasn't used to company of living dragons. A great mage and a beautiful lady was one thing, but her fellows... The Marrow decided not to think about it much, as time would tell what would happen next. "Well then, fair Terra, shall you have a desire to go anywhere, tell me. We can't let the lineage to fade, can we?" A maniacal grin appeared on Caulxir's face. The presence of this particular Desipis surely fogged his mind, but nevertheless he knew that he needed a descendant, someone to teach the arts of necromancy... A hatchling of his own.
  16. Yea. Let's just assume that Rinren got into pack ad stuff...
  17. Caulxir "I don't have any specific direction..." Caulxir replied to Desipis's words. "Especially after part of my army got destroyed..." He added, mumbling under his muzzle. The Marrow looked around, trying to sense where any bigger life sources were. A grimace appeared on his face as he didn't take note of any. He turned his head to the new comrades of him - it partly disgusted him that they weren't undead, but he actually needed some allies, living allies, that would help him reach his goal, and because they were willing, well... "Maybe you have a desire to go somewhere, comrades? By the way, may I ask you what your names are?" Caulxir asked while raising one of his brows. His sight rested on the female Desipis, who seemed to have great magic potential inside her. The Marrow already liked her for her directness and determination to get what she wanted - he could sense it, as well with the fact that it won't be hard for them to find common ground.
  18. Nope. Still waiting for twins to get into the pack and for Mia to come back
  19. Eh, I guess it doesn't hurt to put a sheet here now Username: zamboza Character Name: Yarzoth Race: Drakin Age: 22 Gender: Male Rank: Explosives Expert Occupation: Alchemist Appearance:Yarzoth(Ignore the blue flames and scrolls) Yarzoth is relatively short - only about 3,5 feet high. His scales are green and his eyes are blue. He wears a hooded black-red robe with green ornaments and skull-shaped clip on his chest. He has a tail, as he is a Chosen that ran away from a temple. Other than that he looks like a normal Drakin. Clothing & Armor: Yarzoth always wears his robe and brown shoes. He wears no armor whatsoever, as he deosn't like wearing anything heavy. The robe is enchanted and keeps his body in perfect temperature, whatever the temperature outside may be. Gear: Yarzoth has a bag of bottles needed for making potions. He also keeps in it corks for the bottles, and anything else needed for preparing the potions. Weapon of Choice: A blunderbuss that he always has with himself - it seems big in his hands but he knows how to make a use of it. Personality: Yarzoth, even though he doesn't like to tell about his past, is a very open and sociable person. When he is bored he starts mixing what he can in a bottle, then using simple magic he changes it into liquid and tests what it can do, eventually drinking if he finds out that it is not harmful. History: Yarzoth keeps everything from before his runaway to himself - others know that he was a Chosen and he ran away from there for unknown reasons. After that he started earning money from selling simple potions - it wasn't much but he was able to somehow live on, though there were situations when he nearly had become glowmad. Then came the time where he was running low on money and he desperately needed some life-changing event. He noticed "Bloodfall Blade" moored to the bridge of Bridgeways, he decided to take a chance and he signed himself aboard. Other: Yarzoth's bisexual. Open for romance
  20. (()) Caulxir "Indeed." Caulxir replied and a wretched grin appeared on his face. "It's settled! Call me Caulxir, the greatest necromancer in whole Galsreim!" There was no doubt he was one - mainly because the others were killed or enslaved by him. "Come now... We need to go to evaporate the living plague of this world!" He started laughing maniacally as he dashed down back to his army.
  21. Caulxir Caulxir tilted his head and grinned. A tough one. I like it. "You're right, I can't. But I have the power to kill you. And don't try to run... Sooner or later you'll meet your pathetic fate... Unless you will make a correct decision." He laughed just after he spoke these words, then he looked directly into eyes of the Desipis. "If you join me, I can ensure you that your mana crystal resources would be evergrowing... Oh my, imagine what sort of destructive spells one might do with it!" Saying that, he backed down a bit. He focused on a meadow not that far from them, just by the forest. His eyes started to glow with purple light as the grass on which he was focused started to wither. Soon the crystal he was holding was depleted and he threw it away, dropping it on the sands below. "Well, I'm without magic now, ehehe." He laughed. "Join me." He said, looking into the eyes of Desipis again. "Together we would be unstoppable."
  22. Caulxir logic: Is that person alive? if yes, then kill OR if he is particularly special and Caulxir likes him/her, then ask to join, else kill if he doesn't wish it else make it join his army Simple, I guess. Dunno if he'll find Esko special or just a threat to his plan But probably he'd want to change his army to army of undead, else he wouldn't join forces with him. THis guy is racist to anything that is not undead
  23. Galzra "You have no right to command me, you wretched monster." Galzra stood up and gave a deadly gaze to Vylainne. There was one thing that she hated more than touching things she claimed as her own. It was being commanded by someone, she hated when someone thought that she or he could tell her what to do. "Shut your ****ing mouth or I'll finish you off before you could say "it hurts"." Caulxir The Black Marrow snickered once again. "Yes, it was me. Now listen... You have a choice: either you'll join me on my quest on destroying every other living, sentient creature in Galsreim..." He paused there to add drama to his speech. "...or you'll fuel my army of undead as thoughtless, dumb creatures!" Caulxir laughed maniacally - he literally just gave them no choice,unless they wanted to die. "We'd share all the hoard with each other and there would be no other living dragons or humans... just us." Finishing the sentence, he flew closer to the Desipis and lifted her chin with his claw. "Well then, what will you choose?"
  24. Caulxir Yes... Yes... YES! Show me more of your wrath! Caulxir grinned deviously as he watched the Desipis tear apart the dragons that he sent to attack her. His eyes gleamed in excitation as he saw her waving spells one after another. When she cast a mass dampening spell, he decided that it is enough. He cast a magic barrier around his a army, protecting it from the spell - part of it fell under it's effect, though - and stopped sending any more creatures on her. He took of to the skies, grabbing a shard just in case, to meet the dragon he had tested. "Enough! I see you are powerful, indeed..." He started, hoping to get on some neutral ground with the Desipis. "Tell me, haven't you ever thought of a land where everyone serves you and you only, obedient in every task you command them? A land where your dreams can come true and there is no one who could take you down?..." Caulxir grinned and snickered. "Imagine it... No problems. Everything you say will be done. An endless hoard of mana crystals, no threats, no dragons that would steal from you, a horde of mindless minions doing everything you tell them... Wouldn't that be great?"